Daisy Teal Birthday Party

Daisy Teal Birthday Party Table

Stand up Napkins

cupcake skewers on a stick


Daisy Teal Birthday Party

I love Daisies and I love Teal! So this party is a fun one! As you saw with the Berries & Bellinis Party this week, I’m loving cupcake skewers (or cupcakes-on-a-stick, whatever you want to call them). They’re so fun and so cute! They’d make a great centerpiece themselves! Have you made any? Send us your pics!

These stand up napkins are too cute! ThemeNaps makes them, and they have lots of other fun designs! I’m loving their collegiate collection too – especially since we are headed into one of my favorite seasons, football season! Tailgating parties galore! They even have Vanderbilt which is fabulous since I’m currently starting the design of a big Vanderbilt/LSU tailgate! The stand up napkins are a fun, whimsical addition to this table!

You’ll notice we mixed fancy champagne flutes with our paper napkins. For a fun party like this one, don’t be afraid to break out the fancy glasses! Every celebration is an excuse to be fancy!

Napkins by ThemeNaps
Tablescape & Images by Phronsie’s Tables/Pizzazzerie


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    Meredith says

    What could be better than a cupcake?! A sweet, mini cupcake-on-a-stick!! AHHH! I am LOVING the cupcake skewers! Can’t wait to come to another C-Dial party and eat about 25! :)


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