{Giveaway} Decorated Cookies from Jimemmajack!

enter to win free summer picnic basket cookies

Summer might be coming to a close but we are ending the season on a SWEET NOTE! We’re thrilled to partner with Jimemmajack Cookies to giveaway one dozen of her fabulously decorated and delicious sugar cookies! Decorated in style for the end of summer, you’ll receive a cute selection of summer-themed cookies like those above! Watermelons, lobsters, sunglasses, etc!

We have partnered with  Jimemmajack Cookies on a number of our parties + shoots. The cookies are absolutely perfect and always decorated SO cute! Our GOLF themed little boy’s birthday party will be featured super soon featuring  Jimemmajack Cookies so stay tuned for that! Below are several shoots we’ve done with  Jimemmajack Cookies!

jimemmajack cookies on pizzazzerie

To be entered to win one dozen decorated end-of-summer cookies from  Jimemmajack Cookies… 

(1) Leave  a comment below letting us know how you are celebrating the end of summer!
(2) Become a Facebook Fan of Jimemmajack Cookies!  Be sure to come back and leave a 2nd comment so we include this separate entry!

Deadline to enter to win  is 11:59pm on Tuesday, August 9th! Winner will be announced Wednesday, August 10th!

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED**** Congratulations Darcy! 

Here are more pictures of her amazing cookies…

jimemmajack cookies on pizzazzerie 2



  1. 1
    Cassie Lee says:

    I am going to go visit my family in New York who I haven’t seen in over a year!
    Get to see my Grandparents and they finally get to meet my boyfriend over 2 1/2 years (who, when we can afford it, will be my Fiance!)

  2. 2
    Denise Garcia says:

    Closing summer w our long awaited vacation to the happiest place on earth!!! Disney!!

  3. 3

    I am getting ready for my wedding next month. This weekend is my Bridal Shower, I’m so excited!

  4. 4

    Celebrating end of summer with a little ice cream social for the kiddies. Trying to hide from the Texas heat!

  5. 5
    Denise Garcia says:

    I am a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies, they are a work of art! Can’t wait to try them!!!

  6. 6

    Have been a fan of Jimemmajack cookies since I first discovered them on your page long ago! You both rock, and make my day a little happier!

  7. 7

    I’m ending summer with a visit from my two year old grandson over Labor Day weekend … so excited!

  8. 8
    Kelly Snell says:

    Heading to the Jersey Shore to close out summer!!

  9. 9
    Kelly Snell says:

    I’m a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies – Love them!!!

  10. 10

    Celebrating by heading to our anual summer camp event. Adults! It is a lot of fun.

  11. 11

    VEry talented!! i am ending my summer with a trip to Las Vegas!!

  12. 12


  13. 14

    We create a bucket list each summer. Love those cookies!!!!!!

  14. 15
    kathleen mcdonald says:

    I am a fan of Jimemmajack cookies. I bought some wonderful holiday baskets. They were beautiful and yummy… To pretty to eat.

  15. 16
    kathleen mcdonald says:

    Beautiful cookies and delicous.

  16. 17

    I am a fan now! I love the lobster…

  17. 18

    I’m a fan of Jememmajack!

  18. 19

    I will be celebrating the end of summer with my son’s 3rd birthday party!!

  19. 20

    I am already a fan! Her work is amazing!!

  20. 21
    Christine says:

    I will be celebrating the end of the summer by throwing my son’s 5th birthday party!

  21. 22
    Christine says:

    I’m a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies!

  22. 23
    Lani derrick says:

    Celebrating the end of summer with a weekend getaway to the San Antonio river walk with the hubs!!

  23. 24
    Lani derrick says:

    Loving them on facbook

  24. 25
    Teresa Hemsworth says:

    We are having a pool party!

  25. 26
    Mary Juckett says:

    I am going to end the summer with a wonderful day at the beach….and I am already a fan of facebook…..

  26. 27
    Mary Juckett says:

    I’m already a fan of facebook…..check your blog out everyday!

  27. 28
    Gayle Peck says:

    Planning a sweet sixteen party. Zebra butterfly theme. Think I will try out your beautiful cookies.

  28. 29

    I’m ending the Summer by trying to stay cool in this Summer by spending time with my family.

  29. 30

    I liked Jimemmajack on Facebook….wow….such beautiful cookies!

