James and the Giant Peach Party!

James and the Giant Peach was one of my favorite books as a child, so when I recently spoke at Folio Love (which by the way was amazing, I love speaking to talented people) and saw the James and the Giant Peach styled party, I was smitten! Aubry Startin was one of the talented photographers I met that day, and she shared her shots of the Peach party!

james giant peach party decorationjames giant peach party decoration 4james giant peach party decoration

james giant peach party decoration

I absolutely adore the variety of prints + patterns used from the tablecloth to the green plates! And the bottled orange sodas? Super cute. All kids would love this party centered around the childhood favorite, James + the Giant Peach!

So go grab some peaches and look around your house for reusable party decor like fun tins you can decorate with scrapbook paper and mod-podge. Or create tissue paper pom poms in orange, green, and white to hang above your table! This would be a great birthday party or neighborhood kids’ party.

Styling by Folio Love + Photography by Aubry Startin

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