{Giveaway} Win $100 to Cupcake Stand

Congratulations to our winner ALLIE who said, “I would love to have this stand for my son’s 2nd birthday!!! I have the perfect idea, just need some luck to win that stand :)“. You were chosen randomly via random.org to be our CUPCAKE STAND winner! You’ve received $100 credit to CUPCAKE STAND! CONGRATS!

cupcake stand giveaway

Cupcake Stand Giveaway

Who doesn’t LOVE cupcake stands?! Perfect for almost every occasion! And the darling stands designed by CUPCAKE STAND are designed so you can add or remove layers (or tiers), which makes it perfect for events of every size! How great is that?

Check out their CIRCLE STAND choices + their SQUARE STAND choices! Many are available in Black or White + ready to add ribbon detailing which can easily be removed if desired. I love the versatility so you can stack and store for your next urge to play hostess! My favorite ways to use cupcake stands are holding cupcakes of course but also favor boxes, mini pies, even cookies! There are SO many ways to use cupcake stands and they make fabulous centerpieces!

Cupcake Stand is giving one lucky winner a $100 credit! 

cupcake stands

Super cute and versatile too!

TO WIN $100 credit to CUPCAKE STAND….

(1) Leave a comment below letting us know YOU would use your new cupcake stands if you are our winner! Host a birthday party? Celebrate an upcoming anniversary? Let us know!

(2) Become a fan of CUPCAKE STAND ON FACEBOOK and let them know Pizzazzerie sent ya! Be sure to leave a comment here for your 2nd entry letting us know you’re a new Cupcake Stand Facebook FAN

(3) Follow CUPCAKE STAND ON TWITTER! Tweet “I entered to win $100 to @Cupcake_Stand on @Pizzazzerie http://wp.me/pRUPb-dpV” Be sure to leave a comment here! 


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  1. 1

    Jennifer Crowell says

    I would use it for my kids birthday, class parties and let my friends use it for their kid’s birthday parties.

    • 2

      Patti Dame says

      I would definitely use it…I do cupcake weddings and showers…I already have a large square cupcake stand, but could really use a round one as well!!:)

  2. 4

    Crystle Cooney says

    I LOOOOOOVE CUPCAKES! And any cute way to present them, this would be an awesome prize to be won!!

  3. 7

    Sandra says

    I would use the cupcake stand for my daughter’s 4th birthday party at a museum. They encourage cupcakes rather than cake and this would be perfect to display them. It’s a Ponyo party! :)

  4. 8

    Lindsay Kahler says

    I would love a fabulous cupcake stand for my upcoming annual summer yard party! Nothing says “happy” like cupcakes!!

  5. 10

    judi says

    I would definitely use the cupcake stand—-I have 2 grandkids and have made yummy cupcakes for both of their parties!

  6. 14

    Kristi Evans says

    I have twins that will turn 2 in October! I have been practicing all year so I can hopefully make beautiful cupcakes for their birthday! Since I have boy/girl twins it’s hard to do a theme for both so mine is just going to be bright colors and cupcakes! I would use this for their party and for lots more!!

  7. 18

    Hollie Gilson says

    I would use this for potlucks at work and birthday parties!! I would love to win!! Oh the fun I could have with this!!

  8. 20

    Jessica Hembree says

    I plan a lot of parties, so I could use these stands all the time. I am also working on a vow renewal ceremony that would put them to good use!!! :)

  9. 21

    barbara says

    I would use it for my niece’s wedding in the fall. Especially since we just lost my brother (her father), and he loved cupcakes to no end.

  10. 22

    Melissa says

    I would use this cupcake stand all the time. I have three children and I go all out for their birthdays. This would be a perfect centerpiece for all my parting i put on.

  11. 25

    Heather H says

    I was use this for my son’s first birthday. We are going to have a mickey mouse theme with cupcakes. the stands are so cute!

  12. 29

    Kristina Burton says

    I would use this for my daughters 1st birthday party in September! The theme is cupcakes and I’m currently on the hunt for a cupcake stand so this would be more than perfect!

  13. 30

    Keisha Albertson says

    aww I would LOVE to use this $100 credit towards an awesome display for my son’s 3rd birthday coming up (in January) haha Thanks for the opportunity!! This is awesome:)

  14. 36

    Jenny Muckler says

    These cupcake stands are AMAZING!!! I would use it for all of my son’s birthday’s and share it with my sisters, who love cupcakes as much as I do for their kid’s parties!!!

  15. 39

    Lisa Camann says

    I have 2 girls, so this would be perfect for all their birthday parties, since I make my own cupcakes to save money!

