Summer Drink Recipe: Blackberry Coolers

Frozen Blackberry Cooler Recipe - SO refreshing!

Some of my fondest memories are picking blackberries at my grandparent’s house in upstate South Carolina with my family. We have this thing with blackberries…we LOVE them (proof: my brother’s blackberry jam recipe). They’re not quite as popular as the strawberry or the blueberry but if you taste them at their ripeness, you’ll fully understand why we’re obsessed. Blackberry cobbler is a personal favorite recipe (topped with vanilla ice cream of course)¬†that I will have to share soon but I’m apparently in a boozy mood lately (bring it on, happy hour) so behold…the Blackberry Cooler! You might remember that I have this obsession with frozen fruity beverages (like watermelon and pineapple) so it’s no surprise I’ve given it a blackberrry twist! That color though, so pretty!

Last summer I was on a blackberry kick too (it’s really nothing new, it’s maybe my favorite fruit) and styled a blackberry dessert table and made these DIY blackberry stir sticks! That purple hue is just the perfect pop of color for summer. I can assure you there is no food coloring in these blackberry coolers, that gorgeous color is all natural! :) I think I’ll have to keep a pitcher of these coolers ready all summer. It gets HOT here in Tennessee.

Frozen Blackberry Cooler Recipe - SO refreshing!

So next time you need a little frozen concoction, I hope you’ll try these Blackberry Coolers! They’re sweet but have a little touch of tart too! You can even jazz it up with a sugar rim if you want to get extra fancy ;) Here’s to summer!

Frozen Blackberry Coolers


Frozen Blackberry Coolers


  • 3 cups frozen blackberries
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1/4 cup simple syrup
  • 6 ounces rum


  1. Blend together frozen blackberries, ice, coconut milk, lime juice, simple syrup, and rum until pureed and smooth. If using thawed blackberries, add more ice until consistency is frozen. Add more simple syrup for more sweetness. Garnish with blackberries and a sprig of mint!

Frozen Blackberry Cooler Recipe - SO refreshing!


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