  30. 31

    We are heading to the beach to celebrate the end of summer…..it’s a surprise for our kids. Cannot wait to see the look on their faces!!! Awesome cookies at the beach…..what a great way to end summer.

  31. 32

    I am spending the end of summer at the beach with my daughter before she starts school.

  32. 33

    We are ending the summer trying to stay cool- VERY hot in Texas! Baking cookies inspired by Jimemmajack cookies!

  33. 34

    Am a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies on Facebook. And I love love love the cookies.. So cute.

  34. 35
    Trinette chow says:

    Already a fan on Fb!

  35. 36
    Trinette chow says:

    Waiting for my adorable 2 year old niece to visit from Switzerland. I have so many fun things planned for us!

  36. 37
    Nicolle S says:

    I’m celebrating by getting in as much sun as I can at the beach before I go back to school where the beach is over an hour away!

    sweetscorpio1189 at bellsouth dot net

  37. 38
    Nicolle S says:

    Fan on Facebook!

    sweetscorpio1189 at bellsouth dot net

  38. 39

    These cookies are UH-mazing! I am celebrating the end of summer with a much needed vacation with friends down to Lake Powell. Nothing better than good company, the water, the sun and beautiful scenery. :)

  39. 41
    Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    we’re going to bbq on the beach to celebrate the end of summer!

  40. 42
    lisa brakebill says:

    celebrating with a Bridesmaid Bash. Tacky wedding deco and girls must wear the tackiest bridesmaid dress they can find!!!!

  41. 43

    Hanging out w/ family & friends :)

  42. 44

    Soaking up sun pool- and lake-side!

  43. 45

    We will be headed to Orange Beach for vacation! Would love to win!

  44. 46

    I am a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies on FB!

  45. 47

    These cookies are amazing! We just got back from a family vacation on the beach and take a breath as we gear up for college football :)

  46. 48

    I’m ending the summer with a fun camping week with my family! :0)

  47. 49

    I just became a fan on Facebook……your site is awesome!

  48. 50

    Celebrating the end of summer with a trip to the county fair!!

  49. 51
    Stephanie says:

    We’re celebrating the end of the summer by doing as much as we can before my 3 year old son starts preschool for the first time and my baby girl has her first birthday party at the end of the month!

  50. 52
    Lisa Briand says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating by having a baby! We are due in 10 days!

  51. 53
    Lisa Briand says:

    I like Jimemmajack cookies on FB.

  52. 54
    Alicia K says:

    FINALLY a vacation in DC!

  53. 55
    Alicia K says:

    I like Jimemmajack Cookies on FB

  54. 56
    Sam Allen says:

    I am just back from California!!! So end of summer fun includes cooking something new each night,having nieces , nephews and Grand kids over at least 4 times a week!! Then my precious daughter is coming home and my life is complete!!

  55. 57
    Sam Allen says:

    Following Jimemmajack Cookies!!How I wasn’t before I am not sure since I follow your page!!

  56. 58

    Usually have a Labor Day BBQ. Also a yard sale as soon as it is cool enough to sit out on the drive with the BFFs with tea and the radio blasting!!

  57. 59

    Following Jimemmajack Cookies on FB now. Such beautiful cookies.

  58. 60

    I am taking one last road trip!

  59. 61

    I love decorated cookies. I’m spending the summer indoors as much as possible because it’s so hot in Texas.

  60. 62

    I’m celebrating the end of summer by preparing for the first day of school! Teachers love artful cookies and other colorful things!

  61. 63

    jimemmajack’s facebook page is awesome! DEF LIKE!

  62. 64

    One last trip to the amusement park

  63. 65
    melody james says:

    We’re ending our summer by heading up to Mackinac Island, MI for a family trip.
    The rich history or the island, relaxing, laid-back life-style really suit us! ;)
    Nothing like sitting by the lake w/ a mocha and watching the boats go by (and people-watching!, LOL!)

  64. 66
    melody james says:

    I am also a facebook fan!

  65. 67
    norma hernandez says:

    We are ending our Summer, here in Az, this weekend. So we are sticking close to home and swimming all weekend and bbq’ing one final time. Mom (me) will be baking yummy Carrot Cake Cupcakes w/ a Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting. Once back to work (I also work at local school district so I get Summers off, too! :), there will be little time for baking scrumptious desserts, unfortunately. My baking will be limited to weekends.
    Good luck to all!

