Planning the Big Day: Wedding Colors

Planning the Big Day: Wedding Colors

So our planning train is chugging along and now it’s time to definitively decide on a color scheme…which is not easy for me, as I tend to love a new color each day depending on my mood. Green however, is a constant fave and I always thought I’d have a spring wedding, envisioning celery colored hydrangea, light lime gowns and everything accented with perfect touches of sunny yellow.

There would be water, a warm breeze, ducks (yeah, I don’t know, I have a weird thing about ducks)….etc. BUT enter reality….when your perfect venue only has November 5th open…your Spring Spell becomes Fall Fabulousness : ) So what do I do? I have decided that I am not giving up on my Green Inspiration but the yellow will have to go…so instead I’m reverting to my childhood preference for Purple (which I do still love and is the core color for Creations by Crista Marie ; )  )

I think it will be just lovely…tweaking the shade to a rich emerald and pairing it with a lush dark lavender! My gals can wear jade dresses, with purple shoes of course; I want plum accents in all of the flowers and…the unique touch…throwin’ in some peacock feathers for a little extra pizzazz…do you love it? I do! And if you don’t, well, don’t tell me because I’m very excited about this and you should really be nice to the bride because it’s her special day you know… ; )


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    um, YES, I LOVE it! gorgeous, Crista!

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    The colors you have selected are divine! Today is my anniversary and I am brought back center stage to my special day! Black Silver and white will always be special to me. Congratulations!

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    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!! xx

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    Heather Hughes says:

    I have to admit I love it, because that is almost the exact color palette changed to about 3 months ago, with an exception of a little more focus on a deep teal-y blue. I couldn’t help it we were going to do a bright green and pink for spring but after I saw this boutonniere ( ), we both had to change our colors! I hope you enjoy it!

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    GAIL KURTZ says:

    The colors are soooo BEAUTIFUL Crista!!!

    Wow, it took my breath away.

    I am so excited for you (The Bride to Be) :))))))

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    Love it !!!

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    Aunt Mailee says:

    It’s beautiful My favorite color!

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    Thank you everyone!! :)

  10. 10

    perfect colors!

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    Love these colors together! I’ve always liked peacock, and all these other rich jewel tones look fabulous with it!

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    How exciting for you! My daughter was married last year and it was a magical day for everyone

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