{Giveaway} Mad Hatter Mercantile – $100!

mad hatter mercantile

After coming across Mad Hatter Mercantile I knew that you would all fall in love with this sweet store! Owner Caroline is a fellow lover of design. “Mad Hatter Mercantile was created for those who very simply love great design and see the artfulness in gift giving. Whether you are selecting enviable objects for your home or a gift that is storied and purposed Mad Hatter Mercantile will delight.” I also adore the nod to Alice in Wonderland, one of my all time favorite party themes!

When asked where she gets her inspiration, Caroline shared “Inspiration for the site has come from everywhere…blogs of course,magazines(my absolute fav is the discontinued Domino, pages are tattered and torn), and from whatever I experience on a daily basis.”

MHM certainly DOES delight! Here are a few of my favorite products that would be perfect for entertaining, hostess gifts, or party props!

mhm productsPictured Above: White Resin Finial Containers | Orange Picture Frame | Etherial Candelabra | Flowers Plate

Owner Caroline also shared with me some of the upcoming products soon to be in stock at Mad Hatter Mercantile and they are equally as fabulous!

To enter to win $100 to Mad Hatter Mercantile

1. Visit Mad Hatter Mercantile and let us know in a comment below what YOU would choose if you are our winner!
2. To earn a SECOND entry, become a fan of Mad Hatter Mercantile on Facebook!

Deadline for entry is Friday, May 6th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced Monday, May 9th!

Update:  Congrats to our winner, Trista!  We know you’ll snag all kinds of great finds from MHM! : )

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  1. 3


    Oh gosh… what WOULDN’T I get from their shop!? I adore the picture frames and the small baskets… I think they’d look lovely in a nursery!

  2. 4

    Vanessa Grant says

    That chair is FABULOUS!! However, it is not for sale (that I could see or could afford! :)) so I would pick the White Resin Finial Container Pair.

  3. 7


    The Friendship cloche, the L’Etoile Royal Tray, and that gorgeous orange picture frame! Great shop. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  4. 11

    monica ott says

    I love the chair! I would pick the etoile platter, and the pillows were lovely, loved their insprired by springtime collection, pink frame ! :)

  5. 21

    Catherine says

    Oh! I am “Curiouser and curiouser” for everything on Mad Hatter Mercantile. I would love to own the Ornate Fushia Frame and Mr. Darcy Candle Sticks!

  6. 34

    Mari says

    I would LOVE the White Resin Finial Container Pair! The Mr. Darcy Candlesticks are amazing as well! Just became a fan on facebook!

  7. 37

    Jennifer Bouhana says

    I would love love love the white finial containers because they would look wonderful on my mantel in my kitchen!

  8. 39


    Hmmm…let’s see…if I had to choose, I think I would pick the Mercury Pot, Le Jardin Pillow, the Bird & Crown Bowl, the Round Hanging Mirror, all of the Anytime Greeting Cards…wait…did you say 1 thing??? Nope, that’s impossible…;)

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  9. 41

    twelve30 says

    Wow-hard to choose. Let’s see….1)LeJardin pillow, 2) l’etoile royal tray, 3) flower plate…….oh, I could go on but I’ll just cross my fingers & hope to be the winner. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. 44

    hollie gilson says

    The bird and crown plate and mug x2 and the flower plate for mom for mothers day! She would love it! She collects bird everything!

  11. 45

    Rachel says

    Love it all! But I would choose the “Etherial Candlelabra Green.” While my teen was away on spring break, my husband and I remodeled her room in black, white and green. The candlelabra would be the finishing touch!!

  12. 47


    Love so much stuff. The paris basket, the bottle drying rack, etc. That little rabbit just keeps cracking me up. He’s so cute.

  13. 50

    Sayeh says

    OMG where do I begin???

    I’d definitely get the cameo plates and maybe some candlesticks too!

  14. 55


    I absolutely LUV Alice in Wonderland and anything wonderlandish! I’ve Like the Mad Hatter Merc on FB! Headed to the site now, can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  15. 56


    Ornate finials…luv anything ornate or fluer de lis. Bird and Crown bowls and mugs…ornate fushia frame…friendship cloche. I’d have to get lots! Thanks so much for featuring the site, now I’m off to check the blog

  16. 60

    Rosaura says

    I love the flower plate. Would look lovely in my house! Have a bottanical thing going on here :)

  17. 61

    Linden says

    there’s a LOT of cute stuff… frames, that little hanging mirror with the birds, the mr darcy candlesticks (although I’d probably love them just because of the name)!

