Orville Redenbacher Oscars Giveaway: $300+ in prizes!

orville redenbacher giveaway

Last weekend, I hosted an Oscars Party sponsored by the fabulous Orville Redenbacher! The full post on the party details is HERE so be sure to check it out for lots of fun Oscars +  Movie Night party ideas! Today, I’m OH SO EXCITED to announce the GIVEAWAY! It’s valued at over $300!

orville oscars giveaway

If you are the lucky winner of the Orville Redenbacher giveaway, you will receive…… (drumroll please)…….

  • 500 Cocktails – recipes for EVERY party occasion you can think of!
  • Cocktail Bar Set – all the tools you need to create those tasty cocktails + an ice bucket to keep them cool!
  • FREE redbox movie rental!
  • Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl Popcorn – delish!
  • Land’s End Tote Bag to keep all your prizes together!
  • My personal FAVE – stylish striped apron! When I first saw this apron, I squealed – really – it’s that cute!
  • As if it could get better…. $200 American Express Gift Card!!!


(1) Leave a comment below to be entered to win!

(2) For a second entry, Fan ORVILLE on Facebook (be sure to leave a 2nd comment)

(3) For a 3rd entry, tweet “I entered to win the #orville giveaway on @pizzazzerie http://wp.me/pRUPb-2EW” and leave a 3rd comment!

Deadline to enter is Tuesday, March 8th at 5:00pm EST! Winner will be announced Wednesday, March 9th!

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Kelly, the winner of our fabulous giveaway!!!!

Head over to The Blog Frog’s GLAM Community to show us your Oscars Party Pics! Hop into a discussion or start your own! You could win some super fabulous prizes and chat with lots of party-lovin’ gals!



  1. 1
    Sharon Terrazas says:

    This is adorable! I love it.

  2. 2

    That apron is fab! Crossing my fingers! :)

  3. 3

    I Liked Orville on Facebook!

  4. 4

    My hubby makes popcorn at least twice a week, the old fashioned way on the stove. He’d be in heaven!

  5. 5

    ooh, fab giveaway! i love me some popcorn and yeah the other prizes like the $200 amex gift card aren’t too bad, either ;)

  6. 6

    I’m now a fan of the Orvile Rednebacher fb page :)

  7. 7

    Holy INCREDIBLE prize!! How fun!

  8. 8
    val bobias says:

    What a fun giveaway. Thanks. :)

  9. 9


  10. 10

    ooh what a great giveaway!!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    I liked Orville on FB which is dangerous because now I will probably want to eat popcorn ALL the time!

  13. 13

    such a great giveaway!

  14. 14
    val bobias says:

    I’m now a fan of the Orville Redenbacher FB page :)

  15. 15

    Oh yeaahhh, i could go for a party…def want to enter this one =]

  16. 16
    JennyB05 says:

    This would be perfect for movie night!! :) Love the apron!

  17. 17

    fan of the facebook popcorn masters =]

  18. 18

    fan of Orville on facebook!

  19. 19

    officially been tweeted!

  20. 20

    just tweeted about the giveaway too!

  21. 21
    Leann Snodgrass says:

    My cousin recently asked as we played a game of dominos, “do you make popcorn for your family
    Everyday?”. To which I replied, “Absolutely!”
    The funny thing is that it isn’t EVERY single night/day, but we do Like to add a bucket or two of Popcorn to our family time, whether we are watching a movie, having a game night, etc. We love Orville Redenbaucher!

  22. 22

    This is such a fun giveaway! I love your Oscars party posts!

  23. 23

    Love it!! Fingers crossed!

  24. 24
    Sheree Warner says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you Orville Redenbacher for giving us this opportunity to win! I love Movie night at the house where you can just cuddle on the couch, eat Orville Redenbacher Pop Corn while tossing a piece every once in a while for the dogs to catch. We all enjoy Orville Redenbacher Pop Corn!

  25. 25
    Sheree Warner says:

    I am a Fan ORVILLE on Facebook!

  26. 26
    Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details says:

    this is the best giveaway! i would LOVE to win :)

  27. 27

    What a great giveaway! :)

  28. 28
    Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details says:

    Im now a fan of Orville on facebook

  29. 29

    I “liked” Orville on Facebook!

  30. 30
    Leann Snodgrass says:

    I am now a FaN of Orville on Facebook!!!!!!!!

