michaels blogger event recap by pizzazzerie 7

Michael’s Blogger Event: Pics + Details!

When Michael’s Stores asked if I wanted to travel to Dallas to meet their team, craft some fun projects, and see upcoming products/trends, etc…I yelled “YESSS”. Of course I would love to! I have been working with Michael’s on styling their products (see my back-to-school + tailgate projects here) so I was thrilled to head out west to meet their team!

intern at pizzazzerie seeking Web Marketing + Design Intern!

If you love reading blogs, designing collage + style boards, pinning away fabulous party ideas, have experience with Photoshop and/or Wordpress…then you might be a fab fit for interning with one of the top party + entertaining blogs on the web!

grandmother's wedding shoes

A glimpse into the pre-wedding craziness!

Hi, ya’ll! Just about two weeks until my wedding! Holy WOWEE! How did it arrive so soon? Whew. Anyway, when I’m not doing Pizzazzerie or other work (or trying to get my new house in some sort of order), I’m full-on wedding mode.