*Giveaway* Win a Silhouette Cameo!

Win a Silhouette Cameo Crafting Machine from Pizzazzerie

Guess what?! I’m giving away one of my favorite crafting machines – the Silhouette Cameo! Similar to a home printer, it plugs into your computer and uses a little blade to cut and craft away! It can cut vinyl, paper, cardstock, even fabric! I even made a bumper sticker out of the vinyl – so many options! Plus, it cuts up to 12 inches x 10 feet! The software comes with the machine and allows you to use all the fonts already on your computer (no extra purchasing required)! You can purchase shapes and other ideas if you’d like for just 99 cents.

Here are a few project ideas for the Silhouette! You can easily see that it’s a total crafter’s must-have! Here are some monogrammed napkins I made with my Cameo 2 years ago and still love them! Here is an ornament I made with my monogram last year!

Win a Silhouette! Cute Silhouette Ideas!

Enter below in the Rafflecopter widget! Don’t worry if you’re not our winner, we will be sharing a fabulous Black Friday deal (with code Pizzazzerie) on November 28th so HURRY BACK that day to take advantage of the big sale! 
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  1. 1

    wow this is great,can it cut fabric ?

  2. 3
    Jen Carver says:

    I would love to win the Cameo because it is the premiere machine for crafters!

  3. 4

    I would love one of these. Ooh all the great stuff I could make for my class.

  4. 5

    I would love this to cut fabric!

  5. 6
    Tamara Miera says:

    I would love to win this to start up an at home business.

  6. 7

    Can’t wait to start crafting with the Cameo!

  7. 8

    I would love the cameo to help create labels and displays for my new business.

  8. 9

    To cut fabric!

  9. 10
    Megan Sprinkle says:

    The possibilities are endless with all these projects & they look so professional. Just looking at these pictures make me want to get crafting now! :)

  10. 11

    OH! I LOVE the apron and that dachshund pillow!!! My mind is whirring a million miles a minute thinking of all of the amazing projects I could make with one of these Silhouette Cameo machines!!! Hope I win!

  11. 12
    Allison Elizabeth says:

    I try to be crafty and this would help in all sorts of projects, especially things for the teacher or my kids class mates/gifts.
    Thank you!!

  12. 13

    It looks so fun to use!!!

  13. 14

    Would love to win this!!

  14. 15

    How exciting! This is on my Christmas List.

  15. 16

    Wow…what a great give away!

  16. 17

    Possibilities look endless! Like how it hooks up as a printer!

  17. 18

    I am not sure I would sleep if I had a silhouette and that would be fine. So many projects running through my mind!

  18. 19

    I need one of these so badly!!!

  19. 20

    This is on my Christmas list too, though I may have to wait until next year. I love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. 21
    Rachel Murrow says:

    I would love one because it would take my crafting to another level!

  21. 22
    Christina Lang says:

    The possibilities are endless with this machine. Instead of a football window, my husband would be a crafting widower.

  22. 23
    alicia torrero says:

    I would love this because it would make planning my boys birthdays and Holidays much easier then cutting everything by hand. Oh man, I wouldn’t want to sleep if I had it.

  23. 24

    I would LOVE to win a Cameo! I’d use it for all kinds of projects, but I’d really like to use it on fabric. :)
    Dacia recently posted…How To Take GREAT Blog Pictures IndoorsMy Profile

  24. 25
    samantha anderson says:

    Ohhhhhh yes , this is something that I would LOVE to get , thinking of the endless crafting that could be done.

  25. 26
    Genevieve Keith says:

    How fun! So many ideas come to mind for this super cool machine.

  26. 27

    I have my first baby coming in May too! I will also be finishing my graphic arts certificate in May. I would love to win this because my mind cannot even contain the possibilities of this machine! I need this in my life!

  27. 28
    Jennifer S says:

    I try so hard to be crafty, but I’m just not. A Silhouette would help me nicely do all those crafts I dream of and help the ones I try to do look so much nicer.

  28. 29
    Tea Denton says:

    I have been trying to win one of these for the longest. I hope I win this one, it would be a great Christmas gift.

  29. 30

    I would love to win a Silhouette Cameo so I won’t have to cut and print all my decorations by hand for my kids’ birthday parties.

  30. 31
    Leigh Ann Fink says:

    I want one of these machines to make monogrammed ornaments for all of my friends and family, and then make subway art, and then use the iron on material to personalize my kids’ pillows and clothes and bags…. The possibilities are endless!

  31. 32

    I almost feel like I’d be cheating on my X-ACTO knife if I had one of these fancy schmancy machines but it’s time I gave my poor wrist a rest. Wow… that sounds way more innuendo-ish than I’d thought it would. LOL

  32. 33
    Jessica Hornibrook says:

    I love how many different things it can do – especially the pen!

  33. 34

    I love how you are able to graphic design and cut! I need an upgrade. :)

  34. 35

    So I can it bring it to the Pinterest parties I have with my college roommates and we can all craft the day away!

  35. 36

    I need one so I can give my poor hands a break! I feel like I cut printables all day! lol
    Erin @ Strawberry Mommycakes recently posted…Thanksgiving Turkey, Indian and Pilgrim CrownsMy Profile

  36. 37
    Anita Haines says:

    I would LOVE to win the Silhouette to use with my digital program to create project s for not only Christmas but ALL year!!!!

  37. 38

    There are so mnany reasons I want a Siloueette…Id start with making vinyl letters and numbers for our mailboxes and just go from there :-) Thank You!

  38. 39

    It would just be fun to use a cameo! Imagine all one can do!

  39. 40

    I’m working through the early stages of starting a children’s line of clothing to help women and children in Honduras. This would make production so much faster!

  40. 41
    mhoch drei says:

    I dream of a Silhouette for about i dont know how many years…. so maybe i have luck today.

  41. 42

    I would love to use the silhouette for scrapbooking and craft projects. I also want to use it for vinyl around my house.

  42. 43

    I have been wanting one but it has not made it to the budget :( LOL! things like heat and food have pushed it off the list!

  43. 44

    This would be wonderful

  44. 45

    I love love love my silhouette. I had the SD and it has recently bit the dust! Would love another one so I can get back to being crafty :)

  45. 46

    I would use it for many crafting projects that I can use at all kinds of parties

  46. 47

    I already own one and I would love to give my mom a new one.

  47. 48

    I would love to have a Silhouette Cameo to expand my crafting portfolio. I too have been old school for too long – cutting printables by hand – but could never get as fine of details as this machine would achieve. Thanks!

