Bagel Witches!

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halloween witch bagel

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How to Make Bagel Witches

Bagel witches are a fun craft for the kids for the Halloween season!  Just use plain bagels, pretzels, gum drops and let the fun begin…and yes, these witches are wearing gladiator sandals! Send us pictures of your Bagel Witches, and we’ll share them in a future post!

how to make halloween bagel witches

Here’s What You Need:

*  Regular and/or small plain bagels

*   Big and small pretzel sticks

*   Candy Eyes (we found these at JoAnns)

*   Big gum drops, corn candy, jelly beans, etc.

*   Black paper, ribbon, glue gun for making the hats – Roll into cone shape and glue to hold this shape – next cut a circle for the brim and glue the cone to the circle (trim the cone to make it sit flat on the circle if necessary)- glue ribbon bows and/or pieces of candy to embellish the hat!

Here’s What To Do:

1.  Use an ice pick or small knife to make two holes in the bottom of the bagel for the pretzel legs.

2.  Take two of the big pretzel sticks and push into the holes.  Hot glue to secure.

3.  Using big gum drops to create the shoes and hot glue in place.  The legs should not be too tall.

4.  Hot glue the candy eyes in place.

5.  Make a small batch of extra thick royal icing and using food coloring make it yellow, orange, green, etc.  Pipe on the top of the head and place the hat on top.  Using the small pretzel sticks to push into the icing to make the wild hair.

Get creative and have fun making your Bagel Witches!

bagel witches


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