Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party!

super bowl party ideas 2012The Chow
When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, it’s totally okay (in fact, expected) that the party will center around the tube. So when creating your menu, simplicity rules. Think portable and handheld, like these individual seven layer dips from Savory Sweet Life or these smokey sweet chicken wings from Steamy Kitchen. If you must get fancy – -which, who are we kidding? You must, since you read this blog — use toothpicks to adorn your bite-size snacks with these free printables from Anders Ruff.

super bowl party ideas 2012

The Guest List
This isn’t a state dinner, so don’t limit your guest list: football is meant to be rowdy. Your goal should be to get a noise complaint from your cranky neighbor. Anyone you like hanging out with who’s remotely interested in football, or yelling loud things at the TV should be invited. Just make sure you stash away any breakables before the crowd arrives.

The Drinks
When it comes to drinks, you don’t need to go crazy creating a signature cocktail. Beer and football is definitely one of the greatest pairings of all time (it’s right up there with peanut butter and jelly) — so don’t mess with it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some flair to your bash with these fun DIY tags for your bottled beverages. Take your bar decor to the next level with this brew-tastic take on the Keep Calm and Carry On print from katiecompanyprint’s Etsy shop.

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