  31. 31
    Jennifer says:

    What a fantastic giveaway – Thank you!!!

  32. 32

    I also tweeted! :)

  33. 33

    Woohoo Orville!

  34. 34

    Pick me! Pick me! I want to win!

  35. 35
    Jennifer says:

    I Like Orville Redenbacher’s on Facebook!

  36. 36
    Jennifer says:

    I just tweeted! @JennJaws

  37. 37
    Sheree Warner says:
  38. 38

    i just tweeted the giveaway!! crossing my fingers :) :) xoxo

  39. 39
    Jackie P says:

    loves anything film-related. sweet!

  40. 40
    Jackie P says:

    just tweeted this bad boy! @Jaxx317

  41. 41
    Katrina Brady says:

    Is this open to Canadians? If so, I’d love to enter

  42. 42
    Jackie P says:

    and I liked mr. orville on FB! (Jackie Peterson)

  43. 43
    Beth Hester-Cummings says:

    I love this prize pack and I love Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn. We have a bag nearly every night. Yum, Yum!!!

  44. 44

    The best giveaway.. I love it ;)

  45. 45
    Beth Hester-Cummings says:

    I “Liked” them!! :-)

  46. 46

    Awesome giveaway!

  47. 47

    I like them on fb

  48. 48

    I tweeted. Now I am hungry for popcorn!

  49. 49
    Penny H says:

    I love the apron too! What a great giveaway…thanks for the chance to win!

  50. 50
    Penny H says:

    Now a fan of Orville on Facebook.

  51. 51

    What a glam package and some things I really could use!!! Thanks for the chance to win

  52. 52

    A new fan of Orville on facebook too! Cassandra Webber Ferder

  53. 53

    I tweeted about this contest this morning: http://twitter.com/#!/Cferder/status/43720929011965952

  54. 54

    I’m a fan of Orville on facebook

  55. 55

    Great giveaway and super cute party!

  56. 56

    Tweeted…. Pick me … Pick me !!!

  57. 57

    I just liked them on FB. GREAT giveaway Courtney! Thanks!

  58. 58

    Who couldn’t use a $200 Amex GC too! Wow!!

  59. 59
    Tori Nicoll says:

    Great giveaway!

  60. 60

    Wonderful, especially the amex gift card!

  61. 61
    Kathy F says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. These are items that would go perfectly in our new kitchen when we make our move in a few weeks. Here’s hoping! :)

  62. 62

    Thank you for this fantastic give away! I’ve got my fingers crossed…

  63. 63

    I just clicked “like” on Orville’s Facebook page.

  64. 64
    Renee S says:

    Fantastic gift set! Love the apron!

  65. 65
    Renee S says:

    I just liked @Orville Redenbacher’s on Facebook!

  66. 66
  67. 67

    I want to win!!!! An extra $200 would be SO handy right now b/c I’m getting married and it just keeps adding up! I also LOVE Orville popcorn and am a Suzy home-maker, so that apron would get a lot of use!
    Follow you on twitter, of course, and just liked Orville on Facebook!

  68. 68

    Thanks for sharing with us! I would love to win, I’m feeling inspired to have a kids’ Movie Night Party b/c your viewing party inspired me. :)

  69. 69
    Louise E. says:

    LOVE this giveaway, I could really use the darling apron and the Amex giftcard for some Spring decor! :)

  70. 70

    This is so awesome!! I would love to win :)

  71. 71
    Louise E. says:

    I’m also a fan of Orville now and I’m about to tweet!

  72. 72

    I “liked” Orville on Facebook!!

  73. 73

    And I tweeted!!

  74. 74
    Callie L says:

    My life would not be complete without Orville….:)

  75. 75

    fan of orville

  76. 76
    Rachel Dallaire says:

    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. 77

    would love to win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the bag and apron!!!!!

  78. 78
    Rachel Dallaire says:

    I liked Orville Redenbacher on FB!!!

  79. 79

    tweetd it…ps, my first tweet

  80. 80

    Great giveaway! :)

  81. 81

    Just tweeted!

  82. 82

    And just liked Orville on Facebook!

  83. 83
    Daravanh says:

    I love me some popcorn and $$$ prinze is amazing! Hope to win. Love it all!!

  84. 84
    Daravanh says:

    Liked Orville on Facebook, awesome. yah!

  85. 85

    LOVE the apron!

  86. 86

    I’m a fan of Orville on FB.

