Planning the Big Day: Band or DJ?

wedding dancing and dj

Planning the Big Day: Band or DJ?

So we are just under 8 months from the wedding, things are moving along and one of the items that I want to make sure is perfect is the music at my reception. Partly because I am a big ‘wedding dancer’ (ie super huge ham that likes to be the center of attention) and partly because my dad keeps harping on the fact that “If you don’t have good music it won’t be a good wedding- gotta have great music!”…which is ironic since he’s never really been much a Fred Astaire himself ;)

wedding dancing music dj and band

Anyway, so the first thing we needed to decide upon was Band vs DJ. Our venue is known for it’s super-cool, high-end entertainment division offering a band or DJ, so we pretty much knew we’d be taking that route, but in what capacity? We saw the band perform and they were definitely way above average….but so was the price…haha. So we weighed the pros and cons:

Band Pros: Live music, big sound

Band Cons: New song versions (ok- Frank Sinatra should NOT sound like that), Big price

DJ Pros: Original songs (just like you remember ‘em), easy on the wallet

DJ Cons: Less live interaction

In the end we agreed the DJ was the best fit for us- I’m a snob about wanting to hear a song the exact same way I’ve always heard it…probably b/c I like to sing a long and I can’t do that if it’s not the way I remember it!

Now we need to agree on our “Entrance”, “First Dance”, “Mother/Son”, “Father/Daughter”, “Cut The Cake” songs….etc. the list goes on forever! Let me know if you have any ideas….right now I run the risk of walking in to my reception to “Eye of the Tiger” if Tom has anything to say about it- and while the 2001 Drew University Rugby team would just LOVE that…I’m not so sure my Grandma, sister and I would be quite as supportive : )


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