  16. 42


    Courtney – I love your blog, website and facebook page (including The Bakery Spot)! Since I have a new Sweet Table business and always include some sort of cupcake and/or muffin on my tables, from casual to elegant affairs, I would be using the cupcake stand for each and every one of my sweet tables!

    • 43


      Excited about the possibility to win this CUPCAKE STAND that will help me to grow my new Sweet Table~Scape business (that I started in April of this year, inspired and named after my 20yr old son, that I just lost last year).

  17. 46

    Mary Beth says

    I would love love love to have a cupcake stand!!!! I host and help with so many different parties for friends and family—bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and just plain fun get togethers! I have been baking cupcakes and other treats on the side for years and have always wanted a stand that would hold more than just a dozen or so cupcakes. Your stands are gorgeous and would hold a lot of treats and make a great center to any party!!! =)

  18. 47

    toni says

    I liked cupcake stand on facebook!!! I would use the stand for my daughter’s 1st birthday!!! Would love a really pretty “valentine” colored one. Would go perfect with the theme!!!

  19. 50

    Shaundra Bevins says

    For all the get togethers I do, its hard to pick one! Possibly to use for a after hours party at Grand Opening for a friends new business!

  20. 51

    Mary Beth says

    Also, I just joined the CUPCAKE STAND on Facebook and can’t wait to learn more about their products!!! =)

  21. 52

    Tara Legare says

    These cupcake stands are just too wonderful! I’d love to win one for my November 2012 wedding! I’d love a black one with teal and green ribbons for each layer, which are our wedding colors!!! We’re having teal, green, and white cupcakes for our 100 guests, and this would just be the cutest way to display them!

  22. 53

    Dani says

    I would LOVE to win the cupcake stand and use it at my daughter’s 4th birthday PIRATE party!! Black, red, & white!!!

  23. 60


    If I win, I will be using the cupcake stand for my daughters 2nd birthday party in September… and then for all the furture birthday parties to come! we love cupcakes!!

  24. 65

    Vicky Driscoll says

    I just started a cottage industry cupcake business and this would be FABULOUS for displays!

  25. 66

    Joanne W says

    I celebrate everything! I’m the go to girl in my family for the cakes and would love to have this when I make cupcakes which lately is what I’m always making.

  26. 68

    Kalli says

    WAY too many uses for this to list. It would definitely be used on a regular basis around here! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. 69

    Suzanne Pablo says

    I was just thinking about trying to make a cupcake stand. Would be great to win one instead. Thanks.

  28. 71

    annabelle says

    I would definetly use it for birthday, but I also make bite size desserts and this would be a great way for me to display them in bday parties, dinners or get togethers. I can see myself using it right now

  29. 72

    annabelle says

    I can see myself using it at bday party get togethers and dinners. I make bite size treats and this would be pèrfect for me.

  30. 74

    Nicole Lang says

    I am a Cupcake Stand fan on Facebook already!!! I love their stands and have a small circle one now that I use for my business, SugarMomma’s Custom Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies. I would love a bigger one for my wedding cupcake displays!!!

  31. 75

    Amanda says

    Love Cupcake Stand!! I would use one for my daughter’s birthday party. This years theme is candy land!

  32. 87

    kim says

    I would love to win this! My daughter’s engagement party is coming up and I would love to use these at that party and for her bridal shower as well :)

  33. 89

    LaDonna Woodiel says

    been searching for a neat way to display my cupcakes and easy for my clients to enjoy viewing the tasty little treats!!

  34. 91

    Wendy says

    I would loves this cupcake stand to display my cupcakes at my twin’s preschool event’s. Imagine the other parents asking where they could get one of those…?!?! I am already a fan on FB but if I could like again, I would!

  35. 97

    Pop Star Cake Pops says

    I would be so lucky to use this cake stand to serve as a center piece for all my bake sale fundraisers!

  36. 99

    Lindsey Wilson says

    I would use the cupcake stand all the time! My bday is coming up for a chance to use it there. My fiance is graduating in Dec…can use it there. My wedding is in September….Would for sure use it there.

  37. 101

    Sarah Reyna says

    I would use my stand for my daughters upcoming birthday in Nov. Justin bieber Birthday Party… So fun.

