Sweet Teen’s Birthday Party

Sweet Teen's Birthday Party

How Sweet It Is…

A sweet teen party is for Tweens, Teens, Princesses, and Queens! Blow up lots of balloons, provide lots of party hats and horns, and turn up the music to match the high-spirited styles of teens! This sweet teen wanted a way to remember her first slumber party so these autograph pillows did the trick! Learn how to make them below.

Teen's Autograph Pillow

Autograph Pillows

Here’s What You Need:

* 1 yard if fabric (whimsical prints) One yard of fabric will make 3 pillows (2 1/2-yards of fabric will make 7 pillows
* Fiberfill
* Accessories – feathers, buttons, jewels, ribbon, silk flowers,etc.
* Fabric glue and/or needle and thread
* Permanent marking pens – they work very well on fabric

Here’s What To Do:

Make the pillow pattern by drawing a triangle with the bottom 14-inches and the two sides 16-inches each. Fold a yard of fabric in half and cut three sets of triangles. Place the wrong sides out (the right sides should be facing each other) and sew the three sides leaving 4-inches open at the bottom. Turn inside out and stuff with fiberfill through the bottom opening. Stitch closed after finished stuffing.

Make the pillows several days ahead of the slumber party. Buy lots of accessories to embelish the pillows. Let each girl create her very on pillow personality. After the pillows are completed, each person can autograph. What a neat memento of a fun birthday time.

Tablescape & Pillows by Phronsie’s Tables

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    Jill says

    I love the autograph pillows… how memorable! And a fabulous party favor!
    I would have done anything to have had this as a little princess…. heck, I may use it this year! hehe~

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