  87. 87
    Danielle says:

    Awesome giveaway! Popcorn is by far one of my favorite foods!

  88. 88
    Danielle says:

    I also became a fan of Orville on FB but I’m not a tweeter yet :( Oh well, I’m excited to have two chances to win this awesome prize! Thanks Courtney!

  89. 89

    This is SO. ADORABLE. :)

  90. 90

    I tweeted as @YogiBareAll!

  91. 91
    Heather says:

    That apron is fabulous. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  92. 92
    Elizabeth says:

    Entertaining meets entertainment. Love it! Great giveaway!

  93. 93
    Staci R. says:

    Awesome party you threw! Your friends are super lucky :)

  94. 94
    Staci R. says:

    I liked Orville Redenbacher on FB!

  95. 95
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m an Orville fan!

  96. 96
    Annabelle says:

    what a great giveaway!!!!! and the best popcorn ever

  97. 97

    I am a fan of ORVILLE on Facebook!

  98. 98

    What a great prize!!! thank you ;-)

  99. 99

    Thanks so much for the chance – an awesome give-away! Have a great weekend!

  100. 100

    I Tweeted … “I entered to win the #orville giveaway on @pizzazzerie http://wp.me/pRUPb-2EW”

  101. 101

    I’m an Orville fan as well.
    I LOVE popcorn :)

  102. 102

    This giveaway is incredible!! Pick me, pick me! I’d be so excited if I actually won! I never win anything!! This would collection of goodies would make a great date night for my husband and I! And oh, the things we could do with that $200.00 GC!

  103. 103

    Just liked Orville on FB!

  104. 104

    i tweeted! @perfectpalette

  105. 105

    How awesome is this prize?! Sign me up!

  106. 106

    Annnnd I just liked Orville on Facebook :)

  107. 107
    EGMOMMA says:

    Love the Oscar Party Decor! Perfect for our next Girls Bunco Night theme!

  108. 108

    The Oscar party was absolutely lovely! And what a great idea to follow up with a nice giveaway — only a perfect hostess would do that! Fingers crossed my name is drawn!!!

  109. 109
    Andrew Brotherton says:

    I’d love this giveaway. I love popcorn and I could give the apron to my best friend. Win Win

  110. 110

    What a great giveaway!! You’re absolutely right – that apron is absolutely adorable!

  111. 111

    I just became a fan of Orville on Facebook!

  112. 112

    Tweet Tweet! Just twittered about the giveaway! @ladybuggin

  113. 113
    Sperry Gander says:

    LOVED the oscar party, my friends and i had a movie night and i used some of the ideas. thanks!

  114. 114

    Yay! What a fun giveaway!! *fingers crossed!*

  115. 115
    Michelle S. says:

    What an awesome giveaway you’re hosting!
    I hope I win!! :)

  116. 116
    Michelle S. says:

    I liked Orville on my Facebook

  117. 117
    Michelle S. says:

    I tweeted about the awesome, awesome giveaway on my twitter also @michellayye

  118. 118

    Fancy apron’s make cooking so much more fun! And a tad sexy I think.

  119. 119

    YUM! Popcorn is the best!

  120. 120

    just friended ORVILLE! yum!

  121. 121

    just sent the tweet! YUM! i can smell the popcorn already!

  122. 122

    Gotta love popcorn. That apron is adorable!!

  123. 123

    A new FB fan of Orville Redenbacher.

  124. 124

    Tweeted about this FAB giveaway ;)

  125. 125

    Love this giveaway!!! Your Oscar party looked like so much fun!

  126. 126

    LOVE this giveaway!!

  127. 127

    Tweeting about the giveaway!

  128. 128

    The giveaway looks like so much fun!

  129. 129

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  130. 130

    The giveaway looks great!

  131. 131

    I’m in! LOVED the party <3

  132. 132

    Orville Rocks!

  133. 133

    I just liked them on Facebook an sent a tweet sounds like a great giveaway and a fun party!!

  134. 134

    Just liked it on Facebook and sent a tweet. Sounds like a fun giveaway and great party

  135. 136
    KHBride says:

    Wahoo! Lovely giveaway

  136. 137

    I love your ideas…..so inspiring!!