  38. 104

    Johanna Ordaz says

    I would use for ALL FAMILY EVENTS and I am becoming the cupcake queen in my family (had to fight my sisters to get the title) and I could really use it for the next FAMILY Event ‘UFO’ Birthday Party for my bother-in-law…

  39. 108

    Kate says

    We are celebrating my daughter’s first birthday in mid-August with a beach-themed party! We are using sand buckets and sand pails to serve our “picnic” food. We’ve created favor beach bags complete with beach toys and bubbles. We plan to play “duck duck goose” but instead of patting on the head, the kid will spill a bucket of water over the others when they are “goose.” I’m making a mini beach ball cake for baby girl, but everyone else will enjoy cupcakes decorated with sweet candies – orange, pink or lemon slices on top. I haven’t gotten as far yet as to what to serve them on. A cupcake stand from CUPCAKE STAND would be perfect!

  40. 112

    Annie Gregg says

    I would like to use some of those nice stands for my new cupcakery, Sweet Escake LLC. I am already a fan on facebook!

  41. 115

    yanira Linzan says

    I love cupcake stand..Im planning a party for my 40 Birthday in Octubre ..I hope to win so I could display my cupcakes ..Gracias

  42. 117

    Erin Young says

    My daughter’s first birthday is coming up and this would be PERFECT!!! I feel like I would use it all of the time!!!!

  43. 120

    Cherie schnautz says

    Outside of regular use for family and friends birthdays, anniversaries and holiday parties – I would use this stand almost weekly for my volunteer work for our teachers. I have been involved with our PTA for 15+ years and we try to help the teachers as well as the students. With continued education budget cuts, teachers dig deeper in to their own pockets on a daily basis. To try to show our appreciation for this, we feed the teachers on the weekly basis with treats. This stand would be fantastic transporting and displaying my various cake pops and cupcakes that I provide our teachers. So….PICK ME PLEASE :)

  44. 122

    Kristen says

    1. I would use the cupcake stand for my sons birthday parties that are always themed, the many-many baby/wedding showers, home decor or ‘just because’ parties I host, and to take along with me when I’m advertising my business. I love the fact that you can decorate them to go along coordinate with any theme!
    2. I now ‘Like’ Cupcake Stand on Facebook
    3. I’m follwoing Cupcake_Stand on Twitter.

  45. 123

    twelve30 says

    This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time. We will be celebrating our grandson’s 2nd birthday in August & my daughter has been wanting a cupcake stand to use at the party. These stands are just the ticket! Thanks for a chance to win.

  46. 124

    Sarah Dodd says

    I would love to win $100 to spend at Cupcake Stand. I enjoy entertaining and love the versatility of the stand, you can coordinate with ANY theme. I think I would have a party themed around cupcake stands just to show how AMAZING their products are!!!

  47. 125

    Sarah Dodd says

    I have been a follower of CUPCAKE STAND on facebook since your last contest and have recommend them to other local bakers friends.

  48. 126

    Sarah Dodd says

    I am now following CUPCAKE STAND on twitter and have tweeted about the contest, please add another entry for me :)

  49. 129


    I would use the cupcake stand for every party i get to bake for! especially the parties where they tell me not to bring something. those are the best.

  50. 130

    Terri Balbierz says

    I definitely could you a cute cupcake stand! I’d use for my husband’s upcoming bday bash!

  51. 139

    kathy white says

    I have just recently stated making cupcakes…and I am very excited about it…..I love your cupcake stand and hope you pick me….

    Kathy White =)

  52. 140

    Bridget Hayes says

    My 10 year old LOVES decorating cupcakes and cakes. I just signed her up for a cake decorating class … this would be a FUN way for her to display her creations!!!

  53. 142

    Kristen says

    I love baking and I would use it for my little one’s birthday parties and an upcoming baby shower I’m throwing!!

  54. 146

    stephanie miller says

    my daughters 14th birthday is in october, she wants me to make a cupcake tower with a small zebra print cake on top! i would love to have this for her party!!!

  55. 152

    Pamela Weir says

    I would use the cupcake stand for family get togethers and future family weddings! I found out about you through Pizzazerie on Facebook! Thanks

  56. 154

    Susan Bevidas says

    Since I have taken up baking cupcakes… I would use the stand for every family & friend function that I now bake for. What an awesome way it would be to display my cupcakes on these stands! Next event coming in August, is our annual family BBQ – !!!

  57. 160

    tammie b says

    would use it for daughters sweet sixteen, graduation, baby showers, and other parties! love the stands!!!

  58. 161

    Pamela Ponce says

    Using 3 for my best friends college graduation party. Trying to make her party beautiful just like she did for my wedding :)

  59. 162

    Darlene says

    I have 10 grandkids and many family members that I host the parties for and would love to use this for their cakes and cupcakes. I used to sell cakes and got out of it years ago and now that I have so many grandkids I have been getting back into it again and would love to serve their cupcakes on this wonderful looking stand. I have tried to use the wire ones and they do not work at all. I would be so excited to get this stand.
    Thank you!

