Paper Style: Celebrating Your Life

If you haven’t visited Paper Style before, you are in for a treat! They have such a neat collection of paper goodies. What I love is that they also sell neat gifts from cute bags to cocktail napkins too! I could spend hours just browsing their site (confession: have definitely done this!).

Most recently, the Paper Style crew was tweeting about their awesome wine and beer labels. I could envision a party theme for each one!  For example, being a party designer, I am always thinking a season ahead. Visions of pumpkins and Halloween treats are already in my head! So when I saw this cute wine bottle label, I about died!

Witch Halloween Wine Bottle Label

Party Inspiration

This Halloween, I’m designing a dinner party around this “Witches Brew” label. That’s the great thing about designing fun parties, you can be inspired by something as simple as a wine bottle label!  Paper Style has a million other fun ones too! Check them out.  And I love how you can customize them, that is so key these days for a personalized event.


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