Happy Birthday Bunting Cake!


happy birthday!

So tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 19th) is my birthday! ((throws sparkly confetti)). Today while in the midst of cleaning up after my puppy hauled an entire tree + it’s root system into my living room, handling important calls about my book tour (woohoo!), working on The Bakery Spot, the list goes on… —I decided to make myself a little birthday cake. I let my perfectionism out the door (obviously) but I still think the concept is super cute – Birthday Cake BUNTING! I’m proud I even put this up there for all of you to see. It looks as if a 2 year old made it but it tastes dang good, so there we go.

Birthday Challenge – send me your pics!

So I charge you, my creative readers + fellow party lovers, to create a BUNTING CAKE and send me the photo! I’ll display it here, and I can almost guarantee it’ll look better than mine – but that’s okay, because on your birthday, you’re allowed to get icing everywhere and make a big mess. Woohoo!

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