  60. 170

    Vanessa s. says

    My husband is in the Marine Corps, currently deployed for a year and i would use the stand for the cupcakes im making for his homecoming party! =)

  61. 174

    Nicole Richards says

    If I win I’ll use the beautiful cupcake stand at my upcoming wedding! July 15th 2012! :)

  62. 176

    Patty Gadala says

    Your stands would become the centerpiece of all our
    celebrations from birthdays to holidays to good grades!
    Love them!!!!

  63. 178


    Wow! This is great, I would use the square cupcake stand for cupcakes and cookies for my boyfriend’s birthday party in Sept. It’s gonna be a Nerd Party and I am already researching for all the goodies, decor and party favors!! I gotta get my suspenders and bow ties ready, ya know!

  64. 179

    angela says

    love cupcake stands, i been wanting to onr for a while but have yet to get one. There are so many ways to decorate and use them. I wabt to have a Alice in wonderland party for my daughter for her b-day and a cupcake stand would be great for some cupcake that say eat me on them :)

  65. 180


    Now I just found, followed and tweeted about entering the contest. I could really use a square tiered cupcake stand. I think it would look soo cute dressed up as a lil nerd with suspenders. a bow and glasses. Obsessed with the nerd theme right now. LOL!

  66. 181

    Patty Villoldo says

    I <3 these cupcake stands!! So versatile and beautiful. If I were to win, I would bake sone delicious cream cheese & guava cupcakes and create a tablescapes for my 42nd bday next month!!! Yay me!!!

  67. 182

    Krystal D says

    I love these cupcake stands! I could really use them as centerpieces for our back to school party, garden party and fairy party. I love that they can be decorated in so many ways and look so much better than the cheap stands I used to use.

  68. 186


    Oh, would I ever use one of these! A rainbow themed party is in the works and different colored cupcakes, like the rainbow on one of those stands would be amazing!

  69. 187

    Kaci says

    I make cupcakes for people all the time. It would be awesome to have a stand to offer up with them!

  70. 188

    Renee says

    I would use this for any kind of gathering, and even for church events. Love how you can change it up to fit the occasion. Would love to win!

  71. 190

    Marci Johnson says

    I love to entertain and throw parties and showers so this stand would come in handy for sure!!!! Love the fact that I can make the stand fit in with any theme or colors by adding ribbons to it!!

  72. 191

    Amanda S. says

    I am throwing a baby shower for my sister who is pregnant with my VERY FIRST niece in October!! I have already placed an order for gourmet cupcakes at a local bakery and one of these Cupcake Stands would be a PERFECT display!

  73. 192

    Shirley says

    I would definitely use a cupcake stand. I am hosting a Christmas Tea for the LHS Class of 63 Girlfriends and a cupcake stand would be absolutely perfect to display the Peppermint Red Velvet Cupcakes I am planning to serve for dessert. I really, really hope I win!!!

  74. 196


    How cute are these!??!?! One of these cupcake stands would come in handy over and over at many celebrations! I would love to have one of these in my go to party supplies stash! : )

  75. 199


    I would love to use the stand to help bribe my bridesmaids to create my invitations! They love my cupcakes, and the stand would only make it better!

  76. 200

    Barbara says

    I “liked” ( number 1388 to be exact), I “tweeted” and now I’d like to tell you how I’d use the awesome cupcake stand. They would make really elegant displays for bite size appetizers. I can just see shot glasses filled with shrimp cocktails or gazpacho shooters on it. The bottom tray would look great with an appetizer on Chinese soup spoons lined up all around it. The square one would look especially elegant. Oooh – wouldn’t the really upscale jello shots look pretty on it too?

  77. 201

    Tammie Allegro says

    I just added Cupcake stand on Facebook and I posted to their page. When I think about what I would use the stand for, it is a quadruple event. After a year of not working, my husband will start his new job just in time for my birthday, my daughters birthday and my father’s birthday. So we will be celebrating our birthdays and my husbands new job. I am so proud of him and I am excited to celebrate.

    Thanks for your great site and all the great tips you post daily. Oh yah…congrats on your engagement.

  78. 202

    Lauren Soukup says

    I would love to win a cupcake stand!!! I host many parties and babies showers, and this would be awesome.

  79. 203

    Crystal Farnsworth says

    As a Marine Corps wife, I often host parties for my husbands fellow Marines! One of the cupcake stands would be fabulous at one of our parties!

