DIY Slate Cheese Serving Tray

Hello Pizzazzerie readers!  Thanks so much for having me!  I’m ilene from Come on, ilene! and I’m flattered to be a guest today.  I started my blog after my wedding as an outlet for all my creative energies and to document all the random projects I’m working on.  Sites like Pizzazzerie have given me so many ideas! I’m honored to be guest posting today!
slate cheese serving tray diy
The project I am sharing with you today is a slate cheese serving tray.  My friend S has this gorgeous cheese platter that she got at Crate and Barrel. It’s just a flat piece of slate with some felt padding on the bottom.  It made the cheeses she was serving look so beautiful!  Because I eat lots of cheese (my love for cheese expounded upon here) and often serve it when we host dinner parties,  I really wanted one, too! So I decided to make one! This is so easy, I feel embarrassed writing a guest post about it because its so simple!  It literally took me 15 seconds to make.  And cost of this gorgeous cheese tray? $1.69.
All you need are two things: One 12×12″ piece of slate and some self-adhesive felt pads (the kind you stick on the bottom of furniture so that it doesn’t scratch your floors):
diy slate cheese tray

I already had the felt pads so all I needed to do was head to the nearest Home Depot’s outdoor flooring section.  They had a huge selection where I picked out this gray slate one for $1.69.  One thing to note is that I noticed the slate comes in different thicknesses. I picked out one that was thinner than the others because it really made a huge difference in weight and I didn’t want one that was too heavy. I also picked a piece that was pretty flat across the top and without any cracks/crevices. When you get home, give it a thorough washing because there was a lot of dirt caked on.  I thought about sealing the top of the slate but but all the stone sealants I found were toxic, so I left it as it is.

Then all you have to do is stick the adhesive pads onto the bottom of the slate piece:

slate diy tutorial cheese tray

And you’re done!  See?  So easy!!!  I think the tray really makes the spread look so fancy:

cheese tray tutorial

You can also write down the name of the cheeses you are serving with chalk, it’s a great way to label what you are serving for your guests:


*handwash, do not put in the dishwasher

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