  137. 138
    Jana Champ says:

    E-mails from Pizzazzerie are like receiving a flamboyantly wrapped present as a child. Each and every time I am notified of something new from you, I anxiously open it first and wait briefly for everything to load. It’s as if I’m tearing into the colorful wrapping s to get to what is inside as quickly as possible. And when I’m finally able to peer in at the gift, I am never disappointed. All of the fresh ideas come tumbling out and there is always something delightful that I cannot wait to try or share. It is a bright spot to my day.

  138. 139
    Tracey Byram says:

    Great giveaway items. I’d wear the apron while making popcorn and cocktails.

  139. 140
    Tracey Byram says:

    I like Orville on FB-tracey byram.

  140. 141

    What an awesome prize!
    I’m also a new fan of Orville :)
    Off to tweet!

  141. 142

    Just tweeted about the giveaway! My id is @kandies4you.

  142. 143

    Awesome giveaway!

  143. 144
    lynn carbone says:

    I love popcorn and cash. I Love the oscar party

  144. 145
    Wilma P says:

    I love Orville Redenbacher popcorn. It is my go to snack. Would love to win this fantastic giveaway.

  145. 146
    sydney85 says:

    Love your blog! So creative and full of ideas. This party idea is certainly a keeper. Thanks.

  146. 147

    What a great giveaway! No wonder you were so excited about this one!!!

  147. 148

    WOW! What an incredible giveaway! I have been so excited to try the Orville Redenbacher pop up popcorn bowls! This would be a great excuse to throw a movie party with our friends & family!

  148. 149

    Just became an Orville fan on Facebook! :)

  149. 150
    Amy Conklin says:

    WOW! Great giveaway! I just became a fan on FB too! THANKS for your wonderful blog

  150. 151
    jim roark says:

    Orville’s Oscar’s are better than Hollywoods!!!!!

  151. 152
    Rebecca says:

    This is a great giveaway!
    There’s some great prizes!

  152. 153
    mary ann marsh says:

    What a great giveaway!!!

  153. 154

    I would LOVE to win this! That apron is adorable!

  154. 155

    I tweeted about this giveaway!!!
    ~The Paper Cupcake

  155. 156
    shannon thompson says:

    i agree that apron is adorable. this is a great giveaway thanks =)


  156. 157
    shannon thompson says:

    like orville on fb teh doll


  157. 158
    shannon thompson says:
  158. 159
    Leiana M says:

    this is so exciting!!! a total popcorn party package…i love it!

  159. 160
    Leiana M says:

    amazing prizes and i love the cute apron too!

  160. 161

    I love popcorn with lots of butter!!!! And that apron is to die for! And the giftcard would really come in handy.

  161. 162
    Stacey S says:

    The Oscar party was amazing – what great ideas! What a fun giveaway!!

  162. 163
    Kfloveinme says:

    An absolutely fun giveaway!! Thanks for sponsoring it!

  163. 164
    Kfloveinme says:

    I liked ORVILLE on facebook at Kenya G & I looove popcorn! YUM!

  164. 165
    Kfloveinme says:
  165. 166

    Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  166. 167

    And by far the popcorn that pops the most kernals is Orville’s! :)

  167. 168
    Tammie D in KY says:

    What an AWESOME giveaway!!! I LOVE IT :D

  168. 169
    Jana Champ says:

    Wow! There is a new comment “popping” up every few seconds. Seems as though everyone wants in on this “corny” giveaway. Oscar & Orville, what a wonderfully fun combination!

  169. 170
    Elizabeth says:

    I’d like to win this!

  170. 171
    Elizabeth says:

    I am a facebook fan of Orville.

  171. 172
    Elizabeth says:

    Just tweeted the giveaway!

  172. 173

    Loved your Oscars Party post! I’m a huge popcorn fan.

  173. 174

    I liked OR on FB!

  174. 175

    what an amazing giveaway! i would love any (and ALL) of these prizes!

  175. 176

    i tweeted it! (and i’m crossing my fingers for a win!)

  176. 177

    i liked them on facebook (and in real life)

  177. 178

    What an awesome giveaway! Please enter me.

  178. 179

    like orville on facebook

  179. 180
    erika raga says:

    I would love to win this :) :) :)

  180. 181

    Love this popcorn Great giveaway

  181. 182

    Fan ORVILLE on Facebook (

  182. 183
  183. 184
    Cindy Moore says:

    Please enter me! Thanks!

  184. 185
    Cindy Moore says:

    Fanned Orville on facebook

  185. 186
    Cindy Moore says:
  186. 187

    What a fantastic Give Away!!!! Thanks!