  80. 204


    I am planning a combined birthday party for my going to be 1 year old little boy and 2 year old little girl. Goldfish and Owl theme! I would love to use one of these for my cupcakes. It would make my party extra spectacular! =)

  81. 205




    THANK YOU PIZZAZARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 206

    Lissa says

    I am having a zebra print themed birthday party for my daughter who will be turning 8 and the stands are so versatile that I can decorate it with her theme.

  83. 207

    Janis LU says

    We are always throwing gatherings at school. The cupcake stand would be a warm welcome to our celebrations.

  84. 209

    Sherry says

    Love the stands and have a baby shower coming up that I still need a cupcake stand. We would love to advertise where we won this! Thanks

  85. 212


    I “NEED” the square cupcake stand for an upcoming event I am designing a dessert table for… It’s for Minnie Mouse themed birthday and I can see that stand trimmed with red polkadot ribbon!! THANKS

  86. 214

    Megan O says

    My niece’s first birthday is coming up and the party theme is cupcakes!! I would love to use this stand to display the cupcakes I am making for her and all of her guests!

  87. 215


    I would adore to win this item. My husband’s 40th birthday is coming up and I’m doing a cute moustache/tie bash for him. I am having a bunch of cupcakes done up and I’m putting little chocolate moustaches on them and your stand would be ideal!!!
    Many thanks, Shell

  88. 217

    Jennifer says

    So excited!! I would use this for Bridal & Baby Showers for my closest friends to help celebrate these exciting moments in the coming year!!

  89. 220

    Danielle says

    Love the cupcake stand. My little man is turning one in August and this would be great for his party, and the two baby showers I have coming up.

  90. 221

    Judy says

    I LOVE the stands. I am assigned to bake the cupcakes for all family events (Birthdays, baby showers, graduation, etc.) and even for our church events. I don’t have a stand!!! Oh how I would love to win!!!

  91. 222

    Susie LaBelle says

    I would so use this in my daughter’s upcoming wedding on September 2nd. She is doing cupcakes instead of cake!!

  92. 224

    Lilia Corona says

    If I were to win a fabulous cakestand I would use it for an upcoming baby shower! Best of luck to everyone!

  93. 226


    I have a triplet b-day party for 2 boys and a girl ( my own kiddos). I would love love love to use this amazing stand for that party!!! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  94. 228

    Kim C says

    I am a new facebook fan of Cupcake Stand!!! I love the cupcake stands and I am hoping I could will one for an upcoming baby shower and for my two little boys birthday parties!!!

  95. 229

    Allie says

    I would love to have this stand for my son’s 2nd birthday!!! I have the perfect idea, just need some luck to win that stand :)

  96. 231

    heather c says

    I am a Cupcake stand fan on Facebook. :)
    I would use my cupcake stand for all the wonderful dessert parties we love to throw. We are HUGE dessert fans and do them often. I would also look forward to extra special birthday displays for all my kiddos. WE LOVE CUPCAKES

  97. 233

    Megan Bryant says

    I am expecting my 1st child in August…so I can already think of many awesome ways to use a cupcake stand!!! Besides, my sister is the queen of making creative, cute cupcakes! I’m sure we can put our heads together!!

  98. 234

    Carolyn Lopez says

    Would love to win this for an upcoming housewarming party I am having. I just started looking at stands as I will be having a dessert table so this would be a huge help!

    I also just became a fan of Cupcake Stand on Facebook!

  99. 242

    Debbie says

    I’d definitely use the stand often. I have 4 grandchildren and we love to make and decorate cupcakes, but don’t have a stand to show them off. This would be terrific for us. Thanks

  100. 245


    I love cake stands, I have a small collection! If I was selected, I would spend my $100 buying the square stands, I dont have any and am planning a party for my daughter’s three year birthday – these would be perfect! Thanks. C

  101. 246


    I LOVE your stands!! I would use it at an upcoming baby shower…then a bridal shower… then a wedding!! Lots of lovely ladies would benefit from my cute cake stand!!

  102. 249

    karla martinez says

    I love cupcake stands, i would used it a lot, since i have 5 kids at their birthdays and at my nephews b-days.

  103. 253

    Becca H. says

    Oh my GOODNESS… the thought of having a beautiful stand to show off my culinary creations thrills me to no end! Every time I bake a batch of cupcakes for a friend’s birthday or just as a “because I love you” gesture, I’ve always wished I had some beautiful way to present them. THIS IS IT :)

  104. 256

    Alisa says

    I would luv to win this cupcake stand. I made one myself out of styrofoam and would love to win a real one.


  105. 257

    Hubba Corpening says

    I am an Independent Consultant with The Longaberger Company and we are putting on a Horizon of Hope Benefit to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. I would most definately use the stand to display wonderful pink cupcakes for our dessert at our luncheon.

