Cake + Mason Jars = Delicious! {Giveaway}

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cake in mason jars for favors wedding

Cake Jars

When this arrives at your door, you know it’s going to be a good day. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that IS cake in a mason jar and LET me tell you, it is not just “cake” but it’s decadent, delicious, layer by layer amazingness. That’s how good it is! This genius little idea is that of the sweet team over at Fantasy Frostings. Earl and Leslie have had such an outstanding response to these mason jars of cuteness that they are busy working on adding this product to their website now!

Four delicious flavors came packed up with a darling letterpress card in a luxury gift box. Ready for this? Pumpkin (this one didn’t last long in my house, yum and YUM!), chocolate marshmallow, lemon poppy seed, and apple nut spice! And when you open each mason jar, you see a cute cake heart! TO DIE FOR darling. How perfect would this be for a wedding favor? Perfect. Ideas don’t stop there – with a custom logo sticker, imagine vendor and corporate thank-yous? Birthday presents? Holiday gifts? Party favors? Yes, you see the point, so many ideas for these sweet gifts. They’re ready to eat and oh so delicious!

cake in a jar

Want to order some of these cuties? Head over and contact the team at Fantasy Frostings!

Photography by Holly at Cakes and Kisses Photography

Giveaway Now Closed

{GIVEAWAY} Seeing as it IS the season of giving, Fantasy Frostings has generously decided to give a lucky reader some of these delicious cake jars! Deadline to enter is Friday, December 3rd at 5:00EST. Winner will be announced on Monday, December 6th!

Up to 3 entries!
(1) Leave a comment below!
(2)  For a second entry, Become a facebook fan of PIZZAZZERIE and come back here and let us know you’re a fan!
(3) Tweet: “I entered to win Cake Jars from @fantasyfrosting on @pizzazzerie” and come back here to leave a comment letting us know you tweeted!

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  1. 5

    Christy McGowan says

    I just recently found PIZZAZZERIE and love the updates! I am a fan on FB too!!

    I plan on making that candy cane centerpiece for the secretaries at my school. I teach Kindergarten!

    Keep up the great work and I would love to win the cake jars!!!

  2. 6


    These are so stinkin’ cute I can barely stand it…I so want them. Bad. Need cake. LOL! And yes, I totally “liked” you on FB, but not just because of cake ;) And I’m totally tweeting…ok, mostly because of cake…mmm, cake (and frosting!).

  3. 8

    Cindy Baugh says

    I think the Cake Jars are wonderful. At first I thought they were a type of layered ingredients but then realized they are actually baked. What a great idea!

  4. 18

    Carrie Ann C says

    Love, love, love it! These are gorgeous & look delish! BTW – I’m a FB fan too & love getting the updates everyay!

  5. 20

    Sharon says

    I am on a fan on Facebook….love this idea even more than the jar full of yummy ingredients, here the deliciousness is already ready for ya’!

  6. 61

    Andrew Brotherton says

    These look super delicious, and my birthday+finals week is coming up next week….perfect timing :)

  7. 63

    Heather lopez says

    Oh gosh that idea is tooo adorable I love it!!!! Beautifully wrapped and who can resist a mason jar??!!! Hope I win!!!!!!

  8. 65

    Debra Arroyo says

    I am obsessed with mason jars and what better gift than to add delicious cake from Fantasy Frostings!!!

  9. 84 says

    I love this idea. I’ve seen dry goods in containers and it comes with the recipe on it. I like this idea so much better, because you don’t have to bake anything. Eat it right out of the jar!

  10. 100

    Jaime says

    I definitely spread the word about these through FB and Twitter. It’s such a cool idea! Wedding planning is in the near future for me, so I’m keeping these in mind =)

  11. 111


    Hey! I’m sooo stealing this! Mason jars are great after you eat all the yummy stuff for sweet tea at family barbeques. That’s how we do it in the south!

  12. 114

    Sue says

    It has always been cookies or brownies in a jar so who would ever have guessed how easy cakes would be as well. We make cakes all of the time from a box so I really loved this idea of something feeling a bit more homey.

  13. 153

    Mien van de ven says

    Great idea, and good for shipping to your friends and family for special occasions. I will have to try them.

  14. 170

    Linda Loxterman says

    I am such a fan of y’all. I use your ideas
    and add my own touches. It’s so much fun
    to create. And so much more affordable!
    Please include me in the cake/frosting contest.
    I would like to see them “in person”. I am tweeting
    to be included…

  15. 176


    You know I’m a fan on Facebook, AND OMG!! What an amazing idea!!! I’d love to win those!!!!! Ah!
    So many exclamation points I’m that excited! :)

    I also just tweeted:
    realnutritioncg claire gallam
    I entered to win Cake Jars from @fantasyfrosting on @pizzazzerie
    now Favorite Reply Delete

  16. 186

    Mr. Frostings says

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I have read them all, and you each deserve a set! Sadly, only one wins. Can’t wait to see who?

  17. 198

    Melinda Castorena says

    1) Comment left! (check!)

    2) Facebook Fan! (check!)

    3) Tweeted! (check!)

    I love this idea!

    (Great pictures Holly!) :)

  18. 210

    vickie rouse says

    I found your website when a friends daughter was getting married, now I look forward to each newletter. Thanks, Vickie

  19. 213

    Debbie Lerew says

    What a great idea. The cakes on their website are stunning. You find the most wonderful things. Love this site…..

  20. 221

    Courtney McClanahan says

    Love these cake jars!! They are absolutely adorable and the heart cutout? Seriously?! It couldn’t get any cuter!! Love love LOVE!

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