DIY “You Make Me Melt” Valentine!

You Make Me Melt Valentine!
I am so excited for Valentines Day! Don’t you just love cute little ideas to hand out to the little loved ones in your life? Give out a cute little ice cream cone that won’t actually melt, but might melt your loved one’s little hearts.You don’t need much to put together these “You Make Me Melt” Valentines. All you will need is a variety of colors and shapes of pom poms, “You Make Me Melt” printable, quick dry glue, Valentines candy.
You Make Me Melt Valentine!
Step by Step Instructions
You Make Me Melt Valentine!
(1) First, print and cut out the ice cream cone printable.
(2) Next, roll the printable into a cone shape and glue it in place. Stack and glue some colorful pom poms together to create the ice cream top.
(3) Fill the the ice cream cone with Valentines candy and top with the pom poms ice cream top.
(4) Use a little glue on the pom poms to keep it on to the ice cream cone if you are moving the ice cream cones around a lot.
You Make Me Melt Valentine!
Make a bunch of these little ice cream cone Valentines to pass around at school, or as a perfect little surprise for your kids coming home from school on Valentines day!
You Make Me Melt Valentine!
Exclusively created for Pizzazzerie by contributor Sara of Confetti Sunshine



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