GIVEAWAY: Valentine’s Party Table: Conversation Hearts

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Valentine’s Party – Conversation Hearts!

Conversation Hearts – the timeless little Valentine treat! Clever little messages atop sweet hearts of sugar – what more could you ask for? How about a whole party table styled around this Valentine’s tradition?! Katie Malandrino of Green Apple Paperie submitted this darling party to us AND is allowing us to give away 2 sets of the party’s printables.

You might have noticed the darling mini cupcake stands. Katie made these from small candlesticks and wood circles glue together and painted white! A very fun DIY that can be used for all sorts of parties.

Read how to enter to win a set of these conversation heart printables below!

conversation heart cookies

conversation hearts valentine's table

valentine's party cupcakes

Cupcake wrappers are an absolute FAVORITE of mine, so I love that this printable set includes them. So easy to cut and wrap around your cupcakes. Just bake them in simple white cupcake liners and slip them down in these cuter conversation heart liners.

Katie included several designer paper sheets in the printable pack so you can use them as you wish – for example, on the paper mache mailboxes!


To enter to win one of 2 sets of these Conversation Heart Printables by Green Apple Paperie, leave a comment below letting us know you’d like to win!

For a 2nd entry to win – become a fan of Green Apple Paperie on Facebook and let us know we sent you! Be sure to leave a comment below for your second entry!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Congratulations to Christy McGowan and Nena S. – YOU ARE OUR WINNERS! (via

Winners will be announced Friday, January 14th right here at the top of this post!

Vendors & Credits

printables – Green Apple Paperie
conversation heart cookies – Sugar and Flour (
paper mache mailboxes – Hobby Lobby
small cupcake stands – supplies from
heart shaped fondant –
styling and photography – Green Apple Paperie



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    This is so lovely. It takes me back to my childhood when my mom would handmake for her girls sweet valentines and make us feel special. Would love to win these and use for my children. Thank You.

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    Last year I had a Valentine’s party for my baby boys, and decided to continue the tradition. I would love to win one of these to include in this years party, thank you!!

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    Linda Loxterman says:

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    Adorable and something I could put together.
    I was searching for Vday ideas because it’s my
    anniversary and we want something unique this year
    with lots of color.

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    Super cute! Who doesn’t love a reason to throw a great party? Btw, I used some of your NYE printables this year and got SO many compliments! I’ll have to send in a pic of my banner and cupcakes!

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    A lovely and tender change for St Valentine’s without the classic red, well done.

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    your ideas are so AWESOME

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