Giveaway: Clairebella Personalized Cutting Board

Winner Announced: Congratulations Heidi! Heidi said, “Yea, I think I’d be greedy and keep this one for myself! This is awesome, and I SO want a green damask print with an orange monogram! SOOOO FUN and CUTE!”  You’ll be receiving an email shortly!

SURPRISE: Bailey Bea has graciously given our readers 20% off items with code PIZZAZZERIE20. (Not for use on sale items). Items will arrive after the New Year. So treat yourself and start the New Year with a cute personalized item! Get Shopping!

Don’t forget to enter our other current giveaway (deadline tonight!) for $25 towards Willow House!

giveaway cutting board

Clairebella Personalized Cutting Board

Days like today, I wish I wasn’t the editor of the because I wish I could enter this FABULOUS giveaway! A Clairebella Personalized Cutting Board from our sponsor Bailey Bea Designs. A large cutting board (plus shipping) with a $60 value – YOURS! FREE! What a perfect holiday gift for a friend (or yourself!). With all your holiday entertaining, this is a must-have.

cutting board happy hour

My favorite part are the countless designs and color choices. How could you decide?! I love the hoopla, the damask, oh wait – I love them all. Then you have the regular band or the ribbon band. And then so many fun font and monogram choices.

I would have to order 10 just to get all the different combinations I love. Good thing I LOVE cutting boards. They’re perfect for crafting too. Especially when using an x-acto knife or a craft you want to pick up and move to another working station.

bailey bea faves


To enter to win a FREE Large Clairebella Personalized Cutting Board from Bailey Bea Designs, leave a comment below letting us know who you would enjoy your free cutting board! Would you give it to a friend or family member for the holidays, or maybe enjoy for yourself?! Let us know to be entered to win!

To earn a 2nd entry, tweet the following! “I entered to win a Clairebella Personalized Cutting Board from @baileybea on @pizzazzerie”

Open to US Residents Only. Deadline to enter is Friday, December 10th at 5:00pm EST. Winner will be announced Monday, December 13th.

Visit Bailey Bea & their blog!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – check back Monday for winner announcement!

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  1. 2


    I would give it to my daughter who is getting ready to move to VA, and into her first house! This would be perfect because she is just learning how to cook!

  2. 3

    Becca H. says

    I hate to be greedy at the holidays, but if I win this giveaway, that cutting board is MINE… alllllll mine! *insert sinister laughter here*

  3. 10


    Oh, i love this! I would absolutely love it for myself, but I think it would be a perfect gift for either of the moms in our family! The hard part will be deciding on the color & pattern…

  4. 11

    Sarah W. says

    I would have to have this monogrammed with my married initials! I know so many people would love it but not as much as I would!

  5. 17

    Jessica says

    I would love to give this to my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law. What newlywed couple doesn’t like personalized items representing their new union?

  6. 22

    rebekah2322 says

    this is so cute! i would love this addition in my new kitchen when i get married (next summer!!!). fyi: i think you meant to type, “leave a comment below letting us know *how* you would enjoy your free cutting board!” rather than “who” you would enjoy your new cutting board. sorry, i’m studying to be a grammar teacher!!

  7. 27

    Ashley says

    I’m graduating college and moving into a new house and would love a new cutting board! Love cooking and this would be the perfect addition to my first house :)

  8. 32

    Kelly says

    I would LOVE to win one of these beautiful cutting boards!! I would have a hard time deciding if I wanted to gift it, or keep it for myself.

  9. 33

    Melanie says

    What a precious gift! As much as I would absolutely adore keeping it for myself, I would probably give it to my amazing sister-in-law.

  10. 36

    Kara says

    I’d keep this for myself and use it when I have my family and friends over!!! There’s nothing better than being surrounded by the important people in my life!

  11. 46

    Beth Burmeister says

    I would forsure use these as a gift for several friends and family members but first I would keep it for myself and order more!!

  12. 47


    I would have to keep this lovely for myself. Like you, I use my cutting boards often for crafting, and other things. I might just keep this one in my studio for those times I need a cutting board.

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  13. 48

    Danielle says

    My AXΩ sorority sisters & I LOVE this cutting board! We are always having sisterhood events, taking turns cooking & baking at each other’s apartments & this would definitely come in handy! I would love one that comes in red & green (for our sorority colors) with the Greek lettering AXΩ printed in the middle! Who knows, maybe our chapter would even end up ordering them in bulk!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :)

  14. 49

    Cindy says

    I would love this awesome, personalized cutting board for my own kitchen! My fiance and I love to cook so it would come in handy.

  15. 51


    I hate to be so selfish, but this cutting board has my name written all over it!! How cool is that, it can literally have my name written all over it! Yes, I would keep it for myself. These are beautiful designs. Thanks so much for the chance to win one! Merry Christmas!

  16. 53


    We’d keep the cutting board, mostly because my husband has been tearing a few up around here with his “knife skills.” I really like the coasters too!