  106. 259

    Linden says

    I love hosting cute parties! This would be a hit with my weekly girls’ group!!! They would just eat it up!

  107. 260

    Sarah Leatherman says

    (1) I would use a cupcake stand for my son’s upcoming third birthday party, our annual Christmas party, my daughter’s first birthday part…and for virtually any reason you could think of. I love making cupcakes, and baking in general really. :)

  108. 261

    Sarah Leatherman says

    (2) I became a fan of Cupcake Stand on Facebook, and I let them know that Pizzazzerie sent me! :)

  109. 263

    Nancy says

    Would love a cupcake stand to enhance all my dessert parties–not just cupcakes. Can see it with lots of other goodies too!

  110. 264

    lynn says

    I am having a welcome party for my new granddaughter in august to meet the family and i would use it then.

  111. 265

    Kari S. says

    My brothers going away/graduation party is coming up and I’d love to have a great cupcake stand for it.

  112. 266

    Cami says

    Oh my goodness!! How so many many things I could do with this stand with my students!! Matching colors, numbers, shapes, flavors, texture…oh how fun!

  113. 267

    Victoria says

    Thank you so much for introducing Cupcake Stand! I have been searching for a versatile cupcake stand! This will be wonderful to use for when I set up parties for friends!!

  114. 269

    janie dearien says

    I became a cupcake stand fan on FB! Thanks for the giveaway…I just love these stands and I know I would love to use them!!

  115. 274


    I have 3 children and host all the parties at my home, church parties and school parties! This would be AWESOME to have!!!

  116. 275


    i would love a stand. i have a baby shower, birthday and my first wedding coming up i would love to use the stand for. im a fan on facebook and twitter too! :D

  117. 277


    Aside from the fact that I entertain often,I would love this stand for my blog!Decorating it for different occasions and sharing recipes for the treats I make,as well as where I purchased the stand, would be such fun!Thanks for the opportunity!

  118. 278


    I would use the cupcake stand on one special occasion and that is for my mother. She has survived breast cancer and I am so happy she is still with us. I know I would use the stand more often,but that is one occasion she would be really be excited to see my cupcakes because thats what she always requests every year from me. Thank you

  119. 279

    Karen N-C says

    Every year at our school we have “Muffin’s with Mom”. We decorate this pretty little morning party for the kids and mom’s to feel so special. I would definitely use it then. I also have a large family with several occasions thru the year. This year there will be a least one baby shower, a family reunion and countless birthdays. I love this stand…wish I had it for next week when we celebrate both of my kiddos b-days.

  120. 280

    Stephanie Lung says

    My children both have birthdays in the same month. We always end up having their parties together and I am always looking for new ideas to get them excited about their birthday cakes. This would be a great tool to use to add some variety to their party.

  121. 286

    anna richards says

    I would love to win this! I’m constantly doing cupcakes for my firends kids birthday parties and this would be soo convenient!

  122. 289

    Colleen says

    Hi. I would DEFINITELY use one of those beautiful cupcake stands. Cupcakes are my dessert of choice. I am going to a family reunion in August and would love to have a beautiful stand to display on.q

    I went to The Cupcake Stand on FB and “liked” them and left a comment.


  123. 295

    Amanda G. says

    I could definitely use this for our wedding!! we are having lots of little cupcakes and are trying to find what to use! this would be perfect! :)

  124. 305

    Dawn Romanowski says

    I am turning 40 on August 26th. In honor of my 40 trips around the sun, I am throwing myself a festval of sorts. This cupcake tower would be an amazing way to display the chocolate fudge and red velvet cupcakes I am making for my event ;)

  125. 309


    Being a director of my own daycare and preschool and a mother of 2 going on 3 children I am always borrowing cupcake stands from friends. I have found that cupcakes are the perfect size for our little ones! Who needs a big slice of cake when you have a wonderful, colorful and yummy cupcake with an easy clean up to boot! No plates needed for our cupcakes, just hold em and eat them up! Now all I need is my own stand so I can stop bothering friends to borrow theirs! Love your products and brag about how wonderful everything you make and put togethe is to my friends

  126. 314

    spoirot says

    We’re about to enter the baking season and we love cupcakes! We have many fall birthdays, sports events, and of course the holidays. Also, being short on space anytime I can go vertical, it’s a big help and it’s so more “partyish”!

  127. 315

    Melanie says

    My best friend is having her second baby, and I’m determined to make her second shower even better than the first! I’d love a cupcake display for the event.

  128. 321

    Jacki S says

    I have to think about all the different ways to use this stand. Birthday parties, housewarming (after a major remodel), and for the family when they all come up to help one of my nephews move into his new room at college.