  187. 188
    Kitty Smalling says:

    What a wonder giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win Following you on Twitter as @ksmalltn Also a fan of Orville!

  188. 189

    Fab giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  189. 190

    ah! fantastic! would love to win!!! (self admitted popcorn addict)

  190. 191

    I liked Orville on Facebook {and now I’m reallllyy wanting some popcorn!}

  191. 192

    id love to win some of this great stuff!!!!

  192. 193

    became a fan of ORVILLE on facebook..
    and tweeted.

    i hope i can win! :)

  193. 194


  194. 195
    Kelly Ann T. says:

    This would be so fun to win, thank you for the chance.

  195. 196
    Kelly Ann T. says:

    I fanned Orville on FB and left a comment (Kelly Ann T)

  196. 197
    Kelly Ann T. says:
  197. 198
    Eugenie says:

    What a great prize!

  198. 199
    Eugenie says:

    I am a fan of Orville on Facebook.

  199. 200
    Eugenie says:
  200. 201
    Mary Lozano says:

    How fun would it be to get all this!
    If I won, I would have my own Orville party…Pizzazzerie Style!!!

  201. 202
    Mary Lozano says:

    Just became a fan of Orville on Face Book!

  202. 203

    I “like” Orville on FB ;)

  203. 204

    HUGE fans of the O. Redenbacher popcorn family here! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  204. 205

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for sharing with us ;)

  205. 206

    I’m a fan on FB! facebook.com/teenybird =D

  206. 207
    Becca H. says:

    You’re right….the apron really IS that cute! I squealed, too! :-)

  207. 208

    Just tweeted about the giveaway @LillianAerin

  208. 209
    Becca H. says:

    I am a fan of the Orville page on FB :-)

  209. 210
    Becca H. says:

    I Tweeted about the giveaway on 3/7/11 via @beccacit

  210. 211
    gloria vanhorn says:

    Love orvilles’s popcorn popped in peanut oil, sooooooooooooo good, love your site P, lots of great resources, thanks so much.

  211. 212
    Michelle says:

    Love Good Ole Orville! :) Would be Awesome to Win! :D

  212. 213
    Michelle says:

    Love good Ole Orville! Would be Awesome to win!!!:D

  213. 214

    YUM! I would have a great deal of fun drinking my way through 500 cocktail recipes!! :)

  214. 215
    Dollie H. says:

    I am a fan of Orville on FB…:-).

  215. 216

    Fanned Orville on FB
    (Amy Oplinger Campbell)

  216. 217

    I am a fan of Orville Rednbacher and Pizzazzerie on Facebook.

  217. 218


  218. 219

    I am a subscriber of Pizzazzerie via Email

  219. 220

    ENCHANTED GIVEAWAY COUNT ME IN Pizzazzerie is Hosting a Fabulous Giveaway, valued at over $300, in honor of her Orville Redenbacher Oscar Party. It is Fabulous…Enter to win. Smiles~

  220. 221
    Kerri W says:

    I could use one them cocktails right now! Oh yeah….the apron’s cute too!!!!

  221. 222


  222. 223

    I am going to share half of those with my family.

  223. 224

    We could use the american express card and drink recipes for ideas for our upcoming wedding! :)

  224. 225

    I shared the contest with 44 friends on facebook

  225. 226
    Caroline says:

    Thank you fir the opportunity to win!

  226. 227


  227. 228

    TWEETED ON TWITTER AND AM FOLLOWING Pizzazzerie is Hosting a Fabulous Giveaway, valued at over $300, in honor of her Orville Redenbacher Oscar Party. It is Fabulous…Enter to win. Smiles~

  228. 229

    great party…generous giveaway!

  229. 230
    Anna Mae says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  230. 231
    Anna Mae says:

    And I just “liked” their page on Facebook.

  231. 232
    Jennifer Dingman says:

    Love it all! It’s been a long winter and I’m ready for summer parties!!

  232. 233
    Anna Mae says:

    And I just sent a tweet. Twitter – @amjpls2.

  233. 234

    Wow! I love this giveaway!

  234. 235

    i just “liked” Orville on Facebook

  235. 236
    Jackie S. says:

    I “Like” you as always on FB!
    I “Popped” over and “Liked Orville Redenbacher too on FB!

    Thanks so much!