  17. 55

    Anna S. says

    I would keep this one for myself! I have given several of these as well as the coasters as wedding gifts to friends and love the quality!

  18. 56

    Little Miss Lovely says

    So lovely! In the spirit of the holiday, I may be tempted to give it as a gift. I know a few ladies, including my mother who would adore this for entertaining. Then again, it would look fabulous in my kitchen as well…

  19. 57

    Kathleen says

    I would keep it for myself! I am a college student who loves to cook, bake, and entertain, but I don’t have the best kitchen. My counter is beyond old and icky (Cheers to College Living!) and I would love something cute and girly to cover up part of the stained red surface. I am always cooking for myself and baking for others (I’m the queen of making cupcakes to cheer up stressed friends and classmates, I believe finals go better with frosting!) and the idea of cutting up peppers and tomatoes on a personalized cutting board makes my heart go pitter-pat! Heck, even buttering my morning toast would be more fun on a pink and green board made especially for me!

  20. 58

    Monica says

    This is toooooo cute! I would have to keep this for myself (green would look lovely in my kitchen)… But I have a few deserving friends who would also love this.

  21. 61

    Debbie says

    I would like to say I’d give it away, but this cutting board would make the perfect gift to give to myself! My friends and I have a monthly Bunco night which we all take turns hosting. Since it’s my turn to host in January, this would be both beautiful and functional and I wouldn’t have to worry about putting it away or hidding it.

  22. 62

    Norma V. says

    I would keep it for myself, It’s just to pretty to give up. I would leave it out in view because I know it would motivate me to be in the kitchen cooking more often plus it will give my ugly little kitchen some style. ;0)

  23. 63

    Aimeee says

    This would be perfect for my mum for her birthday in janurary, being a qualified chef she loves anything for her kitchen. Also her chopping board that I got her 4 years ago shattered the other night :(, this is why I would like the personalised chopping board ;)

  24. 64


    My best friend Roxie is moving into a new apartment next week and this would make the perfect housewarming gift for her! I love giving personalized gifts but find them hard to afford on my college student budget. I hope I win!

  25. 65

    Amanda says

    I would love to give one of these cute cutting boards to my sister. I am giving her cook books and sewing her an apron for her Christmas gift. There are so many cute designs!

  26. 66

    Lauren says

    I have a small, open condo, but we do a lot of entertaining with friends. I always feel like having well-designed, beautiful essentials makes me feel better about the “prep” being visible to the party. In other words, I think this would have to be a keeper for my place :)

  27. 67

    Sharon says

    I would either keep it for myself (I absolutely love preppy style and can’t resist a monogram:) or give it to my preppiest friend Alexandra who just moved into a new apartment and is obsessed with all things cute for kitchens:)

  28. 70

    Kelley says

    Love, love, love the cutting boards!! I have to say that I would be selfish and give it to myself. Sounds bad I know, but it is connected to a great memory for me. My Nannie (grandmother) who was so very special to me and my sister, always had a glass cutting board next to her kitchen sink. I can remember from year to year the design would change, but that glass board was always by the sink. I have adopted that tradition myself. I have a glass cutting board next to my sink as well as a few others on my counter tops and a few stashed away in my cabinets in the event I need one or want to make a switch. They are useful and decorative!! But the memory is the best part for me, cuz that’s what Nannie did!

  29. 71


    Okay, these are amazing. I love pieces like this in my house because they are unique and most people will not have them. I love the patterns oh I love everything about it! I hope that I win!!!!

  30. 72

    Laura Nickens says

    These cutting boards are sooo cute!! So maybe if I win this one, I will purchase others for my girlfriends!! So adorable! – and the personalization really makes it special!

  31. 74

    jenn post says

    I would get one for my auntie rina in black or green damask to mathch her kitchen! she is about to move her family into their first home and it has a fantastic kitchen! she is always there for me and so supportive, I would love to give her this!

  32. 75


    Oh my, I’d love to show this off in my kitchen. The damask pattern and sky blue lettering will be perfection in my vintage themed kitchen. Of course, I’d use this beauty for chopping vegetables as well!

  33. 81


    Oh my these are soooo darling! I would use it for myself if I won, ;) but I would also buy these as gifts! What a great idea, thanks so much for sharing!!! I will FB and blog about this give away as well. ;)


  34. 85

    Jennie says

    I would give it to my wonderful, beautiful, amazing sister in law! She so deserves something this AWESOME! :0)

  35. 87

    Linda Bergeson says

    I have seen these before and drooled over them. I don’t know how I would ever decide which one to get – I love every one of them. I would keep it for myself and let all 4 of my girls use it when they come over, which is often because we love to get together. Love love love these!

  36. 88

    andrea owensby says

    I would give this to the most amazing sister out there! She is the hostess with the mostess, who loves to entertain and decorate; she outdoes me every year. She would love this, and I would get such warm and fuzzy’s seeing her face!

