Planning the Big Day: The Best Fiancé

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Planning the Big Day: The Best Fiancé

Slacker! Ok, there I said it, I know I haven’t posted anything in ages, but I blame it on this crazy wedding planning! As any of you who have also done so know, no matter how many events you have planned in your life, there is nothing that compares to putting together your OWN WEDDING. It’s insane. Especially for someone like me, who focuses so much on perfecting every little detail, I think I might be driving myself (and probably some other people too) a little crazy…hehe…but not in mean way…more of a “wow, she is so stressed- that’s not fun!” kinda way : )

Which brings me to the topic of this post. When people ask me who is helping with all of this work, I tell them it’s my best friend of course-Tom. Yes, that may sound strange because he’s a guy and they aren’t really supposed to care about this stuff, but in a way it makes sense-the day is just as much his as it is mine and I want his opinion on everything too! Well, you may wonder exactly how my fiancé is making my life so much easier, so here are a few examples:

  1. Picking out Shoes. Yes, I am on the search for the coolest, most fun and exciting shoes any bride ever wore and it’s not easy! Not only has Tom accompanied me to every store, but he’s even stopped in to Macy’s (killing time before meeting a friend for drinks) to take a photo of a particularly awesome pair and text it to me : ) Who does that??
  2. Designing Invitations. I was especially picky about this. I want my invites to scream creative and unique, so I designed over and over until I thought I would go blind! Tom was there to proofread, help select colors and keep me calm even at 1 in the morning when I was freaking out!
  3. Our Registry. I don’t cook. Sorry, but it’s true…I just don’t like it, so I had no idea what pots and what-nots to add to our registry. Fortunately, Tom is quite possibly the best cook ever and added all of the nicest kitchen accessories for us…now we’ll have good stuff instead of what I probably would have picked up at Ikea : )
  4. Budget. This is a biggy. Budgeting for a wedding is a huge undertaking-lucky for me I don’t have to worry too much about it. Tom has set up an entire excel spreadsheet that lists out all of our savings and costs and keeps it updated for us- whew!
  5. Listening. Yes, sounds simple-but I can talk. A lot. Tom just sits and listens when I am carrying on about green crystals, head pieces, colored napkins, bridesmaids gifts blah blah blah…then he tells me that everything will be ok…and most of the time I even believe him!

So there you have it. Planning is craziness, but I am very lucky to have a partner in this adventure that not only helps me, but keeps me sane at the same time. I am so looking forward to the wedding and even though I know the next few months will probably just get more intense, I still know that I made the smartest decision ever when I said ‘Yes’!


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