My Tiny Prints 2011 Christmas Card!

Tiny Prints Christmas CardI teamed up with Tiny Prints for Christmas cards this year, and I’m so happy with how they turned out! Black + white stripes is a fave of mine (in fact, black/white stripes appear somewhere in both my books – and will be a signature pattern in my wedding next June). I love how we were able to get Henry in there too! I’ll be mailing these in vibrant red envelopes with a custom return address stamp. Excited! Thank you to Kristen Steele Photography for the image!

It wasn’t easy to decide on just one design though – there were SO many cute ones! Here are a few more that I loved…

Tiny Prints Striped Christmas CardTiny Prints Christmas Holiday CardChristmas Cards

I absolutely LOVE the rounded hanging ornament cards. Many of their cards can be turned into this shape and design too! The customization is fantastic. You can even add rounded corners (very cute)! Some of my favorite cards from friends and family this year have been from Tiny Prints! I definitely suggest you hop on over to check out their selection if you haven’t gotten your holiday cards out the door yet.

Don’t worry if you haven’t sent them out, order today and get your cards by the weekend for FREE with free express delivery (use code FSGift) at checkout!

New Years Photo Card

Want another option? Check out their New Years cards too! They are a fun alternative that’s picking up lots of steam in the card world. So many people send out Christmas cards that sending out a Happy New Years card lets yours stand out!



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    I ordered cards from Cardstore this year, but there are so many cute designs at Tiny Prints! Makes me wish I could send so many more!

  2. 2

    Green is definitely your color, you look amazing. What a beautiful couple, Henry included :)

  3. 4

    Great holiday photo, Courtney! I am a huge fan of the sit-on-the-front-steps backdrop.

  4. 5

    Very cute! I love Tiny Prints! Black and white stripes is so classy and elegant! I also like the 2nd example, very pretty!

  5. 6

    These are so sweet! Congrats on the collaboration!
    xx Lexi
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