Marshmallow Easter EGGsandwich!

Welcome to Pizzazzerie’s latest contributor – Nicolle Spitulnik of Libby Lane Press! She’s sharing a cute treat idea for Easter season!

Make cute Easter "Egg"Sandwiches with Marshmallows!

With Easter around the corner and the aisles of my favorite stores bursting at the seams with sugar, I knew this was the ideal time to get creative in the kitchen.

Once I saw Kraft’s Jumbo EggMallows it was inspiration at first sight! These pastel jet-puffed treats became the springboard for my first post as a monthly contributor on Pizzazerie.  So, with the perfect egg shape and a little filling creativity the Easter EGGsandwich came to life.

This is a simple way to incorporate marshmallows into your Easter dessert table without having to fall back on oldie-but-goodie Peeps {and don’t worry, we love Peeps, but here is how you can tie them in to your sweet display}.

To style this look, I purchased a grapevine nest and then added edible grass to create a festive Easter look.

Next, using a serrated knife, I cut the jumbo jet-puffed EggMallows in half, length-wise. Initially, I used only vanilla frosting as a filler and embellished with jellybeans, but then decided to chop Candy Melts to add a new flavor and color.

Make cute Easter "Egg"Sandwiches with Marshmallows!

Other filling ideas include:

  • crumbled cookies for a Cookies & Cream flavor
  • milk chocolate chips
  • graham cracker
  • coconut

After placing the ‘top’ on the sandwich, I used tiny dabs of frosting as glue to keep the edible sprinkles and confetti in place.  And wah-lah! Here you have not only a sweet dessert in a nest {who doesn’t love creative table displays?!} but also a simple, colorful take on a classic Easter treat.

Learn more about Nicolle here!

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