Alice in Wonderland Dessert Table

Lavender Dessert Party from Sweets Indeed

Lavender Whimsical Party from Sweets Indeed

Wonderland Whimsy

I am a huge fan of anything with a fanciful sentiment, so when I came across this Wonderland Whimsy dessert table by Sweets Indeed, I just couldn’t keep it to myself! Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the lovely station was created for a wedding at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs.

Sweets Indeed’s custom made tea cup cake stands, moss covered stands, dessert tags, favor boxes, and signage perfectly highlighted the incredibly beautiful lavender (gorgeous color!) confections.

My absolute FAVORITE part though are the little “eat me” flags tucked into the sweets! Fabulously reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, they added an adorable and creative touch to the already charming spread!

Photography by The Pixel Studio

Sweets Indeed also loves Sweet and Saucy Shop and Vanilla Bake Shop and uses many of their treats in their lovely Sweet Stations!




  1. 1

    Absolutely delightful! I love the lavender and the Eat Me flags. Are they wood?

  2. 3

    I love this table….one of my favorites for sure! The teacup cake stands are such a great idea!

  3. 4

    YUMMMMM!!!! I love the word “whimsical,” too. :)

  4. 6

    Looking at pretty dessert tables is pretty much my favorite thing EVER…thanks for sharing :)

  5. 7

    Absolutely looove it! I ADORE Sweet Indeed’s work! Always so inspiring!

  6. 8

    LOVE this post! Love it!

  7. 9

    WOW! those are fabulous photos! the spread is so beautiful. i feel honored to have my “eat me” picks featured in such a classy, elegant and whimsical display. thank you so much :)

  8. 13
    kathleen says:

    Great post !! Love the lavender! Classy and fun!!!

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