  66. 68

    We are ending our summer by doing as many fun things with our daughter as we possibly can. She turned one in May and we want to savor as many moments as we possibly can at this fun age! Our upcoming events consist of plenty of picnics and birthday parties, a camping trip, and a week down the shore!

  67. 69

    The butterfly cookie above, it sooo pretty! A friend is having a double birthday party in butterflies for her two daughters the end of June. It will be a great end to summer as we play outdoor games, hang out and enjoy the summer evening.

  68. 70

    I also became a fan of them on FB, and I just realized I put the end of June in my other comment instead of the end of August. Haha, summer heat is getting to me. : )

  69. 71
    Natalie A says:

    I am celebrating with a trip to my hometown!

  70. 72

    We are heading to Maryland to have a summer/birthday Bashio. Family, friends and time at the bay!

  71. 73

    ADORABLE!! My youngest goes off to college on Sept 1 – EMPTY NEST!!! Yikes!!!

  72. 74

    My daughter had them at her twins birthday party and they were beautifully done and very yummy!

  73. 75

    I will be celebrating the end of summer with a small 50s style beach party.(but no beach.lol)

  74. 76

    I celebrate the end of the Summer by making LOTS of yummy home-made ice-cream!

  75. 77

    I liked “Jimemmajack Cookies”. Wow what a cookie factory!

  76. 78

    I’ll be celebrating the end of summer with fun with family and friends! These cookies are the cutest!

  77. 79

    Just “liked” then on Facebook!

  78. 80
    Jennifer S. says:

    Love those cookies!! Celebrating the end of summer with doorbell ditching cookies for neighbors, swimming & trying to stay super cool!!

  79. 81

    I’m am celebrating the end of summer with a back to school shopping trip.

  80. 82

    Amazing job on your decorating.

  81. 83

    I am already a fan of jimemmajack cookies and would to win some cookies for a baby shower and two upcoming bdays i’m hosting. 

  82. 84

    I love the cookies. Super cute!!! I will be spending the end of the summer with my two little boys. We will be enjoying the heat while it last in the pool, sprinklers, and maybe a trip to the splash park too!

  83. 85

    I am a new FB fan of Jimemmajack Cookies! 8-)

  84. 86
    Kim Rose says:

    We are going to Maui to celebrate a dear friends wedding. This summer basket would be a sweet way to celebrate BEFORE we go.

  85. 87

    We are ending our summer with 2 birthday parties and a trip to Disney!

  86. 88
    Kim Rose says:

    I LOVEd the page on Facebook! How could i not :)

  87. 89

    We are ending the summer with a block party!

  88. 90

    liked Jimemmajack Cookies on fb! they are crazy talented!

  89. 91
    Vanessa Grant says:

    Celebrating the end of summer by taking my little guy to Disney!

  90. 92
    Leah Smith says:

    Happty to become a fan on Jimemmajack Cookies! We will be celebrating the end of summer by having a labor day bbq & fish fry on our new deck for the entire neighborhood plus my in-laws from IL! My daughter turned one this summer and it has been the best! Dont want it to end!

  91. 93
    Vanessa Grant says:

    Now a fan of JC on FB!

  92. 94
    Kelly Burley says:

    Beautiful cookies!!! Love the blog!

  93. 95
    Kelly Burley says:

    New fan of J C on FB:-)

  94. 96
    Maureen Leahy says:

    We are going to my aunt’s beach house for Labor Day weekend. Summer will not be gone in So Cal until at least October!

  95. 97
    Maureen Leahy says:

    I am a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies. Wow is she talented!

  96. 98

    These are amazing! Wish I was this talented!

  97. 99

    Your beautiful cookies would wow my guests at my back to school BBQ!

  98. 100
    Alicia V. says:

    These cookies are works of art! Love them…..they would be the talk of our back to school picnic bash!

  99. 101

    Grilling out this weekend with friends & watching fireworks off the rooftop!


  100. 102

    I am now a FB follower!


  101. 103
    Robin Johnson says:

    Swimming with my daughter and cooking out with our friends.

  102. 104
    Robin Johnson says:

    I’m a Facebook fan now:)

  103. 105

    I’m a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies!

  104. 106

    Celebrating the end of summer with some quality family time and a few special parties!

  105. 107
    Lindsey Wilson says:

    I will be celebrating the end of Summer with my mom, my nephew, and my birthday party all on Labor Day weekend. =)

  106. 108
    Lindsey Wilson says:

    Newest fan at Jimemmajack!

