Giveaway: Calligraphy Hand Stamp


calligraphy hand stamp giveaway by jennifer gillespie

Giveaway: Calligraphy Hand Stamp ($50+ value)

Calligraphy is such a beautiful art and not jut for wedding invitations anymore! From paper goodies for parties, stationery, logos, and even cookies, Jennifer Gillespie is the owner of Calligraphy by Jennifer. We are so lucky to have her as a talented supporter of our site. She is a true gem.

We are also lucky to be hosting a giveaway for a custom hand stamp! How neat would it be to have your name and address in calligraphy for a return address stamp? Or perhaps your monogram for stamping on stationery or gift tags! The possibilities are endless. This is definitely a giveaway for the paper lover.

Enter up to 4 times!

(1) Leave a comment below letting us know how you would use your calligraphy hand stamp! View all the styles here.

(2) For a second entry, become a fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer on Facebook. Be sure to comment here!

(3) For a third entry, tweet the following: “I entered to win a calligraphy hand stamp from @prettypenstudio on @pizzazzerie” and be sure to leave a comment!

(4) For a fourth entry, become a fan of Pizzazzerie over on Facebook! You’ll find more entertaining ideas and party tips there too!

Deadline to enter is Friday, December 24th at 5:00pm EST. Winner will be announced Monday, December 27th.

Enjoy the images of Jennifer’s work below! Browse her site here to have her custom design calligraphy today! Visit Jennifer’s blog here.

WINNER **** Congratulations Amy Brewer. Using Random.Org, you were selected as our winner!

calligraphy on cookies

2011 New Year's Photo Cards

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  1. 7


    I really like the design and function of Layout A of the partial calligraphy stamp.
    A friend and I decided to be pen-pals via the postal service, and this would be so fun to mark my letters with!

  2. 28

    Michelle says

    I have discovered a new respect for anyone who can do calligraphy beautifully. I have been doing my own for years, but it takes its toll on my hands now. I know my daughters would love for me to add this touch to their future wedding invitations, but I can no longer do it without pain. These are a fabulous and classy alternative. You are added as a “FAVORITE” item.

  3. 32

    Danielle says

    I would use them at work in notes to my residents and also for personal use when sending notes/cards to friends and family!

  4. 36


    1. I like Calligraphy by Jennifer on fb :)

    2. I like Pizzazzerie on fb :)

    3. I would use it as a return address stamp for my wedding invitation business :) So lovely!

  5. 37

    laurie says

    I would use the stamp as a reminder that there are pretty things in the world but the stamp would be used for stamping bookplates for my daughter’s many books!! Thank you! :)

  6. 38


    I’d l-o-v-e a hand stamp for our return address – such a classy, fun way!

    I’m a fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer and now also a fan of Pizzazzerie–

    And last but certainly not least, I tweeted my entry via: @nolimiteventsnj

    *Fingers crossed!* Thanks!

  7. 47

    Valerie says

    Finally, I would use the hand stamp to embellish our wedding invitations. (I also love that one of the examples is Marty and Jennifer — from Back to the Future! :) They should live in Hill Valley, CA instead of Kentucky, though!)

  8. 48

    Stacey says

    I love the simple elegance of Layout I. I would use these to put my return address holiday on cards, party invitations, and corespondence to everyone! I love receiving handwritten notes and in turn enjoy writing them, too. This beautiful penmanship is a must to go along with my stationary!

  9. 50

    Cara Meissner says

    Knowing my natural inclination to over-do everything, I would use the stamp to decorate personal letters, bills, books, student reports, lamp posts, cars and small children. And of course my husband.

    Already a fan of Pizzazzerie on FB, but now have added Caligraphy by Jennifer also.

    Merry Christmas all!

  10. 52

    Carolyn Windley says

    I would use the hand stamp to stamp all of my catalogs. I am an Independent Scentsy Distributor.
    They are simply beautiful!
    Carolyn Windley

  11. 53


    I would use the stamp for my photography business- either just my business name to stamp on packaging/materials or name/address to use when shipping orders! :)

  12. 63

    Michelle F. says

    I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s for a long time on facebook, but if I had my own stamp! Oh man, I guess I would use it to keep in touch with all of my friends and family across the globe. I send out so many cards, letters, and packages, this little stamp would become such an important piece of my (seriously in need of organizing) desk! Good work girls, keep up all of the creativity, I love it!

  13. 65

    Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details says

    I, of course, follow pizzazzerie on FB. I look forward to all of the wonderful ideas & inspiration!

  14. 73

    KHBride says

    I would use these for everything! On our invites, thank yous, letters, Christmas cards. They’d be great for years to come :)

  15. 76


    I would give the stamp to my sister to use on the invitations for her upcoming wedding! She asked me to be her maid of honor and I am beyond thrilled and touched. I want to do everything I can to make her day as special as possibly because she deserves it :)

    I’m a fan of both Pizzazzerie and Calligraphy by Jennifer on Facebook and I tweeted too!

  16. 79

    Emily Simmons says

    I love the layout of layout A. It is simple and classic. I need a return address stamp. We never plan on leaving our current home!

  17. 86


    I would use this gorgeous stamp on all my thank you notes to clients and my packaging! I love Style G! And of course, already a fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer on Facebook, Tweeting @dolldinedesigns and now a fan of Pizzazzerie! yayyyy!

  18. 94


    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my family and being home for the holidays – but after signing and addressing 50+ family Christmas cards, my hand was tired! I would get my parent’s home address on the stamp and let my mother use it for everyday mailing purposes. What a beautiful way to make mailing bills and other things more stylish and fun!

  19. 95


    With a stamp like this I could actually help my wife-to-be with our DIY invites. My handwriting is laughable. She won’t let me touch them.

  20. 99

    Johntae Bennett says

    I would love to use this stamp for Return Address! I think that the calligrapy would give everything I mail out a special touch!

  21. 106

    Lauren says

    I would love to give this as a gift to my best friend and bride-to-be — it would be perfect for her DIY invites and thank you notes!

    I am already a fan of Pizzazzerie on FB and am now a fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer.

  22. 108

    Carina says

    Future hubby and I would use our calligraphy stamp on all our mailings … including our Wedding Invitations and Thank You cards. Then even Birth Announcements – well one day at least :o)

  23. 109

    Kayla Fisher says

    I’m 23 and seem to ALWAYS be throwing a wedding or baby shower. I would use my hand stamp as a more decorative and personal way to address envelopes!

  24. 110


    I am currently getting started making Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates, Menus, Baby Shower Invitations, Cards… I would use it on a daily basis…. …. you should take a look :)

    I am already a friend on facebook for Calligraphy for Jennifer and for Pizzazzerie :)

    Tweeted just now with @amandakollar

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