BOO-tiful Halloween Treats from Edible Arrangements!

Hosting a Halloween party?! Serve up some tasty (and healthy) treats from Edible Arrangements! I absolutely adore their Halloween line full of bat, ghost, and spooky treats galore. Not only are they delish but CUTE too – and presentation is key for hosting crowd-pleasing Halloween parties!

Special of the Week! Halloween Celebration & 6 box of mixed bananas

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Spooky Shaped Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Pops 
Delicious chocolate dipped pineapple pops resembling bats, black cats, and ghosts will be the hit of the night to hand out as party favors. Order a variety of pops to create your very own “Pineapple Pop Graveyard” to use as a unique centerpiece or as a Halloween display. $3.95 ea.

Batty Bouquet™ Dipped Strawberries
Go batty for this delicious and spook-tacular Halloween bouquet. Liven up a party with chocolate dipped pineapple bats hovering amidst fresh oranges, juicy honeydew, ripe grapes and half of the strawberries dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate. Batty Bouquet is available in a keepsake pumpkin base starting at $72.00.

Box of Cinnamon Chocolate Apple Wedges®
Sweet, tart, and spicy. Your favorite fall flavors are always in season with a delightfully delicious box of one dozen Granny Smith apple wedges, hand-dipped in a gourmet semisweet chocolate, and then topped with a special cinnamon blend. A fresh way to celebrate this Fall and a healthier and satisfying treat as opposed to the typical nutrition-lacking sugary Halloween candy. Box of 1 dozen for $39.00

Visit Edible Arrangements to see these tasty Halloween treats + more!  Start your holiday shopping early with Edible Arrangements®! For additional information and special offers visit Early Bird!


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