Camping Themed Dinner Party

Camping Dinner Party

Dinner Parties are a great way to break out some of the dishes and silverware that you may not use all the time, and to come up with a fun theme for all of your guests. Kim, owner of Head of the Table, created this great camping themed dinner party for her father in law’s birthday dinner.  Using only items that she had in the house, she created one of the most creative and modern takes I have ever seen on a camping dinner party.

Camping Dinner Party Details

The details of this dinner party are very guy friendly, but with a stylish twist that is very doable for anyone to recreate.  The marshmallow place cards are my absolute favorite, and all you need are skewers and marshmallows to re-create on your own.  And of course, every camping trip needs s’mores, and this s’more centerpiece that you can pull together from your pantry can double as decoration for the dinner.   And the bread basket grill is just genius, especially if you already have a mini grill sitting around the house you can use.

Check out a few more details from this “Camping in Style” dinner party on Head of the Table’s blog!


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