Tutorial: Gumball Invite DIY + Free Printables

Get ready for the cutest invite tutorial from Lindsey Neill of Mr. Bean Cake Cards! She’s uber talented + oh so generous to let us share her fabulous invite that would be perfect for all sorts of fun occasions from birthdays to candy-themed  parties! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the supplies needed…

gumball invite

1. Foam Adhesives 2. Bazzill Paper (Or any preferred cardstock) 3. 1 1/8″ Circle Puncher 4. Purple Grosgrain Ribbon 5. Heart Punch 6. Small Scissors 7. Scalloped Border Punch 8. Scalloped 2″ Circle Punch 9. Circle Cutter (2 options for circle cutter. I prefer the second) 10.Glue Roller or Tape Adhesive

gumball tutorial invite

11. Circle Cutter 12. Paper Cutter

13. Lastly, a 5/8″ Circle Punch 14. (not pictured) round corner cutterfree gumball inviteTo get started, print the free printables on white card stock (shown above)

FREE Chevron Printable
FREE Gumball Printable
FREE Party Info Printable
FREE Party Tag Printable

Take the polka dot pattern paper and cut out a 3 3/8″ circle. There should be enough room on the page to cut two.

Then, you’ll cut a 3 5/8″ circle on the pink cardstock. You’ll take your polka dot circle and adhere it on to your slightly larger pink circle.

Now you can cut out the chevron striped patterned paper into a 7 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangle with your paper cutter. Or scissors if you don’t own a paper cutter. You’ll only be able to cut one rectangle per sheet of paper.

Take your corner rounder and round all the corners on the chevron patterned paper. You’ll repeat this with a sheet of pink cardstock, EXCEPT cut it 5″ x 8″ instead.
And once your chevron rectangle is adhered to your pink rectangle, it should look something like this.
Next you can punch out the circle with your child’s soon-to-be age with the 1 1/8″ circle punch. For demonstrative purposes I’ve chosen the 5.
You’ll then punch out your scalloped circle on the purple cardstock. I used scrap paper I already had, so you might notice is has polka dot texture to it. This is totally optional. Yours can have whatever texture you prefer. It can also be whatever color your prefer.
Adhere those two bad boys together and it should look like this…

Take your aqua cardstock and your scallop border punch and punch along the edge of the paper.

You’ll then cut it into three strips. Visual and measurements below…
NEXT, you’ll cut out the bottom part of the gumball machine. You’ll take a sheet of pink cardstock and cut it 3 1/2″ x 6″. Fold it in half…
Cut out the party info along the purple edge and adhere it to the inside of the card.

Now you’ll, ahem, adhere two of the aqua border pieces you just cut onto the card.The 3″ goes on top and the 3 1/4″ goes on the bottom. Using a hole punch, punch a hole into the top right corner of the card.

You might notice that I forgot to include another supply you’ll need so here you go. I hope you forgive me. Won’t happen again! Next you can assemble the top of the gumball machine. Cut out a 2 3/4″ circle.

Cut it in half.

Take one of the halves, your 2 7/8″ scallop border, and 5/8″ purple circle and glue (sorry couldn’t say the “a” word again) it all together.

Now the most fun part! Take the bottom, middle, and top of the gumball machine and stick them together. (Wondering how many words I can use instead of adhere…I’m breaking out the thesaurus.)

Cleave the scalloped circle and heart that you punched out (even though I forgot to include that direction). I’m sure you’re all overachievers and probably did it anyways. I think highly of you all. You’ll use the foam adhesive for both to give it a 3-D affect. You’ll also want to add the foam adhesive to the back side of the gumball machine so it raises up from the background. TA-DA! Almost finished!

The last and final instruction…take that pretty purple ribbon (about 2 feet) and thread it through the circle and tie a bow to keep it shut.
Drum roll please…..

Perfect for any little girl who loves candy. THANK YOU to Lindsey of Mr. Bean Cake Cards for letting us share this amazing tutorial! We can’t wait to get paper-crafting and create these cuties!
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