  129. 323

    Jacki S says

    I am following Cupcake Stand on Twitter and Tweeted about the contest to my competition, scratch that, I mean my followers ;). Hey, if one of my friends win maybe they will let me borrow it.

  130. 324

    Jana Champ says

    Wow! I’m impressed with the versitality of these stands. And for them to break down for easy storage is an added plus. I can’t wait to get mine to use in September for the wedding of my friend, Abby. I am making “Purple” Velvet cupcakes for her reception and they will be stunning on one of these Cupcake Stands cupcake stands!!!

  131. 325

    Nicola M. says

    I think the first use I’d have for a cupcake stand is for my son’s 4th birthday. He’s really big into superheros right now so we’re thinking of that being the theme. Superhero cupcakes? I vote yes.

  132. 327


    I have been looking for a good cupcake stand for some time now. I even tried making my own stand but that did not work out very well. A baker I am but an architect I am not. I will be sure to fill it with plenty of goodies if I win!

  133. 329

    Melissa Drysdale says

    There are so many different things we could use these stands for, My sons first birthday is coming up, Our church is always putting on events that these could be used for. The list goes on!

  134. 335

    Rachel Rice says

    My favorite way to use cupcake stands is with birthday parties. Ever since watching Myth Busters about spit on cakes when blowing out candles, I switched to cupcakes. And there’s no better way to display cute cupcakes than on an adorable cupcake stand!

  135. 338

    Debbie says

    Okay, so I proooobably won’t get it in time, but my daughter’s 4th birthday party is next weekend (8/6)!!!!

  136. 341


    Hi-These are great cupcake stands. Would definitely use them all the time for
    many many events; school, work, etc.

  137. 343

    Chrystal Perez says

    I’m getting married in a year and we are having a vintage carnival wedding! Were going to have a huge candy bar and loads of cupcakes. These cupcake stands are exactly what I’m looking for! With my $100 credit I would be getting 2 tiny circle cupcake stands, a small circle cupcake stand and small square cupcake stand! These are perfect!

  138. 348

    Andrea Reber says

    I would use them the way i have been for the pass 2 years. I make Diaper cakes with them I have made 6 and have 5 due in 3 the next few months and Iam unemployed right now so if I would Win that would be heaven sent. I would like to get them on a Website but that is in the future.

  139. 349

    Amanda Johnson says

    I’m have a Carnival Birthday party for 2 of my kids soon and this would be a perfect addition!

  140. 357

    Tracy A. says

    Thanks for bringing such a neat product to my attention! I am constantly making cupcakes and using my metal cupcake stands to display them, but I love the versatility of this product!

  141. 360


    I NEED a cupcake stand for my daughter’s 1st birthday party next month. We’re going with a cupcake theme and this would display them perfectly!

  142. 361

    Bobbi says

    LOVE cupcake stands!! I would use them for soooo many things, beginning with my daughter’s 3rd bday ‘under the sea’ party & my son’s 1st bday carnival party!!

  143. 367

    Alicia V. says

    LOVE these…I would use this lots! The first use would be to display my kiddos Ice cream cone “cakepops”…..Thanks!

  144. 369


    I would use the cupcake stand for my son’s birthday party that is coming up next month- and for so many different ways after! The possibilities seem endless! Thanks for the chance!

  145. 370

    Sarah Dennis says

    I would use the cupcake stand for the many parties I host throughout the year! Thinking of having more kids just so I can plan more birthday parties! Hehehe ; )

  146. 376

    Elain Ponce De Leon says

    I would use the cupcake stand for birthdays and parties. I have a baby shower I’m planning later this year so that would be nice!

  147. 381

    Tricia says

    ohmygosh!! I love these stands…especially the medium square one! I am a cupcaker~I would use it for EVERY birthday and holiday I could! =)

  148. 383

    Natasha Connolly says

    I would LOVE to win a cupcake stand!!! We make everything CUPCAKES!!! We would use them for birthday day parties, and even for just a good old fashioned breakfast or supper!!! We use our cuppycake pan for mini-meatloaves and for cupcake pancakes!!! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  149. 384

    Tangie Weitzman says

    I’d love to win the Cupcake Stand gift certificate. We are active duty stationed in Naples, Italy. I’d love to have this at one of our military functions.

  150. 389

    andre kardashian says

    Im planning my mothers 1st wedding and would love to be able to use this on her dessert table at the reception.

  151. 394

    Jeanne McKenzie says

    I would use the cupcake stand at my bff’s dil’s baby shower and then later for my own dil’s shower….babies are such gifts from God!

