Strawberries: A Farmer’s Market Brunch

Strawberry Salad and Champagne Recipes

Summer Strawberries

My typical Sunday routine involves shopping the farmers market, which is conveniently walking distance from my apartment. I buy just about anything that catches my eye and then try out a new recipe with the ingredients purchased. Apparently I went on an empty stomach and ended up with pounds (yes, pounds!) of freshly picked strawberries. Living on a tight budget and a small craft box, I had to make the most of these beauties. I quickly discovered that one could plan an entire event without breaking the bank from cocktail to takeaway with one main ingredient, strawberries.

Whether it’s a brunch with the girls or a neighborhood gathering, make it a strawberry themed event. It’s not a party without the cocktails, start by serving your guests strawberry champagne. A light lunch or a side salad, serve a strawberry and spinach salad. If it’s a side, pair with grilled chicken and roasted red potatoes. Everyone’s favorite, the dessert, provide both mini and standard sized strawberry cupcakes. Less guilt when you go for that second (or third) mini cupcake. The takeaway for your guests, homemade strawberry jam (tag via domestifluff)! May also want to consider this fabric bunting as part of your decorations. Alright, happy party planning!

All recipes tested & photographed by Lisa Thiele at With Style

About Lisa:

Lisa is a creative advisor and blogger for, providing inspiration for a stylish life. with a bit of wit and touch of fabulous, she covers everything relating to food, fashion, entertaining, packaging and all else in between!

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    Sandra Sawyer says

    Great write up, funny and so creative. I’ll be putting your webpage in my favorites for sure!! Great job Lisa.

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    MMMMMM. So sweet. Especially love the cupcakes – who would have thought that such a simple cupcake topper would make such an impact? Fabulous!

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    I love this post! The jar of strawberries with the twine is so beautiful. I could go for that mason jar full of strawberry lemonade right now!!!

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