“The Perfect Pair” Wine + Cheese Bridal Shower!

Host a "Perfect Pair' Wine + Cheese Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower is quite a fun fete. What will the theme be? How will you make decorations? What food will you serve? All the questions swirling around for how to make it a memorable shower for the lovely couple! I’m excited to share my “Perfect Pair” shower idea with you. Pair wines, cheese, and other accoutrements for a tasty and chic evening shower. Whether you’re hosting a couples shower or just a girl’s gathering, this theme works beautifully for showering that “perfect pair” ;)

Bridal Shower - Wine + Cheese Pairing for "The Perfect Pair" Wine + Cheese Pairing Menu

Cracker Barrel Aged Reserve
Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar
Cracker Barrel Mediterranean Herb
Crackers, Toast, Flatbread Toasts
Dried Pomegranates + Apricots
Chevre Cheese
Sliced Prosciutto + Salami
Sliced Green Apple

Wines: Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc + Pinot Noir

Perfect Pair: Wine + Cheese Pairing Party

A few notes on pairings! It’s always a good idea to include some sweet and savory items on your cheese plates. Provide guests with a variety of tastes to build delicious pairings. I added honey, dried pomegranates  and apricots for touches of sweetness. One of my favorite pairings is Cracker Barrel’s Aged Reserve paired with arugula and honey. The peppery taste of the arugula pairs beautifully with the sweet touch of the honey.  Green apple slices add tartness too. Providing a variety of options that blend well is key for the perfect pairings.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Tips + Ideas

You can serve a handful of wines. I chose a sauvignon blanc and pinot noir. I also think a toast of sparkling Prosecco or champagne would be a wonderful start to a “Perfect Pair” bridal shower!

Herb cheese + arugula + apricot appetizer!

Another favorite pairing (you could serve these items separately on a cheese plate or put them together for a quick pass-around appetizer) is a water cracker topped with Cracker Barrel Mediterranean Herb, honey, arugula, and a pecan. It has a lot of crunch and the herb flavor of the cheese is fantastic.

Appetizer for Wine + Cheese Pairing

A toasted flatbread cracker topped with chevre, Cracker Barrel Aged Reserve, thinly sliced green apple, and an apricot is another favorite. I suggest creating a few prepared appetizers to get guests enjoying the pairings. This will also encourage them to get creative (rather than eat items individually). Have them try various cheeses with white and then red wine for different tastes.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Party for the "Perfect Pair" Bridal ShowerSpray Paint Wine Bottles for Quick + Easy Table Decor

For an easy table decor centerpiece (could be used on a pairing table or down the center of a table for seated settings), simply spray paint a variety of wine bottles. It’s the perfect excuse to sip away to save up bottles. I chose white for my display but you can pick any color your heart desires. Try matching it to the couple’s wedding colors for a personal touch!

Wine and Cheese Bridal ShowerI hope you’re inspired to throw your own wine + cheese party this spring! Whether it be a bridal shower or just a backyard cookout, you can always serve up delicious cheese pairing appetizers!

Disclaimer: I’m working together with Cracker Barrel Cheese to bring a variety of cheese recipes + party ideas to you. Though I am being compensated for my time + effort, the opinions above are my own. 


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    Gabriella says

    Simply Adorable! What a way to make it memorable! I bet the “perfect pair” (Mr. and Mrs. to-be) are very pleased with their shower. Great job Courtney, as always!


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