  152. 395

    Elena Shickler says

    I just retired and I plan on doing a lot of baking and entertaining! I really would use this stand! I might need two! :)

  153. 399

    Vilma Short says

    I love these stands would use them for an upcoming baby shower I will be hosting. I am a liker on Facebook!

  154. 400

    Misty Buchanan says

    I would most definately use a cupcake stand. I am always making cupcakes and am in need of a stand. These are awesome!

  155. 402

    Kelly says

    They are so great I would find ways to use them often. School office treats, birthday parties, after school snack parties…

  156. 404

    Misty Buchanan says

    OOPS! Computer is acting screwy. Ment to post 2nd post stating I like Cupcake stand on FB and let them know you sent me. Thanks and sorry~

  157. 405

    kristen says

    I think I followed the directions properly! Anyway, I have my daughter’s birthday coming up in two weeks and I am planning on making tie dye cupcakes. Would look even better with a new cupcake stand!

  158. 408

    JenniferB. says

    Hello- I would love to use on the cupcake stands for my Halloween party. Thanks for the contest! :)

  159. 410

    Margaret Lloyd says

    Thank you for letting us know about Cup Cake Stand. I live in an isolated town out in the bush in Queensland Australia….Cup Cake stands are very hard to come by out here. I can’t tweet you as I don’t have a mobile phone..If I could and I was lucky enough to win I would use the prize to purchase stuff for our surf life saving club parties so they can be even more funky. I have joined Cup Cake Stand so I can still dream…

  160. 413

    Toni Thomason says

    I would love to win a cupcake stand to be able to display cupcakes at my son’s upcoming birthday party!!!

  161. 415

    Gina Jahn says

    I would love the cupcake stand. I would use it for all my parties – even the Halloween party I will have while we are camping. Wouldnt the stand look too too cute with Halloween cupcakes, cake bites and other Halloween confections on it!!
    I LOVE Pizzazzerie
    I Liked Cupcake Stand on FB –
    ANd I tweeted too!!!!
    Hope to win!

  162. 416

    Adonna says

    I would love!!! a cupcake stand :-) my 2nd anniversary and housewarming is coming up quick! and i’m famous in the area for my cupcakes :-)
    it would be perfect too for my stepson’s brithday party next month—yay for parties!!!

  163. 420

    shiori says

    How cute!!! I’m going to an anniversary party this month – it would look really cute on the table (then I would take it home with me! :))

  164. 423


    I’m somehow, someway baking and decorating 300 cupcakes this week for a girlfriend’s wedding on Saturday. Assuming I survive the week, I could absolutely use anything from Cupcake Stand for my future cupcake challenges. Consider me a great big “fan” :)

  165. 426

    Wendy says

    I love the pictures of different ideas. I have a drawer…maybe a couple of drawers, of ribbons to decorate…Great inspiration. We are planning an adoption/ citizenship anniversary party for my daughter in September with a red, white and blue theme. What a show stopping centerpiece this would make!!!! Then October–Halloween party. November—Thanksgiving. December–Christmas…… I can’t stop myself!

  166. 429

    Sue Tylicki says

    I am a baker at a family own resturant and I make everyones birthday cakes/cup-cakes.
    I think this would be a fun way to celebrate & show off my cup-cake creations.

  167. 435

    Kim says

    I was browsing for cupcake stands and found this site.
    I would really love to have a cupcake stand and if i won i would use it for a monkey babyshower cupcakes that i will be making next month.
    But the number one reason for really wanting one is to use it for some cancer benefits. I have made a couple of cakes for these benefits and it just puts a joy in my heart when they see there cake
    thanks for sharing this site.

  168. 438


    I love making custom confections and could use these stands for so many things! From cupcakes to cake balls, candy apples to mini pies! It would definately always getting used!

  169. 441

    Shelly Gascoigne says

    Seriously!! I L-O-V-E IT! A must have!! I am hosting a baby shower, and this would be SO perfect. I bake cup cakes all the time as they are make more sense to me than cake as they are already cut, and you can make them into pretty cute lil’ packages. :)


  170. 445

    Nickie says

    Needed one of these this past weekend!!! for a baby shower at church – we had to create our dangerous stand with stacked glass cake plates! NEED ONE BAD!

  171. 447

    corinne says

    Till now i have no Cupcake Stand but in autumn two weddings that are coming up so i could use them. Also in our country i cant find any to buy. Hope i win Greetings Corinne

  172. 448

    Hallie says

    I own a cupcake shop and this would be a great addition to the team. :) I am also planning a huge cupcake party and cupcake fondue party. With the help of this website I’m sure they will be a huge success.

    Thanks so much,

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