Cinnamon Sugar Stars with Chocolate Dipping Sauce, perfect for the Oscars + Award Season!

Cinnamon Sugar Stars & Chocolate Dipping Sauce

With the Oscars less than a week away, I wanted to share my favorite little treat to enjoy while watching the star-studded event - Cinnamon Sugar Stars and Chocolate Dipping Sauce! They're similar to churros if you have ever had them, they're ready in minutes, and oh so delicious. They're the perfect star-shaped food to serve to guests to enjoy while watching the award show. I love party recipes that are also cute and these stars? The perfect … { read more }

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The Happy List

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry I missed The Happy List last week! It would have been called The Crazy List if I had even had one second to sit down. It was a wild week juggling the working from home life with the parenting life. But we made it! Now on to my absolute favorite links from around the web this week that made me oh so happy! I hope you are still enjoying Valentine's Day this weekend (and don't forget, Mardi Gras is … { read more }

Valentine's Day Striped White Chocolate Mousse Cups

Valentine’s Day Striped White Chocolate Mousse Cups

Are you all ready for Valentine's Day?! I have one more little treat idea for you! Why not get a little fancy this year and swap conversation hearts for pink- and white-striped mousse cups. I love the striped effect of this pretty little dessert, but what I love even more is how simple it is to make! They’re sure to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day! These striped white chocolate mousse cups are ready in minutes, though you can keep them … { read more }

You Whisk Me Off My Feet - Guy's Valentine Idea

“You Whisk Me Off My Feet” Guys’ Valentine

I posted this little pic on Instagram of me working on my husband's Valentine's gift! Lots of gals wanted the free printable so ta-da! You can download it here. Yes, it would work better with an actual whisk, but if your husband would prefer whiskey over a whisk like mine, then here you go! … { read more }

Lots of Mardi Gras Party Ideas and Recipe tips!

9 Mardi Gras Party Ideas & Recipes

Mardi Gras is next Tuesday, y'all! How did that sneak up on us? It's time get festive and throw a fabulous Mardi Gras party. Even if it's just a game-night with friends and neighbors or a family dinner with some festive touches, these 9 Mardi Gras party ideas and recipes are sure to add a little pizzazz to your party! VIEW SLIDESHOW... … { read more }

Free Galentine Party Printables for Valentine's Day!

Free “Galentine’s Day” Party Printables!

Hey Pizzazzerie readers!  It’s Cara here, from One Swell Studio. If you’ve noticed the abundance of candy, hearts, chocolates, & ginormous plush teddy bears in the stores lately, you know that can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day.  All that pink & red.  All those hearts.  All that LOVE! Maybe you’re like me & don’t love February the 14th as much as the next person.  Valentine’s Day can get a little commercial and well, sometimes … { read more }