Teeny Tiny Ice Cream Cake Cones!

CUTEST itty bitty cake cones!

I’ve been “all things ice cream” lately so when I saw this itty bitty mini cones (seriously, so tiny and cute), I knew I had to whip up a little dessert idea with them! I’ve actually never made cake cones. So I thought this was the perfect chance for me to try them out and make a cute little mini treat.

How to make mini ice cream cake cones! Place your mini ice cream cones in a mini muffin tin. Excuse the fact that mine looks like it has been around the block a few times. It has. I call it “loved”. Anywho, they fit easily down in there. Preheat your oven o 350.

You Are The Sprinkles On My Ice CreamThen we stop and look at this cute sign (I got it at Swoozies during my book signing in Atlanta last year). Isn’t it cute? So cute.

How to make ice cream cake cones! You make the batter (use your fave chocolate cake or any other flavor) and fill each cone 2/3 of the way full. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Once they are done, they look like this (above). Don’t worry if some puff up more than others. No big deal.Teeny Tiny Ice Cream Cake Cones!

Then when they cool, you pipe them! I mean, do those not look just like little ice cream cones? This couldn’t be easier either! No serious dessert talent needed. I used a round tip to frost mine but you could use a bag with the corner snipped for a similar look. You can make any frosting you fancy. I highly recommend this book for Frostings ;)

Itty Bitty Ice Cream Cake Cones! Here’s a picture to show just how teeny tiny they are!

Itty Bitty Ice Cream Cake Cones! So tiny.
Itty Bitty Ice Cream Cake Cones! Sprinkles are always a must. I used some pearly sprinkles that I bought here. They have a slight shimmer to them which is fun! You can use any sprinkles that your heart desires though.

Pearly Sprinkles

Then they need their sprinkle bath.

Itty Bitty Cake Cones! Want to see the inside, huh? Here it is! In all it’s chocolatey cake glory. These little guys are SO DELICIOUS! I personally love the fact that you can customize it too. Pick your favorite cake + frosting pairs.

Inside of an itty bitty cake cone!

Easy peasy! I used the mini cones made by Joy. I found them at my regular grocery so be on the lookout next time you’re in the market! And see more ice cream ideas over on my Sulia account here + here!

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  1. 8

    Melissa says

    These are so adorable! What an awesome party idea :) Gives a whole new meaning to ‘ice cream cake’.

  2. 12

    elizabeth says

    just curious if you’ve ever had a problem with cones being soggy since you bake the batter in them. ive heard people complain that the cones get soggy with the regular size cones (ive never tried it) I’m making these for my SO’s class… so I’m making around 70 of them, just want them to come out well and crispy


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