Planning the Big Day: The Registry

Planning the Big Day: The Registry

Ok, lets be honest, there are very few things more exciting to a woman than the thought of being let lose in a department store with a “magic gun” – you can point at things you want…and then OTHER PEOPLE will buy them for you! It sounds like something out of a dream, but yet this is what the almighty Bridal Registry really is.

I have always looked forward to this part of the wedding planning, after all, shopping is a task in which I have become quite proficient over the years ; ) I thought it would be all fun and games, like being in a candy store, and it kinda was but it was also pretty overwhelming!

Tom and I started our adventure at Macy’s, a registry staple for engaged couples. We signed up, got our “scanning weapon” and headed out to scan! Go go go! (right?) um…well yeah but what the heck do you get first? They said we needed china, so we aimed for the fancy plates….all 400 of them…did we want white or colored? Flowers or swirls? Polka dots? Ok, let’s wait on china, bedding will be easier- I mean, we already know how to sleep. Unfortunately this too was unsuccessful…how come they don’t have the sheets to match the duvet? And why does this one sham cost $150? No offense, but if I’m going to get a $150 gift, I’d rather it be something more useful (!) So after 2 hours we left…with 4 pillows on the list. Hmmm….

Bed Bath and Beyond! Yes- this would be great…there are tons of fun things here (especially in the BEYOND section!) Once again we set out on our journey…wow…they had everything there. Plates. Glasses. Tea kettles. Blankets. Serving trays. We could hardly contain ourselves, I think we scanned almost everything in the store and when Tom signed up for a mandolin slicer (I’m not even going to pretend to know why we need that) and I insisted on the ice cream maker (I’m lactose intolerant)…I knew we needed to leave the store- pronto. But at least now we have a list!

So, we still need to finish up a lot and we’ve been doing most of it online, but we’re getting there. My advice to all of you planning, get your ducks in a row BEFORE you head to the store. It’s harder than you think to make decisions and you don’t want to end up with a really expensive gravy boat and no dishes because you didn’t plan properly. And my last note….CHECK YOUR REGISTRY….OFTEN…otherwise you might get a call like the one I got from my sister, “Um, Cris why are you asking for 24 turquoise towels? That’s a lot, and your bathroom is grey…”, yeah….thanks Macy’s…:P



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    GAIL KURTZ says

    Hi Crista,

    Love the way you write, I was laughing out loud. It will all come together. Keep on making this fun fun fun.


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    Great post, Crista! You could do what Michael and I did and just run around scanning anything and everything you could ever consider wanting, only to return all the very random things you received to get the things you actually want lol…

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