We support CURE Childhood Cancer!

I Support CURE’s Kids! Did you know that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

I am supporting CURE Childhood Cancer, an amazing non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime. This year I am actively participating as a blogger in the CURE Community, helping to raise awareness and get others involved in helping CURE.

Having personally dealt with adult family members enduring the struggles of cancer both mentally and physically, I can only imagine the tole it takes on the body of child. I was touched by the story of Miley Parker who found out on December 10, 2008 that she had cancer. Miley was 3. Miley’s parents shared her story…

We were completely stunned. We had thought all along the eye checks were just a precaution…4% …our child couldn’t possibly be in the 4%. A parent can never be prepared to face cancer; we were going to check-ups to check for it and were not prepared.

Miley had an eye exam under anesthesia and a MRI. The exams confirmed Miley only had one tumor in her left retina and it was very small, but close to her center of vision. So her left eye might suffer some vision loss, but if the tumor could be stopped she would not lose her eye; which is often the treatment for retinoblastoma. Her doctors told us more tumors could develop later in either eye, but for now we were only facing one tumor. Rarely retinoblastoma also develops with brain tumors, so the MRI was to check for brain tumors and thankfully the MRI showed no signs. Miley’s doctors decided she would have 6 rounds of chemotherapy over 6 months. She would also have laser treatments to the tumor. Twelve days after she was diagnosed, she had surgery to place her chemo port and had her first chemo treatment.” – Miley Parker’s Story

This month, CURE is sharing stories and honoring children who have been touched by childhood cancer each day in September as part of their 3rd annual CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time. In their first two years of the program, CURE has honored over 150 children and raised nearly $400,000 to help fight childhood cancer.

What is “I Support CURE’s Kids?”
The idea for “I Support CURE’s Kids” began as a way for friends in the blogging community to help show their support for CURE Childhood Cancer during the month of September.

An amazing group of bloggers has agreed to “donate” a blog post during the month of September to help spread awareness for CURE Childhood Cancer, as well as a spot on their blog for the “I Support CURE’s Kids” blog badge. Some amazing bloggers have generously agreed to take part already.  I hope you will consider doing so on your own blog, too!

Click here to view the current list of blogger friends in the CURE Community, or to learn more about getting involved.

I Support CURE’s Kids Blogger Raffle

And, as a little extra fun, some amazing bloggers, business owners & companies have donated some fabulous  products and services that moms & kids will simple adore for CURE’s I Support CURE’s Kids Blogger Raffle.” You can get in on the goods for as little as $10 (which all goes directly to support CURE) – click here to view the list of raffle items that you could win!

Thank you for your support this month. You can join in to raise awareness by joining CURE Childhood Cancer on Facebook and Twitter (@curechildcancer) too!

Grab a badge + show your support!



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