{DIY} Monogrammed Napkins + Silhouette CAMEO Promo!

monogrammed napkins silhouette cameoI’m super uber duper excited to share with you details about Silhouette’s latest machine – the CAMEO! I received it a few days ago and haven’t stopped playing with it since! Today, I’m sharing this tutorial for monogrammed napkins (a fabulous hostess gift idea).

starter kits for silhouette cameo

brand new CAMEO + choice of starter kit (Fabric Ink, Vinyl, Heat Transfer, or Rhinestone)
The Silhouette Cameo is expected to sell out in their first shipment. The promotion ends October 31st!

Open the Silhouette Studio software and create your monogram. I chose “c&c” to stand for Chris & Courtney. Call me superstitious but I was afraid to use the new “W” initial until I’m married as I heard using your new monogram early is bad luck. Who knows, but I liked the “c&c” anyway! KEY TIP: You need to MIRROR your monogram (or image) so right click and select FLIP HORIZONTALLY. Done! silhouette screenshot

Take your heat transfer material (smooth or flocked, I used smooth) and run it (shiny side down) into your Silhouette machine (no cutting mat needed). The Cameo can cut up to 12×12 so you can make a really BIG monogram (think decorative pillow!). Mine was just a little guy though.

load into silhouette

When it comes out, use your fingers or a handy dandy hook tool (comes with the heat transfer starter kit – holla!) to peel away the negative space and leave your monogram. It will still be “mirrored”.

Take your fabric napkin (I bought inexpensive white ones from Target), and lay it out on your ironing board. Flip your heat transfer monogram over so it reads correctly. Be sure to place it where you will want your monogram on the napkin. I chose the bottom center. Cover with a cloth and press firmly with your iron on low-medium heat for 45-60 seconds. LET COOL (key step here) and gently peel back the plastic. If your monogram is still sticking to the plastic, recover and iron for a bit more.

Step 5:
Let cool and peel plastic to reveal your monogram on the napkin! Ta-DA! 


Do you like it?! I love my new napkins! And yes, they’re washable! I think I’ll be making some cute shirts, monogrammed aprons for bridal shower gifts, decorated onesies and bibs for baby gifts, etc! I’m going to be a Silhouette crafting machine! You want one of these machines, trust me.

Visit their PINTEREST page for ideas of craft projects made with the Silhouette Cameo!

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  1. 6


    Super cute! I have been wanting a Silhouette for awhile now! I am pretty sure everything in my house would quickly become monogrammed and pizzazzed!

  2. 7

    Laura says

    oooooo – i love these! So what you are saying is I need to put this on my list for Christmas?? You did a fab job & love the damask plate underneath – I did my wedding in damask – LOVE!

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