Bug Themed 2nd Birthday Party!

bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 1Looking for a cute + clever birthday theme for your child? Well, oh my word, we have found it! Look no further! Your little one will LOVE this bug themed party full of bug catching goodies, beetle juice, a “build-a-bug” station, bug shaped treats, + fun party favors! Sent in by Mindy + Crystal of Creative Juice, these talented ladies made even bugs look stylish with their cute displays and decorations.
bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 2
Beetle Juice = so cute! The talented gals of Creative Juice cut up gummy worms and froze them in ice cubes! This would be fun with all sorts of candies to fit the theme of your party!
bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 3
How clever are those CHEESE BEETLES?! Made with cheese rounds and cut up olives (now that’s a way to get the kids to eat olives)!bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 4
bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 5
The treats at this party were bug-tastic! Starbursts were used to create the bugs along with Oreo crumbles and dyed coconut for the cupcake topping. Delish + oh so cute. And I especially love how a butterfly cutter was used for the watermelon on the fruit skewers! bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 6bug 2nd birthday party decorations picture 7Here is a recap of this BUG THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY!

{FOOD} cheese beetles, beetle juice with bug ice cubes, chocolate covered bugs (mini crunch bars), bug shaped fruit skewers, butterfly PB&J sandwiches.
{DESSERT} cupcakes topped with either “dirt” (crushed Oreos) or “grass” (colored coconut) & then decorated with bugs molded from Starbursts
{Decorations} bug mason jars, apples with worms, happy birthday banner (Kroger Kreations), table backdrop (diy tutorial included)
{Printables} favor tags & bug game station signs (download for free) cupcake toppers, candybar wrappers, food tents, bottle wrappers –  (by Sugartot Designs)
{Games} Dig for bugs – large tubs of dirt with shovels and hidden bugs. The kids each got a bug jar (made from baby food jars) Any bug they found they got to take home in their jar! Build a bug – lots of prepped materials to build one of three different bugs!
{Favors} gummy skewers, any bugs they found in their bug jar & the bug they made + favor bag – insect book, bug gummies, bubbles with printable wrapper, coloring pages, crayons, stickers

CREDITS + RESOURCES: Styling + Design: Creative Juice | Happy Birthday Banner: Kroger Kreations | Printables:Sugartot Designs | DIY Favors + Backdrop | Free Circle Favor Tag Printables

Colorful + Fun Bug Birthday Party!

thumb bug party
thumb bug party
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