  48. 49

    With my kids getting a little older I have a little more free time for crafting. I’ve always wanted a tool like this! I think my kids would also enjoy creating with this.

  49. 50
    Marina Reyes says:

    I will love to win one this machine. It will make my crafting easier!

  50. 51
    Eileen Carratala says:

    I would love this!

  51. 52

    I’ve had this on wish list forever. I want to use it to decorate cakes!

  52. 53

    Oh the things I dream of doing….

  53. 54
    Kristin Sakiyama says:

    I love the apron! This would be an amazing Xmas gift to myself :)

  54. 55
    Bianca Hammond says:

    I have been wanting to buy one for the longest time, I have never purchased though. I really really want to win!

  55. 56
    Diane Born says:

    Never heard of the Cameo, but looks like a fantastic product & lots of fun ideas!

  56. 57
    brandy lavoie says:

    I have been wanting one forever, but we just can’t afford one. :(

  57. 58
    Alyssa Georgie says:

    Would love to win one for our Girl Scout projects!

  58. 59

    I would love to win. The possibilities are endless. It would make “stay at home mommy” soo much more awesome! Love to be able to work from home and watch my kids grow. This would help ALOT! and help me save more time to spend with kids! Creativity awaits!

  59. 60

    I want this for my daughters’ birthday parties, decorating their room, teacher gifts…so much stuff!

  60. 61
    Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    I would make crafts for my kids classmates for holidays and stuff to decorate my walls at home.

  61. 62

    I want to make some extraordinary cookie boxes for Christmas

  62. 63

    Talk about papercrafting and home dec brought to a whole new level! I would so love to have one of these! The posibilities are endless!

  63. 64
    Jen Van Horn says:

    My silhouette broke when my little one decided to spin around and around on my office chair, unknowingly wrapping the silhouette cord round and round until it went crashing to the floor. I am in desperate need of a new one!!!!!! :)

  64. 65
    Eliana Joines says:

    Crossing my fingers to be a winner. I would love to have as a christmas gift.

  65. 66

    I’ve been thinking about switching from a cricut to a silhouette cameo. This would be awesome!

  66. 67
    Sheila Poshek says:

    I have soooo many crafty ideas, and honestly I’m tired of cutting! :)

  67. 68
    Kristen M. says:

    I am always giving baked goods as gifts and it would be fun to make lots of beautiful labels to go with!

  68. 69

    I would love to take my designs to the next level!! would love a cameo

  69. 70
    Tracy Martin says:

    I have always wanted a Silhouette Cameo, the possibilities seem endless! <3 :D

  70. 71
    Sarah Kingston says:

    I would love to have the Silhouette! Would love to know what the Black Fiday deals are going to be so I know whether to wait and but it here if I don’t win or get one in Michaels.

  71. 72

    Would love to win this!

  72. 73

    I started scrapbooking and this would be an awesome addition! It would be the Christmas present!

  73. 74

    Need this…. t here are so many awesome SVG files available!

  74. 75
    Robyn Greene says:

    Would love to win!!!

  75. 76

    I have been wanting one of these for a while now. I am a paper crafter above all else. This would be the best win EVER!!!

  76. 77

    I would love to craft with one of these babies. Great give away!

  77. 78
    karis coleman says:

    I would LOVE to win!!

  78. 79

    I been wanting one of these so bad!!!!

  79. 80
    Catherine S. says:

    I would love this, mostly for crafting ideas and party decorations. You can only do so much with a cuttlebug!!

  80. 81

    I want one so bad! I can imagine all the things I can do!

  81. 82

    What a terrific giveaway. I would love to own a cameo!

  82. 83

    I would love to be able to make amazing labels for homemade gifts.

  83. 84

    I would love to make some Christmas cards and vinyl wall art.

  84. 85

    I would very much love to win this! It’s already on my list of things to buy : )

  85. 86

    I sooo want the cameo. I’ve been wanting one for a while and can’t afford it :(

  86. 87

    This would take my crafting to a whole new level!

  87. 88
    Kathy Carenza says:

    Vinyl wall art, cards, kid’s crafts, birthday parties. Would be using it every day :-)

  88. 89

    Would love one of these!! I could find so many uses for it!
    (Kids projects, framed art…)

  89. 90

    Scrapbooking, vinyl…with freedom to use my own designs. Not stuck with whatever a cartridge has.

  90. 91

    What a great opportunity! How exciting! I would love to win this – I am an avid papers crafter but have such a small budget. I’d love to be able to use this to cut things for my scrapbooks and cards!

  91. 92

    I could make the cutest personalized ornaments!

  92. 93

    Crossing my fingers! I would just craft my heart out with this thing! I wouldn’t even know where to start!

  93. 94
    Lorena Brown says:

    I’d love to win one of these because…..well…..they are AWESOME!!!!!

  94. 95

    I would love to win so I can make my own stencils for decorating cookies!
    Anne @ Have a Cookie! recently posted…Oh Ba-Bee!My Profile

  95. 96

    I want to be able to make stencils.
    Shanna Gilbert recently posted…I’m Back!!! (and the votes are in)My Profile

  96. 97
    Milinda Oberly says:

    I would love to win this.. Oh the things I could make. The possibilities are endless! ;)

  97. 98

    To be able to cut out fun fonts.

  98. 99
    Stephanie Gonzales says:

    I would love to make some homemade Christmas gifts for my family :)

  99. 100

    I would love to win a cameo to create cupcake boxes and cupcake wrappers. I used my friends to create baby shower invitations and fell in love! I would love to have one of my own.
    Kelly Gerschefske recently posted…Browned Butter Caramelized Banana Cupcakes with Nutella FrostingMy Profile

  100. 101

    Because this machine is a crafter’s must-have tool!! I could do SO much with this!! Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Jennifer ~ BellaGrey Designs recently posted…Thanksgiving Tag FREE PrintableMy Profile

  101. 102

    It would be so nice to win this giveaway, we cannot find the silhouette in Switzerland ! Fingers crossed ! Wish you a nice day !

  102. 103

    I would love to win this so I can make all those cute invitations for my daughters days…

  103. 104

    Ah! I need/want/have to have one of these bad boys!

  104. 105

    I would love to win this to expand my crafting abilities!!

  105. 106
    Rusti Michael says:

    I have been wanting a Silhouette for a few years now. I like designing my own birthday parties and party supplies and this would be incredible to have. I am tired of cutting everything by hand. lol.

