DIY: Paper Flowers

easy diy paper flower crafts with how-to

DIY Paper Flowers

Just last week, I was driving in Hillsboro Village (a cute shopping and dining area in Nashville) when I looked over at one of my favorite stores (Social Graces) to see these darling white paper flowers covering their windows. I almost had a wreck. I HAD to find out how they made those. Lucky me there was a craft night just a few days later where Erin Duffy of Social Graces taught us how to make them. Now, I get to teach you! Thanks, Erin!

paper flowers nashville's social graces

These paper flowers were strung together and hung in the window. I think they would make fabulous garlands for an outdoor party or even made in holiday colors for inside decorations. Match them with your party colors or use white for a wedding! There really is no “right or wrong”, just learn the steps, get creative, and have fun. Add in your own element like rimming the edges in glitter or using different sheets of patterned paper.

What you’ll need:
Thick Cardstock (I used white, but get creative and use colors or even old book pages)
Brads (regular and “mini” size)
Hot glue

diy paper flowers

Using a thick cardstock (I used 80 pound linen white cardstock), cut out of 5 sheets (I stacked and cut through all of them at once) a petal shape.

diy paper flowers

Use a regular size metal brad at one end of the petals. I used a hole punch to make the hole first. Then spread out your petals (I had 5 petals, this number works best for this step). Then use a touch of hot glue under each petal so they stay spread out.

easy diy paper flowers

Make your next layer of petals. With this set, make a few more (6 to 8). Use a regular or mini size brad just like you did with the first set. Insert it in one end of the paper petals and spread out the petals.

paper flowers

Get creative with this layer of petals by rolling them up so that when they unfold they have a real “flower petal” look. Or another fun trick is folding them back and forth (accordion style – or ‘paper fan’ style). Or consider tearing the edges for a more vintage look. Get creative! Then, put a dab of hot glue down on your first brad and stick the next set’s brad on top to glue them together.

paper flowers

Just like you did with the first set of petals, use a dab of glue around each petal so it stays spread out. For the 3rd (and last set), fold 2 sheets of your paper into quarters and cut small petals out (between 6 and 8). Using a small brad, just like with the first two sets, insert the brad and spread the petals out.

diy paper flowers

Glue down the 3rd brad to the 2nd brad with a dab of hot glue. Then for a cute topper, I rolled strips of paper up like above and glued them down. Below you’ll see two finished flowers. The 2nd one was made using the accordion style folding for the 2nd set of petals.

finished paper flowers

Here I used old book pages to make a paper flower. It was a bit more difficult as the pages were not thick cardstock. It did not hold its shape quite as well though I still like how it turned out. These would be neat for a vintage outdoor party.

book pages paper flowers

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    I saw something similar to this several years ago on a Martha Stewart show and I made a ton of them and hung them on our Christmas tree. The white lights on our tree really illuminated the flowers and I got so many compliments on how great our tree looked. Unfortunately, the flowers did not store well and I had to pitch them the next year when I unpacked our Christmas decor.

  2. 14


    I love this window display! The white color really allows the texture to take center stage. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I just did a wreath using a mix of vintage book pages and vintage crepe paper and fabric flowers, so I’m especially loving all things “paper flowers”!

  3. 15


    I love this! I think these would be a great addition to any bridal shower or a fun backdrop for a dessert buffet at any party!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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