  37. 90

    Jenny Dixon says

    I would give this to my mom for christmas. She loves to bake and this would be the perfect addition to her kitchen!

  38. 92

    Hillary says

    Ok, I’ll be honest I’d love one for myself but I think my mother-in-law NEEDS one. Lol. Hope “we” win.

  39. 95

    kristin m. says

    my mom would LOVE this!!! (well, i know i would, fo sho!) i’d probably give it to her, she never buys anything for herself!
    kristinmik at gmail

  40. 98

    Anna says

    Oh wow- beautiful! My mother, my sister, a secret-santa recipient …. oh, yeah, and me! How could I ever decide who would love one the most? These are gorgeous!

  41. 99

    Wanda Contreras says

    I think I will give myself a birthday present and A Christmas present as well!!!
    best regards,

  42. 100

    Shanna C says

    I’d love to have this for myself…I hardly ever add anything new to my kitchen supplies and this would be fabulous!

  43. 101

    Shelley S says

    I’d keep it! My girls would love having a cutting board in the house that was personalized w/ our family name.

  44. 102

    Danielle says

    I think I would have to keep it for myself! I just love the green zebra and also the pink damask! SO cute!

  45. 105

    Christina Hureaux says

    I would love to win this for my sister in-law. She is a regular Martha Stewart and she would adore this! I would definitely get it personalized for her!

  46. 107

    Tareia says

    I host a lot of gatherings at my house so this would be great to help me prepare. So…I would keep it for myself. : )

  47. 111


    I love anything and everything monogrammed, but I believe I would give this one to my mother. After 30 years she is graduating this weekend with her Undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education. Since this is a lifetime dream of hers, we have heard how she can’t wait to come home from work, cook dinner, and then put it away for lunch the next day.
    She would love this adorable cutting board!

  48. 112

    Lisa says

    That is s great gift idea!!! I wouldn’t have thought about personalizing a cutting board. A cool and unique gift idea.

  49. 116

    Jenna says

    this would be the perfect gift for my mom! she loves entertaining and always has her kitchen filled with family and friends. it would be perfect for all of her parties! she always works so hard to make lots of food and to ensure that her guests are always having a great time. of all people i know, she is the best entertainer and deserves special personalized gift! thanks! :)

  50. 117

    Carolyn Windley says

    I really like the damask in brown or green with the monogram. My heart sang when I saw it. You know what I mean. That , “AHHHHHHHHHH” that spontaneously comes flying out from your soul.
    I have the worst (warped) cutting board and this would be fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing this site with us.
    Either way this item is going on my wish list.
    Carolyn Windley

  51. 119

    Linda Loxterman says

    I lost my mother to a stroke last month. My family has lost the center of our heart (“our spoke of the wheel”). I would give this to my niece who is missing her gramma. She is married to a serviceman, recently returned from Iraq. She found out she was expecting their first child. It is an emotional time for her…my Alysia Mae.

  52. 120


    Although I am definitely a giver at heart, this is too beautiful to give away! I’d totally want it ALL FOR MYSELF! I LOVE to cook and this would definitely be something snazzy to jazz up the countertop as I sliced and diced!

  53. 122

    Paula says

    I absoloutely loooove it!!!! Although it is such a wonderful gift idea, I will not only keep it for myself but would order one for my sister. I love the fact that it is so chic and sylish! I am glad that there are designers out there definitely thinking of new creative ways to enjoy cooking and entertaining. Could definately be such a special and unique gift not only to myself but to my closest friends. Thanks for such a great opportunity! : )

  54. 124


    This is such a beautiful cutting board. I’ve never seen one like this before. I would love to win this for my mom because she loves to cook and I think she would be absolutely tickled to receive a personalized kitchen item.

  55. 126

    Patti says

    I would give it to my brother. He has discovered a hidden talent for cooking that I wish I knew about a long time ago. I could have used it :)

  56. 127

    AndreaJ says

    I absolutely LOVE those cutting boards! I would gift one to my mother. She is the best cook I know, and she deserves a cute, sassy cutting board!

  57. 129

    Jennifer perry says

    I would keep it for myself….is that OK to say??? :-)It’s been a rough year and I could use a little Holiday pick me up…. :-)

  58. 130


    I think I would probably use it myself:) Maybe give it to my mom b/c she is a fabulous cook! I love to cook too though, so it would be a tough call b/c they are so cute!!!!!!

  59. 136

    Kristy E. says

    Simply adorable! I think I would give it to my 12 year old neice who is learning and loving to cook and bake! Cutest idea ever!

  60. 139

    Kelly Peasley says

    Its a tie between keeping it for our dinner parties, or for my aunt Jan who does our family Christmas every year.

  61. 142

    Sarah Hay says

    My step-mother would love this cutting board! Her father handmade her one years ago that she uses everyday. This personalized one would just add to her collection!

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