{Recipe} Chocolate Espresso Ganache Tarts!

Philips Saeco Syntia Focus Espresso Machine

Being a blogger has its perks. Like when Philips Saeco asked if I wanted to try out their Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine. Why yes, I sure do! I’m not a huge fan of plain ol’ coffee but a spruced up pumpkin spice latte (which this can make like no other) or a rich hazelnut espresso? Heck yes. In fact, my husband loves it so much that it’s the first thing he does in the morning and when he gets home from work (I have my own little barista).

I have had so much fun with this machine. It can make anything (and 2 at a time)! It also grinds beans whole (but can take ground too). My house smells amazing all.the.time. It’s definitely not a low-budget item but if you’re someone who loves a fancy coffee drink every day then you will love this. Put it on your Santa list! Needless to say, espresso has made its way into some of my baking lately! Here’s my latest espresso recipe…

chocolate espresso ganache tart

Chocolate Espresso Ganache Tart

24 mini shortbread tartelettes (I found mine in the baking aisle)
10 ounces dark chocolate, chopped (60% cocoa or higher)
3 ounces espresso
1 cup heavy cream

In a saucepan, heat cream until just boiling. Remove from heat and pour over chopped chocolate. Stir in espresso. Drop teaspoon-fulls of ganache into tartelettes. Chill until ready to serve. I garnished mine with a cute striped chocolate bar but you can also pipe whipped cream or garnish with anything your heart desires!

chocolate espresso ganache tart recipe

There you have it! Oh so delicious. If you’re looking for a treat, check out the Syntia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine because it’s easy to use, makes amazing gourmet drinks (I now ask visitors if they want a pumpkin spice latte instead of just plain ol’ coffee), and you can use the espresso in recipes! Woohoo!

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