Pick Your Plum {Craft Giveaway: $75 value}

WANT TO WIN a CRAFT BASKET with $75 worth of crafting goodies? Read on to see how you can win $75 worth of crafting supplies….

Jumpin’ on the cute apron bandwagon for a tasty 50% off

Wait, hurry go over there and get it before they are sold out and then come back and I will tell you the rest!

Pick Your Plum

Love crafting?! You’ll LOVE Pick Your Plum! A new site that has launched, we are thrilled to tell you all about Pick Your Plum!  They post the most ‘swank’ crafting supplies around and delicately slap prim-o pricing on them. The line up of goodies…well…They. Are. Good.

On the list: Fold over elastic, Metal plate holders, Wrought Iron Decor, Grosgrain Ribbon and their prices …just wait. They are nice.

WANT TO WIN a CRAFT BASKET with $75 worth of crafting goodies? Read on to see how you can win $75 worth of crafting supplies….

pick your plum

Pick Your Plum…get it before your neighbor does.

Some recent items….

Pick Your Plum

Ric Rac for $0.15/yard

Hand panted ceramic knobs at 50% off, Metal Handles, $0.50 No Soli Signs, …they go fast!

Coconut Button Cards for $0.90

Here is the catch though: They have limited quantities. So you got to get it {{before your neighbor does}}. You do have to pay shipping, but it always very reasonable. Wait ’til you see what’s up tomorrow!  So be one of the first to sign up on their email list and FB page, and you’ll know what’s up and how fast you have to act.

For now they are posting one item per day (M-F) at 7 am (MST). Good Stuff. Don’t worry though. If you get on their email list you can find out {{before your neighbor does}}

giveaway details

Enter to win $75 worth of Crafting Supplies

To enter to win, follow PICK YOUR PLUM on FACEBOOK and leave a comment below letting us know! AND hop on their email list to be the first to find out about their fab finds! Be sure to leave a comment below so you’re entered to win!

Deadline to enter is Friday, June 17th. Winner will be announced Monday, June 20th.




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