Cute + Colorful Spa Fairy Party!

This adorable spa fairy party from Heather B. Centurioni at HBDesigns is bursting with cuteness + all of the essentials for a fun, girly party: manicures, fairy wings, and lots of yummy snacks! I may be 27 but this totally makes me want to have a spa fairy party for my next birthday! Seriously, the cutest idea ever..take a look…

Heather created a “spa” for her daughter, Sophia’s, fifth birthday, complete with nail dryers, fun polish colors, and pretty fairy wands and wings. As each little fairy waited for her manicure, she decorated her own fairy wand. Once their manicure was complete, they were treated to their very own set of fairy wings!

After getting all dolled up, the fairies floated over to the fairy garden room. To make a magical setting for lunch, Heather covered the table with astroturf and used a painted planter box filled with glittery toadstools, dragonflies and butterflies as the centerpiece. Two dozen paper lanterns hung above the table, with mesh butterflies floating in and out.  The food table was anchored by mesh netting, flowers, and more butterflies!

The fairy lunch included Garden Burgers (cheeseburgers), Fairy Fries and Pixie Fruit Pops. Cute glass bottles rimmed with lavender chocolate and sprinkles held Lark Lemonade for the ladies to sip on with their snacks! The dessert spread included Fairy Cakes for each guest, a checkerboard Neverland Cake in pink and purple, and hummingbird and butterfly cookies!

Being the “fabrinery” maven Heather is, the invitations were, of course, a hit with all of the little ladies! HBDesigns designed one-of-a-kind fairy fabric to use as the backdrop for the fabric-based invites! A 3-layer card was adorned with lavender crystals and a purple glitter liner. All of the signage at the party was modeled after the invitations, using the custom fabric-backed cards!

A fun tradition Heather’s family has is to create a plate to go with the theme of the party for guests to autograph. The plate is then hung in Sophia’s room as a reminder of how big she’s getting! How cute!

At the end of the party, each fairy guest received a basket of spa goodies, including a bath scrunchie, pretty nail file, nail polish, custom birthday hat and handmade soaps and bath fizzies that Sophia helped make! As Sophia told her mom, it was “cooking science!”  Heather shared the soap-making tutorial with us:

Making soap is super easy and fun. My nearly 5 year old daughter and I made the soaps for her party together. She loved to see the hard glycerin transform into a liquid and then back to a solid. All the supplies can be found at your local craft store.

  • -pure glycerin soap
  • -soap fragrance
  • -rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
  • -molds (shaped cookie trays, candy molds, ice trays)
  • -food coloring
  • -double boiler
Step 1
Melt glycerin soap in a double boiler. Melting the soap in a microwave is not suggested. If you do not have a double boiler, just place a mixing bowl on top of a pot of boiling water. If you melt the soap directly in a pot, it will heat up too fast and be much too hot to handle.
Step 2
Once the soap is melted, add a drop or two of food coloring. The more you add the darker the soap will be (a little goes a long way!). Next add a few drops of soap fragrance. Stir it all together.
Step 3
Pour the liquid into your mold. Spray each soap with a couple times with rubbing alcohol. This step will prevent bubbles from forming in your soaps.
Step 4
Let your soaps harden for about an hour.
Step 5
When cool and hard, gently pop your soaps from the molds.
Vendors + Credits
invitations, signage, thank you’s :: HBDesigns
custom fabric design :: HBDesigns and Two Punks and Princess
custom fabric production :: Spoonflower
cakes :: HBDesigns
vinyl stickers :: A City Sticker
custom party hats :: Oh Goodie Designs
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