  18. 63

    Jessica says

    Thanks for sharing such a good find! I would love to have the White Resin Finial Container Pair!! We are planning a room for our daughter based on Alice in Wonderland already! Lol. I Facebook’d them so that we’ll never miss any new items that come out. Thanks again!

  19. 66

    Renee says

    What a fabulous shoppe! I’m loving the orange ethereal candelabra and black finial pair. Can’t you see a really fancy Halloween party!? Headed to Facebook!

  20. 69

    Regan Dame says

    Hi Courtney! I love your blog and all the neat things you’re doing with Pizzazzerie!

    I’d get the flowers in bloom cloche :)

  21. 77


    I love everything in the Inspired by Spring but specifically the round hanging mirror, the flowers in plate, and the chirp bottle opener!

  22. 81

    Mary says

    I love the bean bags, the heart wire picture hanger and the round mirror. They would be so perfect in my daughter’s room!

  23. 83


    Huge Alice fan…dearly love this new store. Hard to pick a favorite really…love the Flowers in Bloom Cloche…but the first thing I would buy for me…would have to be the trio of bean bag pillows. I love them! My 5 yr old daughter would go bananas for those. :)

    • 84


      actually as Alice Kingsley might say…she would go around the bend “for those”. LOL

      The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
      [Alice checks Hatter’s temperature]
      Alice Kingsley: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.
      Had to share this quote…a favorite. :)

  24. 85

    Lorie says

    I would choose the framed blackboard that I didn’t buy at the Dallas Flea almost a year ago. :( She sold it before I could make up my mind.

  25. 91


    What a cute shop! I LOVE the Flowers in Bloom Cloche, the Ethereal Candelabra, the Magenta Mailing Envelopes…I could go on and on. Love it!

  26. 92

    Amy says

    WOW!! What a great shop! I see they are fellow Texans!! I LOVE so many things. I covet the python ottoman (2 please!) I’m in love with the white resin finial containers, Gotta have the ram head, the chirp bottle opener and FOR SURE the etherial candleabra!!!!

  27. 93

    Carolyn Lopez says

    I love, love, love the Petite Hair Pin Plates!! I would get as many as I could of those!!

  28. 96

    Hilary says

    Adorable shop! Thanks for sharing and introducing me…I am hooked! I love love love the white resin finial containers

  29. 97


    I want it all :) But I especially have been loving the clear candleabras for months now! Would love to have in bulk for a wedding!

  30. 98

    Lucia Martuccio says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the White Resin Finial Containers. So classic & so fun! I want them!! I can do so many things them!!

  31. 103

    Jill says

    I *NEED* that Ornate Fushia Frame!! So, when I win (hee hee) that is going in my shopping cart!

  32. 104

    Norma says

    Cool little shop! I liked the orange candelabra and the round hanging mirror, but weirdly enough, the Ram is cool too!

  33. 108

    Shaundra Bevins says

    Love the round hanging hanging mirror. Im now a facebook fan as well. Love your site!

  34. 109

    Theresa S. says

    Wow, thank you for the great giveaway! I really like the white finial pair. Is the bunny up for sale? ;)

  35. 110

    Cyndi Kempke says

    I like the “Fearless” Sign and the “You’re the Bees Knees” cards. I loved your display the the Dallas Flea.

  36. 111

    Angie Smith says

    OMG!!!! I totally love that white Victorian style chair that the bunny is perched atop! We just don’t find anything as unique in this area of the country. I am a FB follower and will certainly follow the blog! Thanks Pizzazzerie!!!

  37. 114

    Ashlie Rainwater says

    Ummmm, so much cuteness! But…. the Large Paris Basket please!!!!! Love everything!

  38. 115

    Ashlie says

    I am now a fan of theirs on FB. Thanks for featuring them. Love new whimsical companies!

  39. 119

    Heather Hughes says

    Love, Love, Love, not sure what I like more the white finials, or the Mr. Darcy candlesticks…

  40. 124


    I don’t know if I could decide right away! I really like the greeting cards and the really great candle sticks. I’d probably go for the creamer set though!

  41. 128

    Nichole says

    Loving the Friendship Cloche! I can think of so many things that I hide under there!! How awesome. Love the typography. Love the look. I’m so inspired! Ummm… I’m pretty much in love. :o)

  42. 132

    Angela Watson says

    LOVEEEE! New Mad Hatter Mercantile Facebook fan here. I’m a huge fan of the Fearless Hanging Wall Board & the greeting cards & journals. All Awesome!

  43. 134

    Tana says

    I love the ‘White Resin Finial Containers’…I’ve got an upcoming girls party and I know they’d look great in the table display!


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