My 2012 Holiday Card from Minted!

Minted Holiday Cards! - Tag Style!This year, I partnered up Minted to design my holiday card (remember their darling party line I shared a couple of weeks ago?). This was super easy since every single one of their designs is FABULOUS. The hardest part was picking one! I knew I wanted a “tag-style” because any reason to add ribbon to anything is a ‘yes’ in my book. However, it means another decision SO I need your help…read on.

The Minted line lets you pick different shapes for lots of their designs so you can truly personalize it to exactly what you want. Score! I also got to pick the cute envelope liner too! Can’t wait to send these pretties out. Now…for your help!

Which ribbon should I pick for my holiday card?

Minted Holiday Cards by Pizzazzerie

Leave a comment below telling me which ribbon color you think I should choose! I can’t decide!

Now, for the back of the card (which you also get to personalize – love it). Here’s what I did…

Back of Holiday Card

If you are still looking for holiday cards, hop on over to Minted + get shopping!

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  1. 2

    Ann says

    If you don’t have a red stripe…. :) Then the solid red. I like the black stripe a lot but I am a red/green Christmas person! Love the card!

  2. 9

    Crissy S. says

    If you are doing the ribbon yourself then I say do all 3. That way the recipients get different ones. If the company is doing it for you, I say go for the red. Gives it that small pop of color. :)

  3. 32

    Gina Woelfel says

    I love the stripes, because I know you love black and white stripes. And I love the width of that ribbon, too!! Congrats, and the Merriest of Christmases to you both on your first season as husband and wife! xoxo

  4. 33

    Martha D. Harris says

    Black and white for sure! I remember you using stripes alot for your wedding, so this ties in beautifully, and continues the stripe “theme”! Beautiful Christmas card! Congrats to you both!

  5. 37

    Lisa Frank says

    The black and white stripe is absolutely perfect…the best choice for sure! I also think the width of the ribbon has a big impact…perhaps if the other colors were wider or striped, it would balance out the width of the tag more.

  6. 38


    where here’s the thing I love love this design and thought well I love the red because it is red and is a great color to complement the picture but I do love the black ribbon design. Do they have this in red?

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