Rustic Nautical Party

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Rustic Nautical Party

With July 4th right around the corner, I’m excited to share this Rustic Nautical Party from Bird’s Party! Inspired by the local fishing ports and marinas on the French coast where she lives, Bird’s Party styled away in a vibrant red/white/blue color palette! Bird is a dear friend of mine, and I just adore every party she designs!

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Bird’s Party found inspiration in the local fishing ports and marinas on the French coast, with their “old” sailors and “vintage” boatsBird shared, “…the fabulous, bespoke party wreath from The Knock Knock Factory really helped to bring my ideas together! It’s such a unique piece and it also inspired the styling.”

“I wanted to create a party that would appeal to both a child’s or adult’s birthday, with a relaxed outdoors feel. A small get together over some yummy, sweet treats – Perhaps after a day in the sun, having fun! :) So water bottles  are off course a must as well as cupcakes for their practicality. Cupcakes were vanilla sponge decorated with Italian meringue frosting and some were topped with fondant toppers (homemade again),” shared Bird.

Other sweet treats include some yummy decorated cookies from Whatever Whimsy, which were based on the printable designs! Bird used a lot of informal design elements to create a rustic, “mini-desserts table” with plenty of cushions for all the guests to sit and relax. (this is one of my FAVORITE details!)

The items used for the decor also retained a rustic, nautical charm with the use of seashells, sailor’s lantern’s, home-made star fish (from salt dough), nautical rope and re-purposed food can as favor “boxes” full of sweet treats for guests to take home!

Styling, Printables and photography: Bird’s Party
Decorated Nautical Cookies: Whatever Whimsy
Bespoke Party Wreath: The Knock Knock Factory