Frostings Cookbook on Pre-Order + Free Calendar!

If you love Frosting, you NEED this book!

Oh my word, I wish you could have all been here with me last weekend when my early author copy of Frostings arrived. I am pretty sure I scared the FedEx guy. A lot. I was completely 110% giddy. This book was such a labor of love.I began working on it while I was engaged and shot it late last summer here in Nashville with Kyle Dreier (who also photographed my Push-Up Pops book). I had the gorgeous Tessa Huff all the way in from CA to help too. Dream team.

Pre-order numbers matter a lot to a book team. SO if you are inclined (aka if you love Frosting as much as I do) – then hop over + pick up a copy (or 2 – they make great gifts, hehe). They will ship July 1st (or a little earlier). I can’t wait for y’all to see this book.

Speaking of, here is the next sneak peek of one of the gorgeous images!

Cake Design! Frostings book by Courtney Whitmore pizzazzerie.comYou wait until you see the recipe for this frosting. It has a secret, unique ingredient! Visit here for your free desktop calendar.

Here is some sweet praise for Frostings!

Praise for Frostings by Courtney Whitmore


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    Your book looks beautiful. I love it when you can view some of the book on Amazon, and your photos revealed there are stunning. Oh goodness the thought of purchasing another book is killing me – Amazon must love me! I have your push pops book I guess I’ll be ordering Frostings as well.

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    This book looks so cute!! I tend to get stuck in a rut with my frostings, so I’m so excited to get your book and learn all about frostings! The pictures are awesome!

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