  106. 107

    I would love to be able to quickly make all these fun projects. Seriously so excited!

  107. 108
    Kris Reynolds says:

    I have wanted a Silhouette for several years now. There are so many projects that I would like to make using it. It would make crafting so much easier.

  108. 109

    Oh I would soooo love to have one of these.

  109. 110

    I borrowed my sister’s silhouette and now I MUST HAVE one.

  110. 111

    I’ve heard great things about these. I would love one for making things for my daughters.

  111. 112

    I am just learning about all the wonderful things this can do AND NOW I need to have one!!!

  112. 113

    I would love to win and be able to do my own cutting.

  113. 114
    Kara Nelsen says:

    I want a Cameo to use for my cake decorating! It would take my cakes to the next level. :)

  114. 115

    Anything handmade always means more. With the Silhouette my cards, tags, wall signs, frames, pillows, and other items can still look professional. Handmade decorative items would give my home that personal touch.

  115. 116

    I would love to have some fabric precision cutting!

  116. 117
    Cecilia Arreola says:

    I would love to win!! I can only think of the billion possibilities this would open up for me!

  117. 118

    I’ve been wanting a cameo for a couple years now. I tell my husband it’s what I want for my birthday/mother’s day/anniversary/Christmas gift but we always put it off to get something else. I’ll get one someday, but for now I just hope I can win one!! Thanks so much!!

  118. 119
    Jaimie Sprenkle says:

    I’d love to win my very own silhouette cameo so that I can create some cool DIY/Craft projects!

  119. 120

    I want to make labels for my spice jars and pantry!

  120. 121

    I would love to win this!!!

  121. 122

    I would love to make so many crafts with a Silhoutte and get in in the crafty fun!

  122. 123

    Would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity.

  123. 124

    I just looked into this machine and was thinking it would be a good way to make new products for my etsy shop.

  124. 125

    I would love this for party crafts and t-shirt transfers!

  125. 126

    Looks so fun!!

  126. 127
    Amanda Buccieri says:

    I want to win so my Mom & I can share the cameo for all our crafting and projects!

  127. 128

    I love to make diy gifts for family & friends. This would certainly help me out with that!
    Thanks for the giveaway. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  128. 129

    Well because they are absolutely awesome! :) On a side note I love your comment box.. super cute :)
    Tammy Northrup recently posted…Magic Straws Review And GiveawayMy Profile

  129. 130

    I want a Cameo to make lots of gifts and decor for around my home! Thanks!

  130. 131

    I would love to have a silhouette for fun crafts with my kids, making gifts, and decorating. :)

  131. 132
    Rebecca Van Horn says:

    Oh my gosh – what a generous prize! Would love this to be able to expand how/what I craft!

  132. 133

    I’d like to be able to make more professional looking items so I can make a little extra money, as well as making some lovely gifts.

  133. 134

    I’ve been contemplating this Silhouette purchase for 2 years…fingers crossed I win! :)

  134. 135

    I want thiss sooo much!

  135. 136

    The Silhouette is definitely on my wishlist this year. Would love to win it.

  136. 137

    Can’t wait! I would love one of these! I’m completely in love with that apron! So cute! :)

  137. 138
    Karen Pape says:

    The grandkids and I would have tons of fun making things with this Silhouette.

  138. 139

    I would love to have one of these to create things for our home.

  139. 140

    I would like to win a Silhouette Cameo because I am an active card maker and scrapper and I’m tired of fighting with the Cricut. It never cuts well leaving frayed edges to every die cut and I don’t want to buy a full cartridge when I just want one image. This crafter is sick of the “Bug”.

  140. 141
    Cyndi Larimer says:

    Because I LOVE making stuff and I’ve got the paper!

  141. 142

    I would make my Christmas cards.

  142. 143

    I’d love to cut vinyl for Christmas gifts.
    Andrea Worley recently posted…10 Tips for Eating CleanMy Profile

  143. 144

    I would love to be able to cut flying squirrel figures for my car windows out of vinyl.

  144. 145

    I’d love to make some labels to help me organize my kitchen and play room!

  145. 146

    I would love to with this!!

  146. 148

    I’d really like to start designing and building dessert tables. I’d use the Silhouette, for starters, to make banners and decorative accents on desserts.

  147. 149

    A Silhouette would totally take all of my crafting and gifting to the next level! Helloooooo, personalization!

  148. 150

    I would make Christmas presents

  149. 151

    I would love to add things to my project life pages!

  150. 152
    Aliza Leifer says:

    I have wanted one of these for a while! Would use it for all things craft- AKA scrapbooking!

  151. 153

    I would love to win the Silhouette Cameo! I’m amazed at the wonderful projects that people are creating.

  152. 154

    I would love to win a Silhouette because I would like to make amazing things for my son’s school projects and his birthday parties.

  153. 155

    I have wanted one forever. Would love to make signs for parties and showers

  154. 156

    I love all things crafty! I’ve been wanting a Silhouette for a long time so I can make vinyl wall quotes, do some glass etching, make temporary personalized tattoos, etc. Thank you for the chance to win!

  155. 157

    Would love to win!!

  156. 158

    My sister has been wanting a Cameo for awhile now so i’m hoping to win one for her!

  157. 159

    I would love to win this, for my job. Thanks!!

  158. 160

    This would be great to have for making Christmas gifts! :o)

  159. 161

    If I win the Cameo I would create a scrapbook for my sweet niece that was just born on Monday! thanks!

  160. 162

    I’d use the silhouette to decorate my son’s upcoming birthday

  161. 163

    I’m already imagining all the projects I could do with this!

  162. 164

    It would help greatly to make our holidays special.

  163. 165

    I have a whole list of silhouette crafts but no silhouette!

  164. 166

    This would help make my daughter’s birthday party over the top!

  165. 167
    Amber White says:

    I love to craft and make things for my family and friends.

  166. 168

    It looks so great to work with for crafts!

  167. 169
    Emily Dennis says:

    After a day of crafting with friends, I’d love to give this as a gift to one who showed particular interest in mine.

  168. 170

    For crafts, crafts, and more crafts!

  169. 171

    I’d like to use HTV on shirts for my daughters!

  170. 172

    this would be fabulous to have. im just swooning over all the potential projects. Starting a pinterest board now for ideas.

  171. 173
    Wendy Schlehuser says:

    Love the versatility of the Cameo. So many fantastic projects await!

  172. 174

    Would be a great addition to my craft studio!

