Lemonade Stand Party

lemonade stand party

The talented team of One Charming Party has done it again! Their latest dazzling party design is perfect for these hot summer days – a Lemonade Stand Party! This party is a perfect way to celebrate the middle of summer with a cool glass of lemonade, fun printables for decoration, and cute accessories to make your stand the best on the block.

My brother and I spent every summer sitting at our lemonade stand in Charleston, SC. They are precious memories I treasure! This party is the perfect way to celebrate SUMMER! The best part? One Charming Party is giving away four printables for FREE so you can host a lemonade stand too. Just head to One Charming Party starting July 5th for your free printables {Fresh Lemonade sign, stand rules, menu, and cookie tag}.

lemonade stand party 3

The pictures by Nicole Hill Gerulat capture all the sweet details + happy kids!

lemonade stand party 2

I love the idea of serving up some sweet treats with the lemonade! What a great idea for a bake sale + lemonade stand duo!

lemonade stand party

lemonade party

lemonade stand party

Wooden crates make the perfect tables and seats for a lemonade stand party! And they’re great for keeping around the house for toy baskets or spray painting for other parties!

lemonade stand party 4

I adore the {Lemonade Stand Rules} sign! You can find fun straws like those seen below at Shop Sweet Lulu.

lemonade stand party

lemonade stand party

All of the kids certainly had a fabulous time at this lemonade stand party! So, the next time your kids tell you they’re “bored”, encourage them to get outside and host a lemonade stand! And head over to One Charming Party for the free printables (available July 5th).

Styling and design: Sara Westbrook & Brittany Egbert for One Charming Party www.onecharmingparty.com
Photography: Nicole Hill Gerulat

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