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Tori Spelling Wedding Interview Picture

Tori Spelling is one of our favorite party designers and we have adored the fabulously stylish parties she has thrown for her two children, Liam and Stella. When we heard she was launching a weddings show, we just could not contain our excitement! The whole Pizzazzerie team loves Tori’s style and can not even wait to throw a “1st episode viewing party” (complete with cupcake skewers)!  We were lucky to track Tori down between book signings for a quick interview. Thanks, T!

Courtney: What is your favorite part of a wedding to design? Is it the reception tables, the whole “look”, the food?

Tori: “My favorite part is the details. I’m a good listener, and I like to find out little things that the couple love together or individually and incorporate them somehow as personal touches at the wedding/reception.”

C: Do you have any tips for adding something fun and unique to a wedding design?

T: “I love a dessert table. They can be fun and completely personalized. They look great visually and mix it up so you get more than just the traditional wedding cake.”

C: Have you enjoyed taping a wedding show? When did you first get the idea that you’d love to design and plan weddings?

T: “I am so excited about our new series “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook weddings”.  I love planning parties and thanks to Dean I believe 100% that we all can find our soul mate and have love. Literally marrying those two together gives me my passion for planning weddings.”

C: Where do you go for wedding inspiration?

T: “I have met such inspirational people and entrepreneurs. On Twitter and Facebook. I especially love women doing their thing!  Great ideas out there! I also get inspired by old vintage fashion magazines and coffee table books on home interiors. All the wedding sites give great tips and fun ideas too!”

C: Lastly, For fun, what is your favorite flavor of wedding cake?

T: “Coconut cake with key lime curd filling.”

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina Photography – Visit “kiss the groom”, created by Elizabeth Messina, and get ready to fall in love!
Find Tori: On TwitterOn FacebookTori  & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Little Maven by Tori Spelling, Tori Spelling Jewelry


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  1. 1

    Mae zaragoza says

    I love Tori! Following her on twitter is how I found Pizzazzerie! The two of you have gotten my creative party juices flowing.! Thnks!

  2. 3


    Love her!! Do you know when her show starts? Oh yeah and can I come to your premiere party ;)
    PS I have some GREAT parties coming up! Busy…busy… but what til you see!!! marcie <3

  3. 10

    Doreen Iorio Porzio says

    I knew Tori was going to be into wedding planning as soon as i saw her trying to plan EVERY detail of her own wedding!! Mehran had to literally drag her away!!!lol!! She wants everything perfect!! Her wedding was Beautiful & so was she!! Everyone knows how she loves to do parties,starting with her childrens birthday parties, events and the other giveaway!! Her friends wedding!! Good for her& Dean,great for their marrage too!! I remeber her marrying the two guys at, i believe ,at Chateau la Rue. Now she will be marrying them too!! I heard it will be on in the fall? Great we don’t have to wait to see her till April for “Home Sweet Hollywood” Whatever T does is wonderful!!She would make her dad proud!! I’m sure he is watching over her !!! ……Good Luck to you both!! Your #1 fan! Looking forward to seeing new show!!!

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