  236. 237


  237. 238
    Jackie S. says:

    This is my second entry.

    Pick me!

    BOO HOO! I don’t tweet for third entry. LOL!

  238. 239

    Would love to win!

  239. 240

    Ooo, what a great giveaway! That apron is super cute!

  240. 241

    I became a fan of Orville!

  241. 242

    And I tweeted :)

  242. 243
    Leslie Staggs says:

    Great looking party!

  243. 244
    Rachel Irish says:

    That apron IS cute!!!

  244. 245

    Like Orville on Facebook!

  245. 246
    Rachel Irish says:

    A new fan of Orville on FB!

  246. 247
    Amanda Kreller says:

    I sure do love popcorn!!

  247. 248
    Amanda Kreller says:

    I’m an Orville fan on Facebook!

  248. 249
    Amanda Kreller says:

    And….I’ve tweeted this fun giveaway!!

  249. 250

    What a great party! I’d love to win!

  250. 251

    Please enter me for this great giveaway.

  251. 252

    I like Orville Redenbacher on fb!

  252. 253

    I like ORVILLE on Facebook.

  253. 254
  254. 255

    Great giveaway!

  255. 256

    I like Orville on Facebook!

  256. 257

    I Tweeted about this great giveaway via @bwbling

  257. 258

    hope I win

  258. 259
    Jennifer Ayers says:

    Wow! Awesome giveaway!

  259. 260

    Fabulous giveaway! Entry #1!

  260. 261

    I am now a fan on Facebook!

  261. 262

    I just tweeted the giveaway. Twitter handle JASIVRAS.

  262. 263

    Yeah Orville giveaway!!

  263. 264

    Love the Orville Giveaway!! :)

  264. 265

    I just added Orville as a friend on Facebook :)

  265. 266

    I just tweeted about the Orville giveaway! :)

  266. 267
    Cassie Remala says:

    Love the giveaway!!

  267. 268

    I’m crossing my fingers with hopes to win!

  268. 269

    I would love to win this prize pack!!!

  269. 270
    Cheryl English says:

    Orville’s popcorn is my Weight Watcher’s salvation. Shed 45 lbs on the WW eating plan and the popcorn was my ever so wonderful treat every evening.

  270. 271

    I shared this on Twitter as well!!

  271. 272
    Marci J says:

    I am now an Orville fan on FB!!

  272. 273
    CupcakeCaliBride says:

    Oooh, I was just saying I could use an apron – chocolate on white shirts isn’t such a cute look! ;)

  273. 274

    Hi there. Great contest!

  274. 275

    I like Orville Redenbacher on FB

  275. 276

    Just tweeted the contest from my Twitter @OldGuyBri

  276. 277
    Heather says:

    I would love to win!!!

  277. 278
    mariana says:

    omg this is fab! I want to win it

  278. 279
    Heather says:

    I have like Orville Redenbacher on FB

  279. 280

    This would be great to have for entertaining!! Thanks for such fun giveaways!

  280. 281

    I LIKE Orville on fb!

  281. 282

    the apron is adorable!!! Fabulous give-away! thank you.

  282. 283

    I “like” Orville on FB now

  283. 284
    Vanessa B says:

    Wow, Awesome Giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. 285

    Fabulous giveaway! Beautiful Oscar party, too. So much cute stuff! I loved all the detail!

  285. 286

    Huge popcorn lover here with Orville one o my favorites! Than you for an awesome giveaway!!!

  286. 287

    Fan of Orville on FB.

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    Elizabeth Flores says:

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    I am a fan of “Orville” also. ;-)

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    liked and twitted!!

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    Awesome giveaway! The apron is so cute, I totally need one.

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    kim trojan says:

    Wow! What a great prize package! Love the Oscars-I can watch the fashion police which I dvr while eating yummy popcorn.

  320. 321
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    i would to win this and host the best party ever.

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    fan on fb name erica best

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    Even before FB, I was a fan–but I guess now it is official!

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    I LOVE me some OR popcorn!

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    Your blog is so inspiring! I’ve been looking for 1 yo bday ideas and found some great stuff through your partner links! Thanks so much!

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    What an awesome giveaway!! Definitely wouldn’t mind winning this ;)!

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    Such a fun giveaway! I hope I’m the winner – I LOVE that apron and totally need one! :)

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    Loved the party and my daughter is popcorn junkie! She would be thrilled if I won this!

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