  173. 175

    Would be a great addition to my craft studio!!

  174. 176

    My sweet dedicated hard-working friends at the Girl Scouts of Morth Central Alabama just told me last week about all the things they’d use a Silhouette for to benefit their girls. I’d like to win this and share it with them!

  175. 177
    Edwin Bernardo says:

    I would make christmas cards, thanks for the chance

  176. 178
    Jessica Wyatt says:

    I love my machine so much I’ve been trying to win one for my crafty sister-in-law!

  177. 179
    Michelle Valliere says:

    I have heard SO much about the Cameo would LOVE to try it out!

  178. 180

    I have heard this machine is a must for any crafter! I would love to win this to help me get to the next level in my crafting!

  179. 181
    Deidra Smith says:

    Aside from all the holiday crafts, I can think of tons of different uses. From scrapbook ing, card making, arts and crafts with my daughter, and making stencils for my husbands woodworking projects. The one thing I’d use it most for would be stencils for my cake decorating!

  180. 182

    I don’t think I’d ever get to work on time again hahaha I’d get so easily distracted!

  181. 183
    Donna Welch says:

    The Silhouette Cameo is AMAZING!!! A crafters dream come true!!! LOVE!!

  182. 184

    I would love to win this because I would give it to my awesome friend Becky for Xmas. She has three beautiful girls and I am sure they will have an awesome time using it!

  183. 185
    Linda Bragg says:

    I would love this to make some great holiday projects with my daughter.

  184. 186

    I would love to win a Cameo to create all that I want to create! I can see myself giving people pillows, customized jars and boxes, and so much more for the holidays and birthdays!!

  185. 187
    Alyson Bailey says:

    Wow, I have been eyeing these recently, what wonderful timing!

  186. 188

    Would love a cameo!!!

  187. 189

    I would love to be able to craft all the great tutorials I see everyday!

  188. 190

    the wonderful things i could make with this…

  189. 191

    I want to win because I have had this on my own wish list since I first saw it. It is not in my budget, especially with the holidays coming up. AND I could make some great gifts for the holidays with this!

  190. 192

    Love the black friday deals, and thank you for having a giveaway!

  191. 193
    Jennifer Huddleston says:

    I want to win because I have had this on my wish list since I first saw it designs with it! Oh what I could do with it….

  192. 194

    I am a new crafter and have used a friends Silhouette Portrait and love love love it!!
    I am a mom of a two year old little boy and am expecting my second child in April. I would love to have this to make things for my kids for their rooms and for the holidays!

  193. 195

    I’m drooling over this Silhouette for all of my impending Pinterest crafts :)

  194. 196
    Maneesha Pradhan says:

    I love doing crafts and throwing dinner parties, birthday parties any I can think of. This would a whole new dimension to my decorations.

  195. 197

    Super excited about this giveaway!

  196. 198

    I’d love to win the cameo to make cute holiday and home decorations!
    Melinda ~ Marshmallow Mudpie recently posted…Why Cloth Diapers are AWESOME!My Profile

  197. 199
    christa phibbs says:

    I can’t wait to gift and impress my family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors with my Cameo creativity.

  198. 200

    it’d make crafting so much easier!
    Mindy recently posted…{Luke} – 6 monthsMy Profile

  199. 201

    I would love to win this because I could make some oh-so-cute Christmas gifts!
    Ashley recently posted…Sugary Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

  200. 202
    Amanda Sanchez says:

    I would love to win thanks for the chance ;) I have been wanting one to make crafts for my boys’ school ♥

  201. 203

    I have been wanting one for years, but I would use it to make our christmas gifts this year as well as open an etsy shop.

  202. 204

    I’ve been wanting one for a while. I have so many things I want to make with this.

  203. 205

    I’d love to get my hands on all the cool materials you can work with with the silhouette

  204. 206

    like to win it for my sister
    thanks for the giveaway

  205. 207
    Vickie Thornton says:

    I want…need the Silhouette Cameo for a project I have been cutting out by hand for years, I hear it will cut my designs.

  206. 208

    I want to win to make scrapbook layouts.

  207. 209

    I’d love to make some Christmas gifts!

  208. 210

    I would love to cut stencils with Christmas words/graphics to embellish pillows to give as Christmas gifts. It would also be great to make much needed signs for my children’s school

  209. 211
    Debra Woods says:

    I am a SAHM who is looking for something to do in my free time and make some much needed extra $$. Right now, shelling out hundreds for the machine myself is not an option, but having one would really fill an unoccupied niche here in Plymouth, MA.

  210. 212

    I would love to win this silhouette to make endless numbers of gifts and decors for so many weddings and babies/showers i have coming up!

  211. 213

    I really would love to make some custom labels for my gifts!!

  212. 214
    Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I want one so I can make pillows and tshirts. I would also love to make decorations for Christmas!

  213. 215

    I need to get my crafty on!

  214. 216

    Oh wonderfull! I would spend my entire Christmas holidays with it! haha

  215. 217

    I want to win this so I can make the most creative wedding save-the-date and invites ever! ;)

  216. 218

    So many reasons! Not the least, four kids. And I run a running group, and this would be great for promotions (logos).
    Melanie Fleming recently posted…Striking Back Against CensorshipMy Profile

  217. 219
    nitasha griffin says:

    I want to win the Cameo so I can get in on the crafty cuteness! I love that Christmas apron!!!! I also want to try my hand at personalized tumblers and mugs!

  218. 220
    Carlee Anderson says:

    I’ve always wanted a Silhouette & it would come in especially useful during the holidays for making gift tags and cards!!

  219. 221

    I love to craft and have always wanted a Cameo. This machine is so versatile. I know I will have fun using it!

  220. 222

    I’ve been wanting one for ages! I would use it for vinyl decor, and for greeting cards! :)

  221. 223
    Florence L says:

    The Silhouette Cameo has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I hope I will win this giveaway, so I can make Christmas decor for my home! Thanks for the awesome chance! :)

  222. 224

    I have wanted a Cameo forever. I would be a subway sign making nut! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  223. 225

    I want a Silhouette to make some personalized decorations for the house. I would love a Merry Christmas sign for over my mantle.

  224. 226

    Have been wanting one for so long, thanks for the giveaway!

  225. 227

    I’ve wanted a Silhouette for so long but we can’t afford it, I would be so excited to win one! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  226. 228

    I would love to win so I can make stencils to hand paint shirts and scarves with. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  227. 229

    My pinterest board is chock full of ideas that could really use this fabulous machine! I would like to make every single one!