  107. 109

    I will be celebrating the end of summer by having a big family cookout honoring my son who will be coming to visit after 9 months of deployment on a US Aircraft Carrier :-)

  108. 110
    Elizabeth says:

    Just learned about Jimemmajack…and now a fan!

  109. 111
    Elizabeth says:

    Celebrating our 30th anniversary!

  110. 112
    KrISten Babcock says:

    Beautiful cookies!! I’m not sure I’d let anyone eat them. … Well. Maybe just one :)

  111. 113
    Lisa McGriff says:

    I am celebrating the end of summer by taking my baby to college in two weeks. I think I really need these cookies to console myself.!!

  112. 114

    I love to look at AND EAT Gina’s cookies! I was going to post something, but I vote for Terri!

  113. 115

    So excited! these cookies are just too adorable and will go great with the summer never ending party I am planing to have for my 5 yr old….

  114. 116

    Love summer but I am looking forward to fall… cooler weather, pretty leaves, and marrying my best friend! Can’t get better than that!

  115. 117
    Mary Anne says:

    Hopefully enjoying the dozen of cookies coming my way with my family…I may have to order more as we are a group of about 35.

  116. 118

    We ended our summer by having a family/friend bbq.

  117. 119

    I “liked” Jimemmajack cookies on facebook from my personal page and left them some love! yay!! Want to win so bad. LOVE

  118. 120
    Erika turley says:

    I plan on enjoying the end of summer by throwing a big family and friends cookout. Nothing I’d better then making tons if homemade food with people that mean si much to you. Food can bring people so close together and make so many lasting memories:)

  119. 121
    Candi Ladwig says:

    SO CUTE!!! I’d love some for my daughter’s birthday party!! :)

  120. 122
    Candi Ladwig says:

    I am a new Facebook friend :)

  121. 123
    Gina Florencia says:

    Would love to have those vote cookies,by the end of the summer!! Thanks….ginaF

  122. 124
    Gina Florencia says:

    I’m a FB fan …. Thanks. Gina F

  123. 125
    Patty Villoldo says:

    I’m celebrating the end if summer with a big BBQ birthday bash for myself!!!

  124. 126

    We are celebrating the end of summer with a beach bbq with family and friends. There’s nothing like some margaritas and dance music to capture this amazing summer.

  125. 127

    just became a FB fan! :)

  126. 128
    Darcy Baros says:

    I “liked” Jimemmajack Cookies!

  127. 129

    Ending the summer with a Playdate for my son and his friends! :)

  128. 130
    Darcy Baros says:

    We will be celebrating the end of summer with a party for my son Kayden who will be turning 2. He party is train themed he loves trains. Also we will be celebrating our 3 wedding anniversary!

  129. 131

    Facebook fan! :)

  130. 132

    Going to Las Vegas in September!

  131. 133

    I will be celebrating the end of the summer going back to work…
    Amaaaaazing cookies!

  132. 134

    Out last big shindig of the summer is our son’s 3rd birthday in September. The cookies would be perfect!!

  133. 135
    Sherry Poirot says:

    Got to Chicago yesterday… last hurrah before reporting back to school to get my classroom ready next week!

  134. 136
    Sherry Poirot says:

    It would be so much fun to share the cookie basket with my co-teachers at school if I were to win!

  135. 137

    I’m now a fan of Jimemmajack on FB

  136. 138

    I am celebrating the end of the summer with a big pool party and cookout (and hopefully amazing cookies!) at my house with all of our friends and family! Not only are we celebrating the end of summer, but also my nephews first birthday!

  137. 139

    End of summer for me is about making it last as long as possible, including bbq’s and evenings at the beach, clamming and crabbing watching the sunset, or just sitting by the water, does it have to end??

  138. 140

    Facebook fan now!

  139. 141

    We are celebrating my daughters 2nd birthday with a cowgirl themed birthday and backyard BBQ southern style!

  140. 142

    Love the loks of your cookies! Would love love to win!

  141. 143

    These cookies look almost to pretty to eat! We are enjoying one last blast of Summer by heading to the beach! Seaside is calling…

  142. 144
    danielle says:

    We are ending the summer with 2 birthday parties! 8 year old owl and peace signs and 5 year old dino parties!!

  143. 145
    danielle says:

    Newest fan at Jimemmajack! I love yummy art:)

  144. 146

    I am celebrating the fresh produce by cooking often!

