3 Last Minute Party Appetizers!

3 Last Minute Party Appetizers with Cheese!

If you’ve been following along with my posts this summer, then you’ll know I’ve been enjoying lots of Cracker Barrel Cheese! From visiting Chicago & NYC to recipe developing here in Nashville, I have learned a lot about cheese! So I’m excited to share another post with you guys for those times when guests pop-in unannounced and you find yourself rummaging through your pantry trying to pull together something presentable, sound familiar? Here are 3 easy party appetizers using high-quality Cracker Barrel Cheese and items that many of us have in our pantries!

These appetizers are “build your own” which lets you visit with guests while they enjoy a delicious cheese plate. Here are some items to add to your cheese plate for these appetizers.

Cracker Barrel Cheeses (Mediterranean Herb, Aged Reserve)
Sliced Green Apple
Assorted Crackers
Marcona Almonds
Bite-Size Tomatoes
Dried Cranberries (or other fruit)
Sliced Peppers

3 Last Minute Party Appetizers with Cheese!

Tomato & Herb Tart: Stack Cracker Barrel Mediterranean Herb cheese on a cracker. Top that with either a piece or arugula or baby greens. Finish with a sliced tomato and a pinch of cracked black pepper.

Arugula & Honey Cheese Squares: Top a cracker with Cracker Barrel Aged Reserve and arugula. Drizzle with honey. *Note* This is one of my favorite snacks and always served at my parties!

Apple & Herb Cheese Bites: Top a thin slice of green apple with Cracker Barrel Mediterranean Herb and finish with a dried cranberry and cashew nut. Almonds or raisins would also be delicious alternatives here.

3 Last Minute Party Appetizers with Cheese!

More About Cracker Barrel: Cracker Barrel’s cheese is known for it’s award-winning, high quality craftsmanship. It’s perfect in recipes or on its own. Throughout my experience working with Cracker Barrel, I heave learned how passionate they are about their cheeses (and it’as easy to see why – they’re delicious)! The cheese is made with the finest ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your family and friends. Find all the flavors + more about Cracker Barrel Cheese here. And if you have a second, hop over here to fill out this fun cheese survey from Cracker Barrel!¬†Disclaimer: Cracker Barrel is a client but all opinions expressed within are my own.

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  1. 3

    Wendy says

    What an awesome idea. Having guests create their own appetizers is much more practical and oh so fun! Thanks for the idea Courtney!

  2. 6

    Thuy says

    A. Maze. Zing!!!…such a hit and simple to make. Literally my last minute appetizer idea. Thank you so much for your creativity!

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