  228. 230
    Thomas Murphy says:

    I want to win so I can give it to my GF.

  229. 231
    Kimberly Conover says:

    I love being crafty and I know this machine would make my crafting so much easier {not to mention fun}. I have wanted one forever!

  230. 232
    elissa masson says:

    I am an avid crafter and have been wanting one of these machines for a while. The things that I could accomplish with it for my scrapbooks, children, family and friends are endless. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  231. 233

    I’m just getting into crafting and this would be fabulous! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and inspirations!

  232. 234

    I would love to win the Cameo, because I have a huge list of things to make. Some onesies, labels for canisters, wooden Christmas signs…

  233. 235
    Elvera Kaparchuk says:

    I want to get back into doing crafts. I am finally graduating with my Bachelors and need something else to fill the hw void :)

  234. 236

    The cameo also cuts pieces needed for embroidered appliqués! Would make it easier to make lots for sweet baby pizzazzerie!! :) haha

  235. 237

    I have the old SD and would love an upgrade to a machine that cuts 12×12!
    Heather recently posted…Hey guys!My Profile

  236. 238

    I have been wanting one of these for years!

  237. 239

    I would love to make items to decorate my house!
    Heather recently posted…Decorate Your Night {Holiday Specs Review}My Profile

  238. 240

    Just think of all the fun things I could make with a Cameo! My list is ever growing! :)

  239. 241

    I have been wanting one of these!!

  240. 242
    Melody James {Sweet Ivy Confections} says:

    I think owning a Silhouette would greatly expand my world of crafting!

  241. 243
    Michelle Bowers says:

    I have been wanting one of these forever, but there are the necessities that have to be gotten first!This is an awesome giveaway… Thanks!

  242. 244
    trista hevey says:

    I’d LOVE this because i’m crafting handmade gifts this holiday season and all year long!!!

  243. 245

    I would love to win the silhouette to create items for my daughters first birthday party!

  244. 246
    Michele F. says:

    I am already thinking of all the neat gifts I can make with this! Thank you for this opportunity!

  245. 247
    Morgan Smith says:

    I would love to win a silhouette because I have so many projects on pinterest that I would love to try. I love to give personalized gifts to and this is a great way to customize!

  246. 248
    christina p says:

    I’m hoping to make a holiday sign and some gifts for Christmas if I win.

  247. 249

    LOVE my cameo!! It should be one of my appendages lol!!

  248. 250

    So many fun things to make with a silhouette!
    Angie recently posted…Apple Cinnamon Green SmoothieMy Profile

  249. 251

    I need this! So cool!

  250. 252

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I get so many ideas…and I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve had this itch to learn something new and really put the energy into making my creative ideas come to life…winning the silhouette cameo would def be the kick start I need to get at it.

    Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!

  251. 253

    I have been wanting one of these for so long & would be thrilled to win one! Thanks for the opportunity to win! xoxo

  252. 254

    I would love to be able to give this as a present to my best friend who has done so much for me.

  253. 255
    Maressa Travis says:

    I would love one of these! I have been looking at one for a while….

  254. 256

    would love to have one of these!!! Wish me luck ;)

  255. 257

    i would LOVE one….been wanting one for over a year. i would definitely be using it for marketing/packaging stuff for my new business

  256. 258

    I would love to win one because there is SO much I could do with my 3 boys with one!

  257. 259
    Brandy Poteet says:

    I would love to win a silhouette to help in my candle business and with my crafting.

  258. 260

    This would be the perfect accessory to help decorate my 2 daughter’s rooms. My hubby is out of work and we promised the girls that we would redo there room, but the cute stuff at the stores is out of out budget – this would be great to help with he decorating!

  259. 261
    Emily Carolin says:

    A Silhouette is definitely on my Christmas list this year! What a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

  260. 262

    Thank You for such a great give away! Would love to win this…

  261. 263
    Ashley Miskel says:

    I would love to win a Silhouette Cameo. This would definitely take my craftiness to the next level! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  262. 264

    I would use it to make gifts.

  263. 265

    Oh my goodness this would make my life sooooooo much easier!!!!!!!

  264. 266

    I would love one because I love to craft and create gifts for friends and family. I am also a middle school theatre teacher and can see a million different uses for this! :)

  265. 267

    Would love to win!

  266. 268

    I would love to win this it would open up so many opportunities in my shop.

  267. 269

    I would love to try this machine out and learn some new techniques! I love using my Big Shot for craft projects, but this would take it to the next level! Thanks for the giveaway.

  268. 270

    I would love to win this. I would make so many awesome things for my kids!!

  269. 271

    This would be so awesome to win!! Lots of crafty ideas swirling in my head already!!! :)

  270. 272

    I would love to win one. I have been wanting one for years now.

  271. 273
    Meredith Hendricks says:

    Have wanted one of these forever! Would be so great for the kiddos and I to use!

  272. 274

    I would love to win this for my niece for Christmas!

  273. 275

    I would love to win a Silhouette to monogram and personalize gifts!

  274. 276

    Shut the front door! I can do all of THAT? I need this in my life…like, yesterday. :) xo

  275. 277

    Perfect to make my daughter invitations!

  276. 278

    I love to craft but I often take the long way doing it because I don’t have any type of electronic cutter! I would love to deck my halls homemade style with the silhouette this year and winning this giveaway would be an absolute dream!!!

  277. 279

    This would make craft time so fun and unique! TY VERY much!

  278. 280

    I want to win so I can make perfect decorations for every holiday.

  279. 281

    I hm ace a cricut from years ago but you have to buy a cartridge for everything. I love that you can use your computer with this!

  280. 282

    Several friends have a Cameo and after seeing all the great things it does, just gotta get one. I am amazed at all the different things you can make with it.

  281. 283

    I would love to win a silhouette cameo! I have been wanting one for a while now. Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway!

  282. 284

    This looks like so much fun! I can think of a bunch of fun crafts to make!

  283. 285

    I would make the Coronata Stars for my nursery ceiling!!

  284. 286

    would LOVE to win this!

  285. 287
    Yajayra Gonzalez says:

    This would be perfect for all my projects! Especially for making labels for my treats.

  286. 288
    Mayra De Leon says:

    I would love to win the Cameo for my kids! they will love to make new crafts.

  287. 289
    Jammi Smith says:

    I would live to make cute holiday projects.

  288. 290

    This would make my December!!

  289. 291

    I would love to win to make my decorating easier!