  145. 147

    I’m now a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies on Fb!

  146. 148
    Leslie Castro says:

    Spending the rest of my Summer soaking in the Sun! Hopefully I’ll be Enjoying some Sweet Sugar cookies too! Love your work! I’ve been following Pizzazzerie and liked your page in the past.

  147. 149

    We went to our local water park and had a great time!

  148. 150

    Jimemmajack cookies facebook fan

  149. 151

    We’re celebrating with fun on the slip n slide and sno cones!

  150. 152

    New Jimemmajack Facebook fan!

  151. 153
    Elizabeth Lamberton says:

    This would be great! Labor day weekend we are having a pinic Birthday Party for my 8yr old granddaughter, everyone in the park could see the cute cookies.

  152. 154
    desi holiskey says:

    my daughters (3 year old and 8 month old) will be spending the end of the summer spending some time with their daddy on r&r from iraq…hopefully eating these amazing cookies! thank you!

  153. 155
    Elle B Events says:

    We are ending our summer with an Ice Cream Social! :)

  154. 156
    desi holiskey says:

    i’m a facebook fan now and keeping our fingers crossed that we win these beautiful cookies! thank you again!

  155. 157
    Elle B Events says:

    I am a fan of Jimemmajack on FB! :)

  156. 158

    Just love Jimmemmajack’s cookies! She is a local business here, which I think is just cool! We are going to be celebrating the end of our summer with some kind of celebration for the completion of the addition on our house! These would be a great addition to our table (next to my cupcakes that is!).

  157. 159
    Georgiana Taulbee says:

    Fan of Jimemmajack Cookies! Love there amazing work!!

  158. 160
    Teronia Bayonne says:

    After college classes all summer (and year) I am just relaxing and catching up on some much needed housework and snuggle time with my daughter.

  159. 161
    Teronia Bayonne says:

    Jimemmajack Cookies newest fan!

  160. 162

    We are having a bbq to celebrate end of summer vacation for my neices. My kids are still too young for school but my neices are very excited. I plan on making them some s’more pops. :)

  161. 163

    New fan on Facebook!

  162. 164

    New fan on facebook! :)

  163. 165
    Antonella Bertone says:

    End of summer jam…………I invited my neices and nephews over for a big camping in the backyard weekend. I will be setting up tables for decorating cupcakes, we are playing the toilet game where you thrown bean bags into a real ( new) toilet. I am setting up tents and we will be having a camp fire with food and ghost stories!!!

  164. 166

    We are celebrating the end of summer with a shrimp boil party for friends:)

  165. 167

    I am a new fan of Jimemmajack Cookies on Facebook!

  166. 168
    Antonella Bertone says:

    I just became a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies

  167. 169
    nicole deitrick says:

    we thrown an end of summer BBQ with friends & family.


  168. 170
    nicole deitrick says:

    i’m now a jimemmajack FB fan.


  169. 171

    We’re having an ice cream social for my daughter’s birthday, these would be great favors!

  170. 172

    Great FB page Jimemmajack!

  171. 173
    Carolina VanLangeveld says:

    We will be ending summer with out last trip to the beach for this year.

  172. 174
    Carolina VanLangeveld says:

    I am a fan!

  173. 175

    We are finishing up the end of summer with the start of football season!!! :-)

  174. 176
    maria jose says:

    I’ll celebrate my girl Emily 9 birthday this upcoming August 20… I’m doing ice cream party!!!

  175. 177
    maria jose says:

    I’m celebrating my daughter’s birthday with an ice cream social parrty!!!

  176. 178

    We are having our second annual s’mores roast!

  177. 179

    New facebook fan – love the cookies!!

  178. 180
    Sandra Scott says:

    I’m taking my twin 6 months old granddaughters (and the rest of their family too :)) to Sea World, San Diego to see the new sea turtle exhibit.

  179. 181
    Sandra Scott says:

    Now I’m a fan of Jimemmajack Cookies!

  180. 182

    We are new fans and celebrating the end of summer with the end of diapers for my three year old!!! This will be a huge celebrating and milestone for us to achieve and very excited about having one less expense on our plate in this economy: )

  181. 183

    i would love to celebrate the end of summer with just one weekend of doing nothing. no worries. no running around. just lounging at home.

  182. 184

    i’m a fan on facebook of jimemmajack. thank you! :)

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