Tutorial: How to Make a Pomander Flower Ball

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how to make a flower pomander ball

Pomanders, or “Flower Kissing Balls” are gorgeous floral decorations at parties and weddings. It’s name is from the French pomme d’ambre or apple of amber – a ball of perfume. They were carried to protect against infections and diseases by modifying bad smells. Interesting huh? Well, today they’re used as a beautiful, hand-made decoration!

My sweet friend Paula of Frog Prince Paperie (who I first met when she made a birthday banner for my friend’s son) has made a tutorial for these darling floral balls! She created these pomanders for a Little Birdie Baby Shower (it’s darling, you must check it out).

Paula: “I love being crafty and doing big projects, but planning a party is such a big project by itself that I try to create crafty items that are simple but have a big impact. The paper pomanders that I made for my recent Little Birdie baby shower fit simple and impressive perfectly. So simple, in fact, even my husband was able to help with them!”


4” white Styrofoam ball

- 90-100 pearl tipped corsage pins

- Two sheets scrapbook paper – I used a pearlized pink for one ball and a matte pale pink for the other in these pictures

Martha Stewart hydrangea punch

martha stewart hydrangea punch

Step 1. You’ll need to punch 180-200 of the hydrangea petal shapes, which will take around a sheet and a half of 12×12 scrapbook paper.

Step 2. After the shapes are all punched, curl the edges of the petals upward and to the center. This will give the flowers some dimension when they are complete.

Step 3. Stack two of the flower petals and turn them a bit so it looks like a full flower. Stick a corsage pin straight through the center of your petals.

Step 4.  Push the end of the pin into the Styrofoam ball, the repeat until your ball is covered.

I started mine by making a row around the center and filling in each half a concentric row at a time. Make sure your flowers are close enough that the petals cover the Styrofoam. If you’re going to sit them flat by themselves on the table as I did for my centerpieces, you can leave about 2 inches on the bottom bare of flowers so the balls have a bit more stability. If you cover the entire ball, these would look pretty in a bowl or with ribbons pinned among the petals to hang them.

And that’s it! A very simple project for a very elegant and impressive display.

Thank you, Courtney, for letting me share this tutorial with your readers!

All the best-

Paula Biggs

Frog Prince Paperie

http://www.frogprincepaperie.com | http://frogprincepaperie.etsy.com | http://www.facebook.com/FrogPrincePaperie

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  1. 84

    Great tutorial for a DIY wedding – thank you!

  2. 85
    patricia machado says:

    amei as ideias

  3. 86

    Thanks so much for this! This is perfect for one of my clients’. Will be trying this out!

  4. 87
    Kim Kight says:

    So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  5. 88

    omg i finally found my centerpiece and wedding ceremony decor thank you for this post!! you saved my life!! =)

  6. 89

    Where did you find these pink corsage pins? I can only find white!!

  7. 90

    These are stunning. Thank you for the tutorial

  8. 91

    I found the pink ones at Michaels. The only problem is that at 4.99 per pack of 100 pins, and 3.99 per styrofoam ball, this is not a cheap DIY. It came out SO pretty though – I’ll probably just make two.

    • 92

      You can get Styrofoam balls at most Dollar Tree’s now. I’d recommend buying what ever you can find there for your DIY projects, because the things you can’t are usually fairly pricey.

      • 93

        You are a life-saver or at least a budget-saver. I didn’t know how I was going to afford those very expensive styrofoam balls at Michaels! I will be going to Dollar Tree today!

  9. 94

    LOVE this idea!!! I am making these into little topiaries for my daughters birthday!

  10. 95

    Wonderful!! Where did you find that little birdcage? I’ve been looking for ages!!

  11. 96
    Stephanie McLean says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous, I am getting married in the garden at 6.30pm and so my whole them is around the garden, outdoors lots of flowers, pomanders, lanterns, candles etc. I had been looking for the perfect centrepiece’s that incorporate pomander and lantern and I came across this picture so I followed the links and it took me to this step by step. It is awesome, I will just replace the bird cage with a small white lantern and wha la I have my perfect centrepieces.

    All I must ask and I may be playing stupid, I am trying to cost up this pomander by looking at supplies I will need. Is the numbers on this step by step guide ie 180-200 punched hydrangeas etc is this per Pomander ball? Just so that I don’t order and then I have to order more supplies, id rather over order than under order.


  12. 97

    THANKS for this great tutorial! This made for a beautiful decoration in the nursery for my newborn baby girl. I shared the link on my blog- Hope thats okay!

  13. 98

    I want to make these for my bridesmaid bouquets but need to know how to put a ribbon in it.. Could u tell me?

  14. 99

    inanılmaz güzeller..

  15. 100

    About how many does that make?

  16. 101
    Juleen Sudler says:

    These are beautiful. Simple and classy. I want to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  17. 102

    hi, was wondering where i can find the candle holder the is in the picture..how much does each one cost? this is absolutely stunning!

  18. 103

    Wow, this is gorgeous! What a tutorial!

  19. 104

    oh man…I wish I had read this tutorial before my wedding!! This is so easy to make and looks so pretty too!!

  20. 105

    Hi! I absolutely love this idea! I would like to make these for my daughter’s christening. Unfortunately, all the hydrangea punches seem to be on back-order! Do you think it will look nice with a different flower? I have found daisy punches. The only hydrangea punch I found was tiny- I don’t know if it will work.


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