  290. 292

    What a great christmas gift to myself this would make! This momma of 3 little ones could definitely use it!!

  291. 293

    There are just so many things I could do with a Silhouette that the idea of owning one makes me a little cray cray :)

  292. 294

    Looks like lots of fun things to make!

  293. 295

    I would love to win the Cameo! We are “that age” where everyone is getting married, buying houses, and having babies – and as much as I enjoy giving personalized gifts, it would be even better to make them myself! Woop & fingers crossed!
    Jessica G recently posted…Thankful – Day ThreeMy Profile

  294. 296

    LOVE all of the vinyl projects!

  295. 297

    I would love to win to start making all the great crafts I see on Pinterest!!
    Susan @ SunfowerHugs.blogspot.com recently posted…Mod Podge Graphic TransferMy Profile

  296. 298

    I love the wide variety of things you can do with it.

  297. 299
    Margilyne Williamson says:

    I want to win so that I can give it to my aunt. She has had a rough year, it’s finally turning around and would love to surprise her with one. She is a very special and giving person (she brings so much joy to people). I would love to be able to do something nice for her. Thanks for giving me a chance to be able to do this.

  298. 300

    Oh my I can make my world beautiful without the hand cramps!!

  299. 301

    I organize several fundraisers for Make-A-Wish, and the Silhouette would be a great tool to help with our fundraising goals.

  300. 302

    I would love to use this to make customized labels, art, and other fun stuff!

  301. 303
    Michelle phillips says:

    With a baby on the way I’m in super crafting nesting mode

  302. 304

    This would be so wonderful to win! The possibilities are endless of what I would do with it! :)

  303. 305
    Stacey Burdine says:

    I’ve always wanted one, the stuff I could make is endless!!!

  304. 306

    Thanks so much for the chance. I’d love to make some cute teacher gifts…thanks for the chance.

  305. 307
    Marnely Rodriguez-Murray says:

    This would be perfect for gifts!

  306. 308

    Ahh! I want this so badly!

  307. 309

    Loving the mini apron! <3

  308. 310

    I would love a Silhouette! Have been wanting one for over a year! Winning one would make this Christmas extra special!

  309. 311

    To make some great holiday signs!

  310. 312

    I’ve been wanting a Cameo Silhouette for quite some time now. I would love to create more and better handmade party decor.

  311. 314

    I would love one to make aprons/dishtowel lettering and arts& crafts!

  312. 315
    Robin Lowe says:

    There are so many craft projects that I never do because a Silhouette is needed to make it look great. With this I would be crafting all day!

  313. 316
    Sharon Matson says:

    I would love to win this Silhouette to make gifts and stuff for my home.

  314. 317
    Jennifer S says:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on this little darling to craft, craft, craft! : )

  315. 318

    Omg I hope I win this. .. fingers crossed. ..possibilities are endless with this thing

  316. 319

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to make custom clothes for my 6 month old son with this!

  317. 320

    Would LOVE this for so many projects ~ Thank you!!!

  318. 321

    I would love to win this to spice up my designs for wedding invitations!!

  319. 322

    I’ve always been a “crafty” person…so this machine would be so fun to have!!!

  320. 323

    I would love to win!!!

  321. 324
    Helga Langthon says:

    I LOVE this machine!!!!

  322. 325
    kayla ruark says:

    I would love to win a silhouette and would do classroom projects for my teacher daughter, wedding decor, baby shower gift, home decor signs, organizing signs, christmas gifts. I love that my imagination and computer allow me to do so many things.

  323. 326

    I would love to win this to be able to make gifts for Christmas!
    Crystal recently posted…Goodwill HuntingMy Profile

  324. 327

    So many projects!

  325. 328
    kayla ruark says:

    I would love to win a cameo! So many projects to do!

  326. 329

    I want to make Christmas cards and then some home decor

  327. 330

    What I would do with this little baby!!!

  328. 331

    Love this blogg Love to win

  329. 332

    I want to win so I can make gifts and give my crafts a professional looking touch!

  330. 333

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Glenna Anderson recently posted…DIY Peppermint Body ScrubMy Profile

  331. 334

    Thanks for this opportunity!! I would be able to make all of my homemade treats look so cute and create items for my house.

  332. 335

    I would love this to make personalized things for my daughter. This would also be great for making gifts, and give me a creative outlet. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!!

  333. 336
    Ashley Outland says:

    I would LOVE to win so I could make some home decor!

  334. 337

    I want to make some pallet signs and a set of monogram coasters!
    Jenny@thelavendermagnolia recently posted…My Simple and Inexpensive Fall MantleMy Profile

  335. 338

    I’m a preschool teacher and I could do so many amazing projects with my kiddos using one of these.

  336. 339
    Katie Purcell says:

    I would love to win so I can make all sorts of cute things for my boys and decorate my house!

  337. 340
    angelica j. says:

    I would love to win a Silhouette Cameo because its the ultimate craft tool!

  338. 341

    make decorations and labels!

  339. 342
    Bailey Wind says:

    I absolutely LOVE crafting and making things for my friends and family!

  340. 343

    You guys are awesome. Would live to win. I honestly can not ever afford this as a single mom ♡:)

  341. 344

    I would love to cut some iron-on vinyl for some family t-shirts. Thanks!

  342. 345

    I have been eyeing the silhouette for over a year. I love to throw parties with a theme and make cards and gifts extra special. This would be a great addition to my need to be crafty.

  343. 347

    I would love to have one to make decorations for my house! I haven’t been able to afford it myself, so I would love to win this giveaway!

  344. 348

    I need one!!! So many cool things can be made!!

  345. 349

    My sister and I share a silhouette portrait, but she lives in another state, so it’s really frustrating when I get inspired and I have to wait till the next time we visit each other. It would be really nice if we could each have one!

  346. 350

    I have tons of ideas especially with Christmas coming up!

  347. 351

    I will love to win a silhouette so I can make our homeschool more fun with crafts. It takes a long time to cut things out by hand! I love theme birthday parties and holidays so that would make it easier!

  348. 352

    Ohhh, I would LOVE to win! :)

  349. 353

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win!!

  350. 354

    I want a silhouette for scrapbooking and projects for around the house. Been dreaming of getting one. Thanks for the chance.

  351. 355

    I’ve seen so many different crafts that I could use. I love that it can cut fabric, paper, and vinyl.

