Rustic Halloween Dessert Table

rustic halloween dessert table

Rustic Halloween Dessert Table

Kristy of Posh Pixel Design Studio sent me this Halloween dessert table designed by Tanya of Save the Date for Cupcakes. Tanya and Kristy collaborated on this fabulous table to showcase Kristy’s limited edition Halloween Printables! To turn around a submission the next day while flying in from one of the busiest and most hectic weeks of my life (I apologize if you have sent me emails and I have not gotten back to yet!) says a lot – including this table ROCKS and I had to share it with you!

candied pears and halloween desserts for dessert table

Tanya and Kristy worked with beautiful deep pinks, oranges, and creams. Gorgeous. Mini dirt trifles and mini jello shooters were among the Halloween desserts adorning the table. And ready for this — Mini caramel candied pears infused with peach honey sticks — Wow. Amazing. Tanya – mail me one of those ;)

gummy worm pumpkin cupcakes

As if this table could get any better, our latest Gourmet Guide company, Dough-A-Deer, made yummy matching doughnuts! They are all the rage, and you better believe I am ordering these for several upcoming parties because they are so darn cute and so customizable!

I’m currently seeing if I could add another project to my workload (I like to do this to myself) and these Cream Pumpkin Fondant Toppers are right down my alley for it! So cute. They were made by Two Sugar Babies.

If you have loved these Halloween ideas, join me over on the Seasonal Celebration Community where we’re chatting about fun pumpkin carving ideas, sharing pumpkin recipes, AND entering to win a Silhouette Machine.


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  1. 1


    Sooooo beautiful!! I love the hersheys kisses, the trick or treats, and the cupcake stand is also ingenious! But THOSE oairs!!! Oh my, too beautiful to eat!!

    Tanya has done an amazing job as always!!


  2. 6


    Okay, first let me say that I am now seriously hungry ;) Everything looks so scrumptious , and is that worms in dirt I see? I love the unexpected pop of pink with the traditional black and orange, so chic and elevates it beyond. Fantastic job ladies!

  3. 11

    Beth says

    Deliciously delightful!!

    What a coincidence, just read about you in my Eleusis that came today.

    Congratulations on all your success!!

  4. 13


    I love “Vintage” holiday decor, especially tablescapes! A friend of mine and I host an annual Halloween party and we always need new ideas to keep it fun. This is so cute!


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