{Gold Glam} New Year’s Party

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Gold Glam New Year’s Party from Holee Molee Hostess

Gold and glitter are a dynamite combo, especially for a New Years Party! Jenny of the entertaining site Holee Molee Hostess shared with her New Years pictures. Jenny chose gold as one of her wedding colors so she knows all about how to use it as a fun color scheme. Adding in feathers, yarn, and tissue, she created various textures for a sparkly, glam dessert table.

My favorite element of the table are the yarn balls atop candle holders. Using household items (like candle holders) in a new way can really make a party table pop!

Jenny shared how  to make the DIY Yarn Balls too! Thanks, Jenny – I’ll be trying these soon!

yarn balls

Yarn Ball

Items you need:
Styrofoam ball (any size you would like)
Spray glue

1.     Start with your Styrofoam ball and your yarn.

2.     Take the end of your yarn spray a tiny bit of spray glue and stick it to the Styrofoam ball.

3.     Start wrapping your yarn in all different directions until the ball is completely covered with yarn.

4.     Cut the yarn spray a little spray glue and stick it to your yarn ball to keep from unraveling.

5.     Have fun, attach a string and hang around your home, make small yarn balls to fill a decorative bowl, use your imagination!

Visit Holee Molee Hostess for more pictures and entertaining tips and inspiration!

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