  352. 356
    Lisa Martin says:

    Oh how I would love to win one of these! Thank you

  353. 357
    Carol Douglass says:

    I would love to win so I could make some wall art for my living room.

  354. 358

    I want a Silhouette because I think it would be really fun to use. I also want to use it to make some wall art. Thanks!

  355. 359
    Sonya Morris says:

    I have wanted one for some time to make cards and other fun stuff!

  356. 360

    I want to craft, craft, craft!!! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  357. 361

    i would love to win this, i have been waiting to get this machine for a while, thanks for the chance.

  358. 362

    I’d make all the things!

  359. 363

    I want to win just so I can stop entering all of these contests :D Really I want to win because I have a running list of things I so badly want to make.

  360. 364

    I want to win because the crafter in me is going wild with ideas for using this thing. I think I’ll go broke buying supplies, so I’d love to save on the initial expense! :)

  361. 365

    I would love to make some Christmas ornaments!

  362. 366
    Suzanne Politz says:

    would love to win!!

  363. 367

    My husband is in school right now so our money is a little tight but I would still love to decorate and make our home homey with CAMEO.

  364. 368

    I’d love to share and create things with my friends for each other, our families & our schools.

  365. 369
    Adrienne L Rudolph says:

    I would love to win it to make all sorts of crafting projects. this would be awesome to have

  366. 370
    Analisa M. says:

    I think it would be incredible for making freezer paper stencils.

  367. 371

    Have a friend who has one! It is so much fun to use!

  368. 372

    I want to make Holiday and Birthday decorations. My friend was telling me about this machine, it’s so awesome!

  369. 373
    Alexanna Johnson says:

    I have Martha Stewart taste, but no money to prove it!

  370. 374

    I have really wanted one of these!

  371. 375

    What wouldn’t I make with this!

  372. 376

    I would L-O-V-E to win one to add some exciting new things to the upcoming Etsy shop <3

  373. 377
    Danielle Saffell says:

    I love crafting with my kids!

  374. 378

    I would like to win a Silhouette Cameo to give to my mother for Christmas.

  375. 379

    It would be an absolute privilege and honor to get to create a little more precisely with the Silhouette Cameo!!!

    Thank You

  376. 380

    OMG how awesome of a give away-pick me pick me!!

  377. 381

    What a great giveaway! Happy holdiays!!

  378. 383

    I want one of these so badly!! I have so many Silhouette projects pinned!! :)
    Jenn recently posted…TGIF Link PartyMy Profile

  379. 384

    What a fabulous giveaway just in time for holiday crafts!

  380. 385

    My aunt has one and she makes such cute things!

  381. 386

    I love to craft. Have so many ideas for uses! thank you for the giveaway!

  382. 387

    I would love to win because I am new to crafting and think this would bring me hours of enjoyment.

  383. 388

    I would love to win this giveaway!

  384. 389
    amy pugmire says:

    I would love to win so i could save money by making my own ornaments, cards, tag and banners and much much more.

  385. 390
    Rebecca Brewer says:

    I have a girlfriend who would love this, she has been drooling over mine. It would be amazing to give one to her for Christmas!

  386. 391
    Jessica Dobbs says:

    I want to win one so I can crafttttt

  387. 392

    I just now weren’t able to leave your website ahead of recommending we truly relished the normal info anyone offer within your website visitors? Are going to be yet again continually to look into cross-check brand-new posts

  388. 393
    Tanya Howard says:

    I would love to be able to make all the great things with the machine for Scrapbooking and crafts!!! :)

  389. 394

    Want to make vinyl crafts

  390. 395

    I have a brand new house that I have a ton of decorating ideas I’d like to do. I’m a huge crater, so this would be perfect for me. Thanks so much!!!
    Meg Karetny recently posted…Word to live by…My Profile

  391. 396

    I just get giddy thinking of all the crafts I could make.

  392. 397
    Krystal Pound says:

    I want to win a Cameo because I love to be crafty and make things. I always have projects going.

  393. 398

    I would love a Cameo so that I can quickly prep storytime crafts at the library where I work. I can’t tell you how many hours I spend tracing, drawing, and cutting!

  394. 399
    Ann Barnes says:

    I would LOVE to win a silhouette!!! I am a stay at home mommy of 8 and crafting is my passion!! I would never in a million years be able to afford one. So winning for me would be like hitting the lottery!! Good luck to all!!

  395. 400
    Aimee Kusina says:

    I would love to win one so I can make some cute things for my two boys.

  396. 401

    I’d love to win one, because i’ve always wanted to try one out. I’ve used other machines, but have heard so many great things about the Silhouette. :)
    Aimee C recently posted…Crock Pot Chicken Noodle SoupMy Profile

  397. 402
    Karlie Johnson says:

    i would give it to my cute mom who loves to craft she is the best!

  398. 403

    I would make personalized glasses- vinyl stickers +etching cream + recycled wine bottles = crafty heaven!

  399. 404
    Tracy Turner says:

    I’d love to make some of the awesome products I’ve found on Pinterest with a Silhouette Cameo. I’d love to win!

  400. 405

    I’d make this deer silhouette pillow I’ve been eyeing on pinterest!
    Mikaela D recently posted…28 weeks down, 12 to goMy Profile

  401. 406

    I want to win because my Cricut won’t work on my new Macbook Air. Apparently, it’s lame and doesn’t work with the latest operating systems. So I’d rather upgrade my die cutter to the Silhouette.

  402. 408

    I’ve been lusting over one since forever! It would make cutting things so much easier than using an Xacto; looking forward to making custom cupcake liners & vinyl decals!

    Vanessa recently posted…DIY | Paint Chip Phone CaseMy Profile

  403. 409

    What a generous giveaway!!!

    Hmmm. Oh the greeting cards and wall plaques I would make with the Silhouette!

  404. 410

    i love it!

  405. 411

    Oh all the things that I could make with this!!

  406. 412

    I’ve always wanted to try gold foil!

  407. 413

    I have a Portrait but need a larger work space so I would love to win the CAMEO so I can make bigger and better things!

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com
    Michelle Hagewood recently posted…10 Corporations That Control YOU #InfographicMy Profile

  408. 414

    To knock about 50 items off of my crafting to do list!

  409. 415

    I would love to make some rubber stamps and cut out some vinyl decorations for my teardrop camper
    Stacie S-H recently posted…Zupas – The District VIP NightMy Profile

  410. 416
    Mary Batkiewicz says:

    I would love to win the Cameo so I can finish the pile and dozens of project that I need to get done. I don’t have the energy or time to finish what I need to get done and this would save me soooo much time and effort. Budget is real tight so it would be awesome to win one.

  411. 417

    I would love to win a Cameo so that I cam make monogramed vinyl cutouts for my children’s friends phones.

  412. 418

    I would love to make Christmas gifts for friends and family!
    Briana Richardson recently posted…Diamond Candles GIVEAWAY WinnerMy Profile

  413. 419
    Rebecca McElheny says:

    I would love to make teachers gifts….

  414. 420
    Candice S. says:

    This has been on my wish list for a while! I would make things for my classroom, family and friends!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity…..

  415. 421

    I would love a cameo, I have several projects on my list already. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  416. 422
    Jennifer Rice says:

    I want to be able to add quotes to my mixed media paintings, plus I’m sure there are a ton of other uses for it! I also want to copy those dog pillows for my mom!

  417. 423

    I want to win because I have been craving one of these for a long time. I have so many craft projects I want to make!
    Marla recently posted…Birthday Thrifting! – November 23, 2013My Profile

  418. 424
    Susan Outland says:

    I want to make Christmas cards :)

  419. 425

    I was saving my birthday and Christmas money to buy one so I wouldn’t have to take money out of our budget. Then I ended up spending the money I saved on Christmas gifts for my kids. If I don’t win one I may never get one…. so thanks for the chance! I have a craft list a mile long I want get working on!

  420. 426

    The possibilities are ENDLESS with the Cameo! What an amazing tool! Thanks for the contest opportunity.

  421. 427

    I would want to win this Cameo so my husband doesn’t have to buy it for me. He can then save his money for a rainy day!!
    Lauren recently posted…Scrub – a – DubMy Profile

  422. 428
    Lindsey Cormier says:

    I would love to win! I can only do so much with plain old scissors. ;)

  423. 429

    I have heard great things about it and I would love to cut fabric with it for applique!
    Connie recently posted…Linky TuesdayMy Profile

  424. 430

    Cool machine

  425. 431
    Timothy S. says:

    For the holidays I want to use the Silhouette Cameo to make designs for my Mother in Law’s house. She has MS and lost her job years ago and I think it would be great to use the Cameo to help liven up her home and bring it to modern times with cute vinyl additions! It would be great to be able to create them by Christmas to give her a really fun holiday experience. I love how it can be used to make custom designs and fonts, we would be able to come up with decoration ideas to fit perfectly into any nook or cranny! I’m sure her grand kids will be just as addicted to it as I will be ;)

  426. 432

    i would love to win because i love making things to decorate our house and making cards for Christmas & birthdays.

  427. 433

    Love the Silhouette projects! Hope to make some as Christmas gifts.

  428. 434

    I’m a long time crafter but this would be the ultimate machine to have!

  429. 435
    Michelelynne says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Would love to win!

  430. 436
    Michelelynne says:

    Oops! Forgot to say why! I’m a scrapbooker and a general crafter and have seen all the awesome things you can do with one of these. So cool!

  431. 437

    I would love to win the cameo to make stencils for cookies and cakes; and also cut appliques for shirts.

  432. 438

    This machine would make my scrapbooking so much easier.

  433. 439
    Clinton Rorick says:

    I want to make a set of halo Pepakura Armor! woot!

  434. 440

    I would want to label everything in my house and make pictures for my bare walls.

  435. 441
    courtney b says:

    i’ve always wanted to do some sort of craft this would be the perfect start

  436. 442
    Samantha Scott says:

    I am a young professional trying to follow my dream of starting my own business! Etsy and the online community have been absolutely imperative to this being possible so winning the Silhouette Cameo from your online blog would be out of this world! I have been basically drooling over this machine for the past couple of months but didn’t think I was anywhere close to being able to afford it. My first project would be making stationary and business cards to spread the word about my shop and then I would start on the almost endless list of projects I’ve been dreaming up.

  437. 443

    I would love to win! I could do so many things with a machine like this!

  438. 444

    would love to win to make Christmas decor for ALL OVER THE HOUSE
    naomi c recently posted…The Guest Room: Complete!My Profile

  439. 445
    Melissa Newman says:

    I would love to win the Silhouette! I would make a cute Christmas banner!

  440. 446

    I want to win because I have too many ideas building up that need to get out.
    Mindy recently posted…How to Clean the Sticky off JarsMy Profile

  441. 447

    I have so many projects and home decor ideas that require a silhouette. I would love to have one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  442. 448

    There are so many great projects that can only be done with a Silhouette. I would love one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  443. 449

    So many possibilities for fun projects… pick me!

  444. 450

    I would like to do handmade gifts this Christmas so this would be perfect!

  445. 451
    Elissa Goodwin says:

    I want to make Christmas presents this year… I hope I win!

  446. 452
    Michelle T. says:

    I would love a Cameo- I could finally make all the things I’ve pinned!

  447. 453

    I want to win so I can try all the projects!

  448. 454

    There are just so many cute things that you can do! It is amazing! I’m dying over all the things you’ve made and want to do my own!

  449. 455

    I’d love to win this to help push me into starting all of these great DIY wedding ideas I keep getting! this will make it impossible to put it off….it will make it too easy, and too fun!

  450. 456

    I would love one to cut vinyl… love it!

  451. 457

    I want it because it’s so versatile and I will be able to make so many projects with it!
    Kassiah recently posted…PrioritiesMy Profile

  452. 458
    LeAnn Lesh says:

    Holy vinyls & stencils, Batman! Oh how to decide on the first project! I’m thinking monogram ornaments…

  453. 459

    There are so many fun projects I’d love to make!

  454. 460
    Gina Blomgren says:

    I want to win because I love making paper type crafts and this would help out tremendously!

  455. 461

    I want to win a Silhouette Cameo machine to make awesome creative creations that I Design with my own custom-made images! So exciting! I would start with vinyl decor, wall art, labels, paper designs, etc!

  456. 462

    I would love to make stuff for my kids

  457. 463

    I love your dachshund pillow! I want to make the Santa cupcake holders for a kids’ Christmas party.

  458. 464
    Doris Salcedo says:

    i would love to win a cameo to help me become a better domestic godess

  459. 465

    I am a papercrafter but would love this because of all the home decor projects that could be done
    marybeth i recently posted…Give a gift that gives back! WorldVision.orgMy Profile

  460. 466

    I want to win a Cameo so I can give one to my mother-in-law for Christmas!!! She has been wanting one since before they were officially for sale.

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